SRK on the cover of Stardust(May 2012); Kalki's bold confession

Shahrukh Khan graces the cover of this month's Stardust. But, what grabbed my attention was Kalki's rather bold statement at the bottom of the page.

Credits: twitter

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again some loosers bringing pc's name....get a life u bunch of low lifes

lol...."Deepika's hollywood dream shattered" she deserves that....she ditched Race 2 just bcoz of her little role in hollywood....this happens...

"When I Meet My Girl Friends, We Only Talk About Sex"...... I must say she has seriously nothing else to do...

lol okay so I have to agree that when I meet my girlfriends, we talk about guys, the ones who are ina relationship talk about whats been cooking etc etc. So yeah obviously gfs talk abotu sex when they meet but THE WHOLE WORLD DOESNT NEED YOU TO TELL THEM THAT, KALKI! lol. But yeah she seems like she's be a fun person to be friends with

KALKI............WHAT THE HELL???????
YOU + KETCHUP GUY +SEX ..........I CANT IMAGINE !!!!!!!!

Srk is hot hot hot. I got eyes only for him.

SRK's picture is photoshopped AND old.

Well I'm more interested in if SRK will finally confess about his affair with PC

heard he's having an affair with juhi too sad

I used to like Kalki because she was different and intellectual. But now she is just appearing in magazines either in bikinis or giving cheap quotes and she has also had a boob job done. She has become trash just like the rest of them which is sad.


lol people would be more interested in kalki s interview ;p

kalki is amazing.she is so frank and i love this point about her a lot.

nothing spectacular

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