Life after baby: Abhi and Ash reveal intimate domestic details for the FIRST time!

Abhi and Ash, Bollywood's most adored couple talks to Masala! about their relationship, parenthood and much more

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Credits: fb

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Soooo pretty Aish!

I love them both but something about them just doesn't feel natural. They always seem to be trying too hard to convince everyone that they are a lovey dovey couple. Abhi is just not comfortable in front of a camera ever!

Prestige ad pic pasted onto mag cover - copyright alert

Damage Control.

and with all the magazine string they could pull they called masala??? yea right.. what a joke!

Farhan's wife is pretty stylish and often sports funky hairstyles compared to all the other "star wives" who look identical. Good for her for being comfortable in her own skin. She seems like one of the few women who defy expectations in Bollywood. Gauri Shinde is another one.

intimate details of life with a baby? lol yawn you gotta be really desperate if you wanna read to find out intimate details of how baby diaper is changed, how potty training is going etc

Farhan's wife looks like him!
Intimate details-my foot!

Always stumps me how on earth adhuna became a hair stylist.

Masala magazine itself creates tagline to sell the issue. Why they would reveals personal things to them ??



intimate details like how they change the babys diaper? Anyways what caught my attention in a bad way on this cover was the top right pic of farhan and his biwi.. i really thought that was a man next to him. couldnt they have posted a better pic?

Cutest couple...

oh and why just the cover why not the story inside must be nothing inside just a cover blah to sell

Super adorable!!!!!

India power couple to the core

Oh oh someone is mad saying why she married Abhi. Sorry too late for you

Things people do for publicity.

Why does Abhi's thumb look so freakishly big in that pic?
How huge is his hand to span her entire waist ??

Why? I dont want to know.

God bless

ash is the most beautiful womam n abhi is not a good looking guy. why ash :/

Gauri and Abhishek? Lol

yeah right... Masala is about as believable as Mumbai Mirror...
....and why does Abhi look SO WEIRD? he's a good looking guy but they apply his makeup in a very strange manner :-|


Awwie!!Choo cute!I love how Abhi's holding her

Super cute! Ash looks beautiful and Abhishek looks cute!

ugh. please

Aish seems to have everyone and every brand on her side... I admire the way you work professionally shutting off every mouth.

Aish & SRK
Gauri and Abhishek
= would have made perfect couples!

Their personalities are so different, I can't see them as a natural couple.

wht is up with the sudden abhi ash craze on pinkvilla?

Power couple

Mr. and Mrs. Akhtar looking like Mr. and Mr.

extended prestige products promotion....hopefully she does not go into details of how she uses her prestige mixer to make the masala for her paneer makhani that she makes in prestige non stick cookware. lol!

She is looking good though. him ..less said the better.

Nice cover! Farhan and his wife look like a lesbian couple. IJS

ASH looks lovely in this pic... but her face still looks very puffy...

How cute! Nice cover. :)

As if they will say anything remotely related to 'intimate'

ASH is gorgeous....

Awww...she looks super adorable.

Blah Blah Blah..i think abhishek now is knowing that his career is downwards


Ash looks stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanna know about Deepika & Ranveer's "clinch"!

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