Alia Bhatt on the cover of Femina India (Jan 2013)

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Alia Bhatt on the cover of Femina India (Jan 2013)

Anonymous's picture

lmao at her face in the first pic

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extreme photoshopped

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she looks a lot like Pooja Bhatt in the last pic

DorianGray's picture

The cover is a pleasant surprise, coming from Femina. Alia looks fierce, and her face is very interesting. I love how she is this total girl-next-door irl, but can look so striking and glam onscreen and in pictures.

PizzaPasta's picture

The second picture is very pretty♥Don't like the cover and 3rd pic much though:-(She has a fresh innocence,a very delicate and fragile beauty.But sometimes her body language & expressions are very awkward.I guess at her young age this awkwardness is pretty apparent;she'll get over it in due time;-)

Kitty's picture

Photoshopped beyond recognition but still the 2nd pic is pretty. 3rd pic is hilarious, she looks unintentionally scared.

Anonymous's picture

if and only if this was her real she would look stunning hot

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the first picture is weird. by that, i mean she is standing awkwardly. and def PHOTOSHOPPED!!! horrible proportions.

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She's would be the best role for snow white

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not working. she is pretty no doubt. but terrible in giving the right look to the camera.

first pic she is trying hard to dress and pose like deepika but does not have the body like deepika.

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I will go crazy if I have to see that Stella McCartney gown on yet another actress!

TheOneAndOnly's picture

Wow she's so hot. She's like a mix of Kareena and Aish lol!

Anonymous's picture

where is her half body??? Cropped up?? :P

Green's picture

The last pic is kind of spooky.

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In the last photo she looks like a younger version of her sister Pooja

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She looks effortless, not like sonam who try hard to looks sexy.

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lol..yeh it was me who said that ....well aish was much more beautiful but i think you are right ...she looks like aish or mamta kulkarni sister more than pooja bhatt...

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Did someone scare her in the third pic? She looks like she's just spotted a ghost in some corner!

penguinsRus's picture

ordinary run of the mills looking girl fortunate enough to have been born in a famous family. period.

Anonymous's picture

Wow..Alia is looking great!!! She has a bright future!!

searchingBwood's picture

She is certainly one of the(if not the) most beautiful actors we have right now.But the above photos are not doing justice to her.She looked million bucks in Dabboo Ratnani's Calendar(albeit a pose that was weird but cute)The thing is,she has a genuinely fair skin texture because of which heavy make up does not suit her.This is why she looked weird in those SOTY posters.But she looked great through most part of the film.She looks great in most of her interviews too which means "she" must have a pretty good sense of style but not the people behind some of her photoshoots.

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Fiza_Khan's picture

Oh, I love the first 2 photos :)

@Anon, who said she looks like Aish a little bit,,,yeah I agree! I dunno...I always felt tht as well....FROM FAR she looks like Aish sometimes (Aish's Ms. World days!...) It could be their face structure! Or the innocence and youthfulness Aish had as a 19 year old :))

Gohar's picture

I like second pic only...

Voiceswriter's picture

Nobody wears this dress like Brooklyn Decker.

Anonymous's picture

WOW photoshop creates wonders !! that's so not her body (in the 1st pic)
anyway she looks better than any other time before.

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She is without doubt one of the most beautiful actors we have right now.But the above photos are not doing justice to her.She looked a million bucks in Dabboo Ratnani's Calendar(albeit a strange pose)The thing is,she has a very fair skin complexion.Heavy make up does not suit her.She looked weird in those SOTY "posters" for same reason.But looked extremely beautiful through most of the film.

But yeah sometimes there is something forced about her expressions.But I guess that will go away over time.She looks great in all of her interviews which means she herself has a great sense of style but not the people behind these photoshoots.

Pinkvilla_boy's picture

she is a total GF material

prettyplum's picture

Good lord! She looks scary in the last pic. Horrible actor! Clear example of nepotism!

Anonymous's picture

She should do an Asian/ geisha kinda shoot! She can utilize her oriental-like features, think it would be interesting!

Anonymous's picture

They've airbrushed her so much that she doesn't even look human.

PrincessRuchi's picture

Stunning!!!!!! Love the cover!!!! So classy! It's sumthing I'd except from a vogue or harpers. Good stuff femina and aalia!

Anonymous's picture

she looks like Mamta Kulkarni and somthing in her remind me of ash ...not beautiful like asih or sexy and spicy like mamta but she has somthing similare to these 2

Anonymous's picture

she looks very sweet you stupidssssssssss

Anonymous's picture

she actualy looks very prettyyyyyyyyyyyy here .....some of people are such jealuse and full of complex ...

for the frist time i think she looks really good and i think you people who call her scary should learn the real meaning of beauty..

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she is so cute and looking fab on the cover amazing cover.....

Miah-freak's picture

her expressions ? eww scary !

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OMG she looks like a little girl who is forced to play actrees... go and finish at least your high school first

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2nd picture is real scary..i read femina just because i love its contents..


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