Sridevi on the cover of Vogue India

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Sridevi on the cover of Vogue India. Check out her stunning photoshoot

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haha i'm a little surprised that she didn't drag her daughter on to the cover with her.

Sri is a living legend and damn sooooooooooo beautiful! Hope to see gorgeous Juhi Chawla in a Vogue photoshot soon! She will rock just like her idol, Sridevi

why is she acting like Alia Bhatt when she's in the wrong side of 50s

Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla are much younger to Sridevi but they don't dress or act 'childish' whereas Sridevi is much older but she's spoiling her hard earned image by doing such ridiculous stuffs. She was appreciated for EV but nowadays she's receiving all the flak by acting so wannabe.

Best thing abt Sri was that she was the only actress who could carry a film all by herself and make it a box office triumph. Nagina, Chandni, Chaalbaaz right upto English Vinglish. Even Mr. India became Miss India. She has always been the Hero of her films. No wonder present actresses aspire to have that kind of star power.

Sri used to be beautiful even with that awkward nose. But now she's hellbent to be officially titles as the female Michael Jackson. I wonder why such an obsession for youth whereas it was gone 25 yrs back.

From Baby Sridevi to Super Sexy Diva on Vogue - OMG...What a transformation !!!
Sridevi's eyes are a mixture of a few drops of coffee and a cloud of milk......we couldn’t agree more!

sridevi is looking lovely in all the pics.wonder when will she do a movie again!!

OMG so beautiful and sexy

sridevi is super in vouge

simply awesome & speechless. No one could reach a level....Sri did her in careers. soon to be 50 n dedicated 46yrs to film industry.

excellent,,timeless beauty ,,she looks pretty ..need to see her back on silver screen in western outfits rather than sari...

Speechless............Sridevi looks absolutely riveting and much younger than her years.

I LOVED THE AUGUST ISSUE OF VOGUE INDIA. One of the most memorable Vogue Magazine Cover featuring the stunning Sridevi with most innovative designs!

Sridevi is looking every inch the seductress in this Vogue India, photo-shoots.

10,000+ views on Youtube. 12,000+ reads on Pinkvilla. That is the power of Sridevi. Her Vogue photo-shoot is a BLOCKBUSTER HIT.

My...My....Sridevi has left all of us drooling over her!!


Wow! Devi nails it so hard yet again. Sridevi ROCKS

Today's leading actresses should learn from SRIDEVI!!!

Sridevi is the best! Her acting, dancing, and just everything about her leaves us speechless.

She is evergreen.


Sridevi has amazed me as always. Her photo shoot for vogur reaffirms her position as the one n only true super star of Indian cinema. Long live queen!

OMG! Sridevi in Pink and that too on Vogue! I just died! Wowsaaaaa

Supreme Sridevi! She should do many many more shoots like these. Missed you and Welcome back !

There can never be another Sridevi, looking at this shoot who can say she is the same who played Shashi in English Vinglish? Versatility at its extreme! Hats Off

Excellence personified...... absolutely outstanding.... and just wanna say.... No one has right to say what others should wear...she wears whatever she wants....and of course she wear it perfectly....

These pictures only go on top prove the GREATNESS of Indian's first female superstar! I bet there can never be any other actress ever like her.
She looks fabulous and this is not the end, she is just going to surprise us more and more with her beauty and talent. She deserves all this success and more. She committed all her life working, for her family before and after marriage, now she is enjoying every bit of her life. God has truly blessed this volcano of talent! Sridevi is lucky to have got Boney and Boney is lucky to have got Sridevi..they are made for each other.


She is the greatest and most versatile actress of our country. And her fashion sense has been always fantastic. Here again she rocks.
I dont know that why haters spitting so much negative things.Its just sick men mentality. People are happy seeing Khans romancing with half or more than half of their age one, but they have a issues seeing just a photo-shoot. Thats why we dont have any Devil Wears Prada.

She is the Real Diva........Queen of Indian Cinema......SRIDEVI....

Fabulous at 50! Sridevi is the best thing ever happened to bollywood! She looks every bit of a Diva! Best Vogue India Cover till date.

Haters, do not forget she is 50. How great she looks at this age that she can give any 30 year old a run for the money. I am so happy she had the guts to do something so bold at 50. Keep up the great work Sridevi.

My favorite is the green dress- gorgeous. She has always been able to do sexy without crossing over to vulgar. Few can walk that fine line. This phpto shoot and her CineBlitz cover in the one-shoulder black gown are my favoite of her recent magazine shoots. Both are stunning. She could completely play Courtney Cox's role in Cougartown, or do a Meryl Streep in a Devil Wears Prada type film. She certainly proves time and again that she is the BEST. True icon.

absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!! no one can replace her.

she has proved that age is just a mere number...

Even actresses half her age dont look the way she does. Way to go diva. Kudos.

A picture speaks a thousand words.....and there is the picture...roop ki rani sridevi

The effervescent, elegant and the most talented and charismatic Sridevi. Awesome pictures, even at this age. Pastic Surgery? Well who really cares as long as it appeals our eyes n senses. Way to go, Sridevi.

Her last pic with the glasses is soooo stunning... she looks like she belongs to those hollywood movies like Sex and the City or The Devil wears Prada.... I want to eat her up....Sriiii.. love love love u......hottie at 50.......
Haters saying she should dress her age... what exactly do u mean, huh? We dont mind if u wanna go out covered from head to toe... its ur choice...but dont tell others what they should or shouldn't wear....

Oh my God! She's so stunning!! She puts all the present day actresses to shame with this photoshoot! Perfect poise and confidence, love the way she carries herself and so awe-inspiring! Unbelievably looks twenty years younger! She's indeed the BIGGEST ACTRESS India has had in the history.

oh , Sona , Sona , we all love u Sri Dear. simply superb

Look at her!!!! Who's gonna say she's 50? Stupendous!!

worship her for being this Diva!!! The best VOGUE cover ever!

Sridevi is the first and last empress of Indian Cinema and as her fan I would prefer it to be that way only.

16 long years of wait and Sridevi has made her fans across the world more than happy.

This photoshoot especially the video...I have no words to describe....

Oh just lovely but wht hppnd to her nose & cheeks ?

Oh my God.................Sridevi never stops to surprise. She is looking so beautiful.

She has created history again, no one from India so far and I guess also in the future would gather such international fame for sheer beauty at 50.

Kudos..................I am so glad that I am your fan.

Haters gonna hate, Sridevi is the finest Indian actress in the biz and she schooled B'wood with the subtle perfection of her performance in English Vinglish. She is the ultimate Indian movie star. Be it Katrina, Kajol or Kareena, all state their all-time favourite is Sridevi. When Katrina got up on stage at Z awards she pointed out, "You should be getting these awards". One of the few things Kaif has said that's resonated with fans of Indian cinema.

wow!sri looks so stylish stunning gorgeous n sexy. simply superb sri.

words are less to define her sex appeal and beauty ....... she was only 1, she is only 1 and she will be only 1... keep it up Sri.. we all love you

Sridevi on Vogue! left me speechless...this woman never fails to surprise me and i just love the way she has grown as an actress and groomed herself according to the changing times! BIG SALUTE to Sridevi who is an epitome of Beauty, Style and Class!
and Thank you for never letting her fans down!

Loved Sridevi in this photoshoot. Even at this age of 49 she still looks stunning.... Am sure there must be a lot of jealousy amongst her contemporaries as well as insecurity in the younger lots... but who cares... SRIDEVI WAS, IS, AND WILL ALWAYS REMAIN THE QUEEN OF INDIAN CINEMA... or as aptly said by the Bollywood Gurus, she is THE LAST EMPRESS OF BOLLYWOOD.

shes damn glamorous kuddoss to the empress!!!!

The red hot Youtube video of Sridevi's Vogue photoshoot is going viral!!! Staggering 8000 views in just 3 days and the whole world is drooling. Sridevi proves once more that even after 15 years, she can still kick everyone's ass with her charisma.

it's not just clothes but the behavior that irks me. Be modern, wear western but working in such a semi porn kind of photo shoot with guys close to her grandson is just too much. Why shoudln't we call it 'desperation'

Sridevi and Ranbir Kapoor. Now that will be one hot film to watch out.

the only diva of bollywood is SRIDEVI.

With 5000+ views in 2 days, the Youtube video of Sridevi's sizzling Vogue photo-shoot is already a smash.

Sridevi is the only diva of her times who has changed with the times to become this magnificent fashionista and style icon. Sadly her contemporary actresses are still living in the 80s & 90s and end up looking a fashion disaster every time they step out. Hope they are watching this and taking some serious notes.

looks cool in the red dress!


Why Sridevi why? Why this torture in this age? Just get your daughters married and play with your grand children. This is what you're supposed to do in this age.

Greatest beauty....greatest talent......greatest actress.....Not Fair Sridevi. You can't have it all. :P

Mid life crisis......well she's in her 60s. Now she has even passed the 'mid life crisi' age ...:P :P :P

Ah Sridevi (sigh!). All actresses are mere 'stars' before this Chandni.

While her contemporaries have either faded from memory or struggling desperately to make a successful comeback, diva Sridevi easily pulls one miracle after another. After the global blockbuster English Vinglish, awards and a spectacular IIFA performance, this sizzling Vogue photo-shoot now has the whole world going bonkers for her all over again. Salute you Sri.

Those who compares her with madhuri, rekha, juhi amd jaya should shut there mouth now
They cant even pull 10% of SRI seductive charishma!!!

Chandni....Chaalbaaz.....Roop ki Rani....Chaand ka Tukda......ONE & ONLY SRIDEVI.

The guy in second pic(whose head she holding) look like her daughter's classmate.

Just like michael Jackson's nose ready to fall down :D

Not very Vogue like

First female superstar of India, Most stylish actress of India, Goddess of Indian cinema, Greatest actors of all time..I don't know..I guess I'm running out of words to describe this volcano of talent called SRIDEVI!!!

Shame that there are no film makes in India to do justice to her talent!!

Vogue has beautifully showcased the Sridevi effect on men. Guys all over the world fantasize about this legendary beauty. Every male fantasy has just come true in this photo-shoot for this sensuous object of desire.

Wow! Twitter's flooded with tweets going gaga over this red-hot photoshoot. You rock Sridevi. There's no diva like you.

Beautiful Sridevi.... Yess...pls some make devil wears prada with her

Superlative Superstar

If u see the video u understand there is no element of photo shopping done to the entire shoot pictures....

The sexy teacher look for an ageing woman... That's tacky and very, very unimaginative.

What is this! Its porn-like. Before the action..

Sridevi is pure class. Sophistication. Panache.

Sridevi is like kohinoor diamond.

Sridevi is like kohinoor diamond - beyond comparison, beyond description.

She look beautiful

These pictures of Sridevi from Vogue magazine August 2013 photoshoot, left us speechless. The cascading hair, sexy dress and subtle make-up make her look absolutely riveting and much younger than her years.

It's amazing how she has been reinventing herself year after year, decade after decade!!! She is like Madonna in that sense.

The Bambi-eyed comeback queen, Sridevi sizzles on her very first cover shoot, proving that true divas only get better with age.

The makeup/contouring makes her nose look weird but other than that I like the 3rd and 5th picture a lot ^_^

Sridevi is a beauty, a great dancer, a great actress...we are floored by her performance. And her recent fashion photoshoots proves that she is a Style Icon!!
Sridevi is someone who truly defines an actress or a heroine!

Is this Sri or a slimmer Maureen Wadia...

Consider this as a sold out issue! Cover story Vogue India, August 2013 with Sridevi!

Sridevi - The Style Goddess !!

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