Exclusive: I am not interested in the #1 Heroine tag - Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor needs no introduction. Her recent movie Bodyguard with Salman Khan has been declared a blockbuster. Her upcoming movie Ra.One with Shah Rukh Khan is creating a lot of buzz. With an interesting lineup of movies, she has been declared the #1 Heroine by the industry. caught up with the talented actress on the sets of Agent Vinod where she talked about her career, Madame Tussauds and how Saif Ali Khan called her the brand ambasador of Pinkvilla:).

How does the success of Bodyguard feel? Did you expect it to be this big a hit?

It feels great. When we were shooting the film, we believed the film would be a huge super hit. But the movie has become such a monstrous hit and given us all a new high altogether.

Have you had time to celebrate the success in any way?

Not really. I haven’t had time to do any such thing as I am now shooting for Agent Vinod and I have been shooting every day. So I have been really busy.

Your next movie Ra.One again has all the makings of a blockbuster.

I think the movie is going to be huge. Ra.One is the biggest movie made in Bollywood and I really hope the movie is a blockbuster. I have a feeling the movie will do very well. Fingers crossed.

How was your experience working on Ra.One and with Shah Rukh Khan?

It is always a great experience working with Shah Rukh. He is a dear friend. Saif and I are extremely fond of both Shahrukh and Gauri. They are like family to us. Working in his production is like working in our home production.

All your upcoming movies are all with the Khans(Ra.One with SRK, Reema Khagti’s next with Aamir, Ek Main Aur Ek Tu with Imran and Agent Vinod with Saif). Was it a conscious decision to work only with the Khans?

It just happened so. The movies with Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir were offered to me in the same year. It was not a conscious decision. I think I was plain lucky.

Do you feel that when you work opposite the 3 big Khans, your work may go unnoticed?

No, that did not happen with Bodyguard. The girl is also the hero of the film. Without the girl, there is no film. It is not like I just do a dance sequence and disappear. It has always been the case. The decision before signing any film is that I need to have an equal role as the hero and that should always be the case.

Could you fill us in on Heroine? Has everything been sorted out?

Yes everything has been sorted out now and we start shooting for Heroine around the 20th of November.

With the lineup of movies that you have, the media is terming you as the unprecedented heroine #1 in Bollywood. Comments?

I definitely don’t feel that. I have never thought of it in that angle. My films have always supported me be it Golmaal 3, Bodyguard or 3 Idiots. I always say I am happy to be #100 and I am really not interested in the #1 tag and I have never been.

There were reports in the media that with Heroine you are now the top paid actress in Bollywood . Comments?

Nobody will ever know what I get for a movie. Speculations and rumors will always be there. I have always said everyone will get what they deserve and I always have got what I deserved.

The other highlight of your career is the unveiling of your wax statue at Madame Tussauds. Have you got to see the visuals of the statue as yet?

They keep sending me pictures, so I have seen the pictures. My look at Madam Tussauds is a glamorous one and a right representation of me. I am sure my fans won’t be disappointed with the look.

Who will accompany you for the big day?

My mom and my best friend Reena are going to accompany me for the event. Karishma is busy shooting for Dangerous Iskq. Saif won’t be able to make it as he will be busy shooting for Cocktail in South Africa.

Media always has stories on rivalries between Priyanka and you, Katrina and you. Any truth to it?

I am absolutely fine and co-ordial with everyone. There’s absolutely no competition as such. I am only interested in my work. I have always said I am not in any sort of race. Whatever is written in the media about fights or rivalries is completely false. For me there is more to life than all this. I am busy with my work, my personal life and my family. Beyond that for me there is nothing else.

With your hectic schedule how do you still manage to be fit and glowing?

I am quite fit and healthy because of yoga. I eat right. I try to get 8 hours of sleep. I am vegetarian and eat a lot of vegetables. Of course like a normal girl I do cheat at times.

Kareena, you have achieved a lot of fame, success and appreciation for your work. What more do you want in your career?

I just want to continue doing some great work. Acting has always been my passion and I want to continue doing that like Meryl Streep who is still doing great work at the age of 60. I am her biggest fan. I hope I can do that as well.

Do you ever visit Pinkvilla?

Yes, that is what Saif was just saying that I am the brand ambassador for Pinkvilla. It’s a great site I think and I am always on it. Because of me now Saif too logs on to Pinkvilla.

Then you must be quite aware of your huge fan following on Pinkvilla. Does that flatter you?

I love the fact that my fans are curious about me and want to know all the information about me. I love the adulation. Of course some criticism is fine but at the end of the day we are humans too. But I know my fans are very loyal and consistent with me and I thank them for that.

A message to your fans on Pinkvilla

Thank You for the constant love and warmth. Please don’t believe all the things that the media reports until they hear it from my mouth.

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kareena kapoor u r the best. i am your biggest fan and watched all your movie. cant wait for your movie to come soon. u r looking gorgous and beautiful at karan johar's birthday party.

kareena we love you ...

why would she hope for #1 tag, when she already is NO. 1
Hai na Bebo!
Told ya Bebo and Lolo are going to rule the bolywood in 2012.
Have u guys seen Krisma's dangerously stunning look in her new movie.
Karisma is looking her very best.

So Cool! Hi Kareena if your reading this! I can't wait to see Ra.One!

I dont think some of us here know what PR means, bt it has become their best saying which is cheap! God help us

if you are really not interested in the number 1 tag, then why do you constantly make your PR team keep promoting you as heroine number 1 ?



Please lose weight and go back to size zero!

Twisting her words! LOL. No silly fans that's HER! Face the reality.

Really? She is always on Pinkvilla? She even made Saif join it? :O By any chance, is her ID Qu33nb3b0? Just curious. And what's Saif's ID? lol

But really nice to see Pinkvilla expanding!

Wow PV, 2 celebrity interviews in one week, not too bad! Well if this is gonna be a regular thing could you consider asking your dedicated readers to submit questions for the celebs? That would be super cool! Though I guess in some cases the publicist must be submitting the list of questions, especially for those celebs where every interview is just the same questions over and over.

Can't wait to see who comes on next! :)


its amazing all the positive comments bebo is getting...kareena, if u r readign this, u hav a great screen presence...but pls do more substantial roles...looking forward to heroire...we love u :) :) :)

wow awesomeeeeeeee..... glad to know she always comes here..... would love to know her username!!!! :D
ps if bebo is reading this.... people say i look alot lyk u.... i dont know what but they say i do.... :D

Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you bebo!
you're perfect! just the best hamesha hamesha hamesha!

why is everyone crying about haters? We have the right to critisize. Kareena please loose just 5 kg.

Dear Kareena, If you read this, plz go back to Shahid Kapoor. You two make a great couple!!!

KAREENA I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! And I hope your reading this as well ;) Time to Rock the fans with Ra1

U re nOthing but d best. Keep up the good work.
Luv u

Love u kereena. U re the reason I watch Bollywood movies,
Nd I'm not even asian, I'm African American
I must say u doing a mavelous job.
I wish u all d best in life. U will continue to ride
High in Jesus name amen. And when u decided
To get married, u Nd your hubby will love
Each other unconditionally till death part u guys.
Even in old age you will continue to rule
The box office. Wish u all d best. ( plz do
Action movie, u will do great). Plz act in Hollywood
Plz. Luv u my #1 actress. Good luck.

Bebo! I love you. I could care less about your personal life (or anyone's life for that matter). What matters is your work; and you are amazing at that. Keep up the great job! My favorite role of yours was Geet and Dolly (JWM & Omkara).

Fashionista you wont like her interviews because they twist her words, pinkvilla are loyal here.

In most of her a interviews she Arrogant, Snobbish and Mindless here she's talking some sense but then again How I wish she was Humble, Down to earth, and sweet because I don't hate her acting it's just the way she sometimes goes OTT that's what I can't tolerate.

yeah she is #1 and i not saying this because im a actually not a fan of kareena .she has worked very hard and she deserves to be where she is today.

kareena you r truly a star nd getting what u deserve
trust me i am your biggest fan i follow your news at twitter facebok pv evrywhere!!!!

Finally an interview which makes me happy. I love Bebo. But, the media makes her come across as snobby, pompous, and a little dippy! This interview she sounds normal and genuine! Well done pinkvilla!!!!!! Hats off!!!

this one I like.

Kareena....i m ur huuuuuuuuuge fan

Fraz (from Karachi)

A huge kudos to Pinkvilla for bringing out the REAL Kareena Kapoor without inciting any controvertial responses of twisting her words!

I have not been liking many of Kareena's interviews off late. This one I like.

Kareena is good but I don't think she is the #1 actress in terms of acting. Maybe in what she earns, but not in terms of acting.

I am still in shock!! OH BEBO :| If you can take out time for a site like PINKVILLA, what wrong has Twitter done with you? :( But anyways, like u said ur extremely busy we wont bother YOU brought me here... Love u love u love u!!!! Mwah xoxo

& special thanks to pinkvilla, for once we got something special on Kareena & not Aishwarya :P

Love you kareena. I post so many comments on your pictures but Pinkvilla NEVER publishes them. KEEP ROCKING KAREENA> WE LOVE YOU~!!!!!!

i love u kareena u r the bestttttttttttttt!!!
theres no one like u.
u rock baby

are we supposed to be scared now? since stars actually do visit PinkVilla!

Bebo, if you read this, I am your fan since Refugee and after seeing Chameli, I forgave you for Main prem ki diwani hoon ;) and since then you didn't disappoint me and improved with each movie .... p.s. your fans are not only young but also in their mid 30ies and with a phd in law just like me :) keep doing the great job and all the best with your upcoming movies, can't wait for Heroine ... and can't wait for your wax statute coming to Madame Tussauds in London , just live next door and just because of your statute I will go there for the first time :)

again here is an article tryng to push kareena as heroine number one; puh leese give it up.

dont act so desperate. look at katrinas ZNMD and MBKD. the reviews raved about her
performance even wit the presence of other heavy weight heroes.

who is number one?

again here is an article tryng to push kareena as heroine number one; puh leese give it up.

dont act so desperate. look at katrinas ZNMD and MBKD. the reviews raved about her
performance even wit the presence of other heavy weight heroes.

who is number one?

A point to note is how every newcomer appreciates Bebo (her looks and acting). Whether it's Ranveer Singh or the legend herself Mads. All her heroes have nothing but praise for her. Salman speaks so well for her and so do the rest - SRK, Amir etc.

Most directors would take her as her Heroine (pun intended :) and she has all the big films in her kitty (pun intended again lol

Now a dream of mine would be for both sisters to come together on screen and me play the lead role haha (I wish)

P.S PV a nice feature if I may suggest is that you have a poll of which celeb you guyz should interview say every month....

First of all thnks PV for this! u have made so many bebo fans very happy :)

OMG bebo comes on PV :D gotta comment more i think!

If u readin this kareena - love u so much, keep rockin, ur number one despite ur hits/flops ur fans will always be there for u!!

Appreciate everythin u have done, All the best for Iam sure sonia will rock! cant wait for songs are amazing :)

Thanks for this interview!

Lots & lots of love!
Ur bigget fan!

Dnt worry kareena were still here we love u...and ur no:1 like it or love it.

love her to the death. Watched bodygurad like 5 tymes in theater only for her. This is one of the best interviews of her. Trust me guys if she is No1 Heroine today ...only because of her hard work, passion, professionalism and dedication. God bless our Kareena. Bebo u rock and i'm sure you have atlest 3 more 100cr movies waiting for you this year and in 2012.

I so hope that EMET becomes a run away hit and Kareena willl shut everyone's mouth who say u she is riding high on Khan and not because of her strength.

She visits Pinkvilla, just like any normal girl :P

Also i really hoped Saif cud join her to Madam Tussauds. that wud have made it extra special.

Wow bebo, we all love u, u know that. I get a feeling that her words are often miscontrued by the media. She comes across as very sweet in this interview. Totally loved it Pinkvilla.

And she visits pinkvilla. Thats so nice.

This interview is more than cute, great work pinkvilla! so she visits usually, poor bebo how did she deal with haters comment? i bet on this, they are gonna destroy this nice wall now!

Believe or not you are the number 1. :P :P nice interview between.

Bebo we LOVE you! Let the haters bark all they want!

Great interview PV :)

Bebo gave some rocking answers. If your reading this Kareena lol you are FANTASTIC!!!!

finally, one interview where I like kareena, she sounded confident but not vain . but didn't know PV is getting that big.

love herrrr..she is so talented:)

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