Jacqueline Fernandez's Photoshoot for FHM India (Jan 2013)

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Jacqueline Fernandez's Photoshoot for FHM India (Jan 2013)

Ciderkiss's picture

I'm sorry but Jackie here looks old.

penguinsRus's picture

to the person who said she has a better body than pc, dpee, and kat. yeah, right. she's just slim. the other three have some legit curves. this girl really cant act, that is my problem. just another talentless export like katrina and amy

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Anonymous's picture

dnt say ny thnd abt kat.she is jst prfct.....

Retro_Reactive's picture

what's with these foreign girls being so popular in Bollywood with no talent in acting ! now a days I don't even watch bollywood movie's anymore, bollywood is becoming lame, I miss the old bollywood D= y can't they stop promoting these kind of stars

Anonymous's picture

@anon and do you think katrina has morals and used them to get into bollywood? BOOM!

Anonymous's picture

Don't like her face weird nose and mouth trying way too hard to be like katrina, katrina is better looking and has a better figure
Jacky just keep be a goal digger with fat sajid this girl has no morals will do anything to get her way in Bollywood
Please print PVC

Anonymous's picture

Aint she hotttt!!??

Anonymous's picture

She has much better body than pc, dpee and kat.

Voiceswriter's picture

Jacqueline Zeta Fernandes

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