Suave Hrithik Roshan has charmed us all on the January issue of Man's World

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Dressed in a mustard sweater layered over a white shirt, Hrithik looked handsome as hell on the January cover of Man's World.

He paired his white shirt with a pair of dark wash jeans and a dapper watch.

Sporting a subtle beard, Hrithik Roshan is making us drool!

What about you? 

He will next be seen in Kaabil!

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I know, you want me!! You're addicted to me and I'm addicted to you..!!

He looks so dreamy here!!

He looks HOT AF even when Tanned! Very Suave n Sexy

what color is his skin??

white. he uses tbronzers to look like this

I said this before.. he looks sick.. and those cheeks are not naturally filled....

I can see now why Kangana would try to fake a relationship with him.

Love him so much! He is such an Inspiration!

Looks like every Mag wants to kickstand the New Year with HR! Can't blame them, he is One of THE Hottest Stars in the World!:)

All these Drool worthy pics of Roshan are making my 2017 great already!

Jealous Haters shud simply watch the Behind the Scenes videos of these Photoshoots. Pulling him down will not make YOUR star beautiful. BURN!

he is doing a lot of photoshoots these days, and all of them are super sexy, good going hrithik.

Proud that an Indian is World's 3rd Most Handsome Man. If u ask me, he shud be No,1! :)

He becomes highest taxpayer, worlds 3Rd handsome man n almost Every magazine is using his Cover to sell copies n Jealous Haters say: HR ka kharab time chal raha hai. Hilarious!

Nobody can beat him or Ash! They r Divine! Want them to do a Photoshoot together! It will be EPIC!

OMG Hrithik is rocking with every Photo shoot of his!! January has never been Hotter! :D

Love him!

He looks more photoshopped with every mag cover he´s doing. How insecure must he be to let´s make all this. He knows people lost interest. One can see it on the views on his trailer as the views here. He´s no longer in the a-list.

Hrithik is making his fans so happy by all these magazine photoshoots.. yay....

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