Sridevi has got her quirky hat on for the cover of Verve, October 2017

Sridevi Boney Kapoor celebrates the evolution of fashion on the cover of Verve, October 2017
Sridevi has got her quirky hat on for the cover of Verve, October 2017
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Sridevi has always been in the news for her impeccable style and fashion sense, but at the same time, she does not fret from pushing the fashion envelope and trying new trends when it comes to styling herself. Hence, it had to be Sridevi on Verve's cover featuring the best dressed of the year. 

On the cover shot, Sridevi gave us some major "Hawa Hawaii" from "Mr. India" vibes as she was seen dressed in a bronze metallic blazer paired with white organza gloves and a huge quirky hat. 

Verve Magazine took to Instagram and shared the picture of this cover and captioned it- "This year, we looked at the elusive quality of innate and one-of-a-kind chicness as we drew up our annual Best Dressed List. As India’s premier fashion and lifestyle magazine, we constantly seek out those who have mastered the power of dressing as a form of self-expression. These discerning style-makers throw together garments and accessories that mix and match high fashion with low; delve into their mothers’ and grandmothers’ closets to dust off vintage gems and don them with contemporary air; and their comfort in accessorising with even the most daring pieces is peerless — just look at our October cover girl Sridevi Boney Kapoor. These original women are comfortable in their own skin and have no problem shucking trends and breaking the rules. As designers and the industry as a whole have begun to realise the importance of addressing the obvious reality that women come in all shapes, sizes, ages and colours, we at Verve also strive to empower our readers by providing a broader world view on what it means to be stylish, and above all, what it means to be an Indian woman today."

What do you guys think of this look? Comment below and let us know. 


Oh, they gloved her hands to cover her Aging skin.


Indeed a Style Icon of India

wow she is still rocking at 54...truly inspiring

scary to say the least


I’m so impressed with her longevity especially for a women in a make dominated industry

The greatest we ever had, still the greatest! She is enjoying her life so much because she has a husband that truly loves her. You can see the happiness on her face all the time.

100 percent true

100 percent true

photoshopped, but looks amazing

It is great that they chose an older, as well as exceptionally talented, actress ...

I really want to see her in more movies , Such a legend !!

They pay her for this?

She used to look like this decades ago.


Gloves had to be different color.. as in contrast to her top .. it would have rocked

very much photoshopped...

she is not beautiful . kajol karisma madhuri more beautiful than her

Lets see what your kajol karisma madhuri will look like when they reach Sridevi's age.

whr r her contemporaries, who r more beautiful than her

As a loyal fan of Kajol , I must say these all actresses are beautiful in their own way and Sridevi is really a legend !!

Looking like Micheal Jakson

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