Beauty In Black! Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Stuns on a Magazine Cover

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan surely knows how to stun her admirers each and every time. The actress, whose last film Sarbjit opened to mixed reviews, featured on the June issue of Filmfare magazine, and we must admit, she looks absolutely gorgeous.
Aishwarya, dressed in a black lace dress, looks breathtakingly beautiful as she poses for the camera with a flower in her hands. Her nude make up and those oh-so-pretty eyes add to her beauty.
Rightly titled as 'The Queen is Back', Aishwarya has graced the cover in this stunning attire for the magazine's Middle East edition and we are loving her avatar. How about you?
On the workfront, Aishwarya will be next seen in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil along with Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma. The movie is directed by Karan Johar.

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I really donf like the cover.they made her look like a ghost. Mortisha from Adams family?

Ofcourse Sri Lanka is not the world! Rather than answering you let me ask you...Oprah(twice),Tyra,David Lettermen,Cannes(15years!),Oscar,Miss world(1994),Most successfull Miss World(2015)...isn't everything I just mentioned enough proof that Aishwarya is the most accepted and known Indian celebrity Globally? I think it does.PV pls post



she looks like a fish with those lips

And u look like a

As if Kajol's time is not over yet...

The real Queen of Bollywood

Wonder how many kilos was shaved off thanks to Photoshop.

What's the big deal here? Atleast Aishwarya is beautiful, photoshop or not.

Hater! why would they leave the kilos on her arms then? are you blind? she's slim. Deal with it. Your idol (whoever you adore) is no where to close to where ASH is.

She always stuns with photoshopped pics and heavily make up..

Heavily make up or Heavy make up? How can someone notice it in a black and white pic? Also, which celeb's magazine photos are not photoshopped?

Mohabbatein wasn't a 5 minute role . Her unfulfilled love story was the soul of the movie which keeps Srk rooting for the 3 young couples. Movie was centered around that. Mela was a guest appearance. And she is the only mainstream actress who agreed to play Srk 's sister in Josh . Shows her confidence. From Tamil , Bengali , Bollywood, British cinema ( pride and prejudice, provoked ) to Hollywood, she has done it all . Hope she does attest one Marathi movie and a Kannada /tulu movie ( her home state) as well

She has done it all and failed miserably all over.

& yet just her magazine cover story evokes a response from you.. speaks a lot for a 'Failed actress' doesn't it?

Pic is photoshopped heavily.. she looks slimmer & younger..

Welcome to planet Earth.. Every Hollywood and Bollywood celebs cover is photoshopped. Even if it's photoshopped, Ash is still very beautiful.

Magazine covers no longer impress as we know how much photoshop goes into making it look 'Stunning'.. we can definately notice they have made her look slimmer. so yeah... she looks good but not stunning.. as it is not real..

Umm her waist is no that small. Major photoshopped!!

Yes Yes.. they would only Photoshop her waist right and leave her fat arms? I mean why not, clearly they ran out of budget to trim her arms through technology.
You are a hater, even if she get stick thin you will criticize, even if she puts on 20 kilos you will criticize. Get a life hater.

Simplicity always brings out her best features. Sarbjit is a plus and Ash is the reason it didn't bomb completely at BO. So haters need to calm down and worry about their faves.

Sarabjit is a flop, and Randeep Hooda's and Richa Chadda's acting is the reason the film didn't end up a disaster at the box office. On the other hand, Omung Kumar's incompetent directorial skills and Aishwarya Rai's screeching and hamming on screen is the reason the film didn't emerge a success. Get over it.

PV, post this.

Randeep's acting couldn't save Laal Rang from becoming a disaster. Aishwarya and her purple lips pulled the crowds to earn 30 crores domestic and about 43 crores overseas with a budget of 23 crores. See Koimoi.

Im a Sri Lankan...and no matter what you guys say Aishwarya Rai,Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchans popularity is unmatched...After you become a Superstar and a Legend your fame isn't decided by your acting skills or movies...Aishwarya might not be the best actor but there's something in these people that can never be replaced or forgotten...some star glow their born with!!! PV pls post

i m fro em sri lanka too :) and i think you are absolutely correct the popularity of mr bachchan SRK ash are unmatched!! i remember once i went to watch Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna with my mom in liberty cinema there was a long long line for that movie that day despite of the rain ...i asked one lady why you were here and she told he love SRK and Mr Bachchan that's why she came ...last presidential campaign Salman khan came to Sri lanka but people applause him as Shahrukh khan and said "hurry to shahrukh khan" salman was laughing out loud though LOL

ok, sri lanka is not the world. i live in Europe and here nobody knows aishwarya or her "paa"....people don't even know they exist....the only person who is really famous here is srk ....when i tell girls that i am originally from india one of the first question is about bollywood movies and then sharukh khan...... so people please stop telling that aishwarya and bachchan are world famous when hardly anybody in the west know they exist....stupid! its only their pr people making them "world-famous"

Hey, who said Kat no longer matters??? Look, Ash is copying her looks. BLANK! BLANK! BLANK!

Ms. Chopra, Ms. Padukone and Mrs. Rai-Bachchan are the only actresses in Bollywood cinema who consistently don't play by boarders, languages, and typecasting. I only leave out Ms. Ranaut because she so far has done only Hindi Films. Mrs. Rai-Bachchan has never claimed to be the greatest actress in Hindi cinema (unlike 3 actresses I can think of) and she has refused to play mere window dressing, and constantly pushed to do more and get better. She hasn't set up any niche where she only does one type of film or role and hit or miss that's something to be respected!

Kangana Ranaut did work in telugu film Ek Niranjan with Bahubali star Prabhas.

I apologize I didn't know that. Still, Ms. Ranaut has yet to reach pan-Indian stardom.

What a haunting expression of grief. I can't understand why people insist she can't act. Is she the best of the very best? No, nor has she ever claimed to be. (Although there are 3 of her contemporaries who have) However, she is a hardworking dedicated artist who refuses to merely decorate her films. She doesn't limit herself to regions languages or countries and she refuses to be typecast. The only other actresses who are doing that right now are Ms. Chopra, and Ms. Padukone. These three ladies are true professionals and deserve respect.

Modelling is different from acting. You can just freeze that expression for a minute. But keeping it throughout the scene is not easy. And you have to see Tabu expressing grief and silence. The blank gaze will kill you. The best I have ever seen. And I have seen similar spark in Rani Mukherjee's acting. All others(the heroines of the recent era, of course) are just stars for me, no real actors!

Photoshop overload... we all have slimmer hands and legs than Aishwarya...stop trying to portray her as perfect... she is not.

Aishwarya Rai is the true queen of Bollywood and the world she has made a bigger public impact than anyone else she is an international icon who put India on the map she has taken her diginity and respect to the international media and yet continues to and always will she is hound and has a divine beauty that will always be unmatched

I love you Ash


she is always been queen of Bollywood. only Indian global face. if u say PC- she is confined to USA only. aish is popular even in us, UK, France , Australia, Saudi and many other gulf countries also. she is the first lady from India whose wax statue in madam tusad (two times only actor) global media is crazy abt her.and there are long list of her achievements
some of Indian guys jealous of her. and it's a fact.
it is also fact that she will be always the Queen of bwood.

BTW she is not back, she was always there like a queen


She has grown old all of sudden, In Kapil show she was luking 55 .

Boring, someone else should have been on that cover page

Actually when you start your acting career you obviously have to make short appearance like in Mohabatein to gain public opinion but how didn't do it ? But she's the only actress who never starved to make movies with Khans even if I will love to see her with SRK. That's why Khans respect her that much because she doesn't care about making movies with or without them and plus she have a lot of proud so she will never beg for a part

She's pretty, however she should only take pictures..don't speak and please don't will only ruined the beauty.

this cover screaming photoshop photoshop!!!!!

After Cannes I know what she really looks like, not going to trust these pictures...

Okay, don't trust.. Kaunsa pahaad gir jaayega...

Gorgeous face.. she is simply stunning.. no one can beat that.. love it..

Queen of hysterical dialogue delivery !!

Guys, whether we accept it or not, some 50 years later if people remeber Bollywood for 90s n 2000S , ONLY 3 NAMES WILL COME TO THEIR MIND-SRK,SALMAN,ASH. And I'm not evven a salman fan but lets face the fact: the STARS matter more than the actors. it's the reality. Ash will always be known an Princess of bollywood, the first one to put Indian cinema on global map.

what bullshit are you talking about? first one to put indian cinema on global map....blablabla..?? nobody knows her in the west...even though this woman is coming to cannes every year with a lot of tam-tam..the only person from india people know here is please stop talking nonsense by believing the bullshit her pr people spread around!!

What's with that expression..I am not interested to see her in cover page.

If not interested, why visit this post??? That's the big question!

too much photoshop.She isn't that thin.WTF,had this been hollywood they'd call BS on this

Beautiful Cover ! For People who said what makes her queen , She's Queen cause for the Last 18 yrs in Bollywood she is an eye of the industry N Even now with so much New talent N new face still she grab great roles while her age actress sitting at home ( Karishma , Priety , Shilpa etc) That's make her queen ! And by Accepting challenging roles N not accepting 5 min roles in Khans movie for just BO success ! That's makes her QUEEN !

yeah.. she grab great roles and ruin them repeatedly and never learn her lesson.. ;) She can be called the QUEEN of FLOPS....

sooooo right!! she ruins every role!!!

Lot many actresses have given more flops than Ash.. Even Sarbjit is a plus, see Koimoi.. It burns u..we know

She is definitely a beauty queen, but in no way as an actress. Her acting is not up to the mark and she has done 5 mins role in the past - Mohabbatein and Mela - both with Khans. With the most beautiful face she still fails to pull crowds into the theater. If she was really the queen for the last 18 years, then why did she do a 5 mins role in a Yash Chopra movie? After Sridevi and Madhuri, there has been no actress fit to be called the queen in Bollywood, at least. BTW if you're talking about great roles, I think Sonam's role is Neerja was far better than Ash's in Sarabjit.

Her role in Mohabbatein was not a flower pot role, her role was relevant to the story line.. Ash too has many great roles.. Sarbjit is a plus at Box Office, see Koimoi... Without her presence, Sarbjit would not have earned even 10 crores... Mela wasn't her film, it was just a cameo... Every actor has done a cameo in one film or other... Madhuri has done cameo in Bade miyaan chote miyaan...

Sorry...she was never Queen and the fact that she is back has not made any difference.

Time to wake

Very much awake...hence the wise comment! You on the other hand, need to wake up just like in la la land still!

Her expression is like - "what, I am no longer the queen?".

That's such a beautiful cover .. Love the expression ..

After a long time, this is a cover which justifies her inner and outer beauty.

what inner beauty? you mean her self-obsession? or manipulative nature?

Ash's inner beauty is the reason she is loved in the industry and everywhere else. Every celeb who talks about her, praises her kind, helping, loving nature. She is more beautiful inside than outside.

One has to be human to understand #loveAsh

Love the cover!

Why don't you post my harmless comments, PV ? I asked what that expression is supposed to mean. Scared or stunned ?

Queen.??? when she was a queen??

She was always the queen...burn HAHAHA


Yes they are! Welcome to planet Earth!
Just like every others covers,..Deepika, Katrina, Sonam.etc,.

LOL ikr! Photoshop is used on each actor's pic, no big deal

Get ur eyes checked.

Dear every cover photo or any magazine photo is little or more edited.... so take a chill pill

You need new

Awesome cover!

She never was the queen, and there is no way she'll get that title now with her atrocious acting in Sarbjit and Jazbaa!

U had to nitpick on that word.. But, dear, she would always be the queen.. PV please post


Why is she giving katrina's expression

It's DP's expression from Bajirao Mastani..

I like the cover.. Simple and natural..

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