Vidya Balan on the cover of Filmfare Middle East

Vidya Balan on the cover of Filmfare Middle East this month.

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My favorite cover of Vidya-- she looks like a golden era classic beauty. Very well done photo.

She looks very much like Jaya Prada!!!!

she is beyond stunning!

Nice but why does every cover have to be photoshopped????? Sigh....

Thu, 2013-01-03 04:44 — Anonymou
This is called classic Indian beauty. But some people think dusky skin with shorts and bra-top defined Desi woman.
yes she looks like madhubala. I wish her doing movie with Ranbir in kishore kumar biopic. she also wanted to work with him.

She looks more like Soha Ali Khan here....some major airbrushing going on ;).....nevertheless she looks awesome.

*actually I mean it is also Filmfare's new issue (India)

This is filmfare's new issue not the middle east issue. btw Vidya looks gorgeous!



CLASSIC!!! What a stunning cover.

She looks drop dead gorgeous and classy. But photoshop has done miracle as they reduce the extra fat and wrinkles around her face.

She is aura...I love vidya balan

This is called classic Indian beauty. But some people think dusky skin with shorts and bra-top defined Desi woman.

somehow she looks much younger here! one of filmfare's nicest covers

Stunned. This is a fab cover - definitely has that old world charm about it. Reminds me of Nargis.

Absolutely lovely and charming cover! It's strange though, Vidya looks younger in this pic by aprox. 10 years at least...probably the black and white effect, and a bit of photoshop.

Hopefully Kalki finally will choose to do something more light and comedic in her movies.

Oh my gosh**WOW** C~L~A~S~S~I~C♥ Its like this old world aura & enigmatic aura surrounds this.One of the best covers in a long time!Breathtakingly beautiful & Vidya reminds me here of Lolita from Parineeta♡

Vidya looks so Indian & mysterious in this retro type cover... Why do all our current covers always have women wearing practically nothing ? It's so repetitive & boring .

very classyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Damn! Lovely. They should have run this on the Indian edition rather than Ranveer Singh looking odd.

classy !

this is the best cover i've seen in a while... she looks ethereal.. i hope Filmfare them their 2013 covers from the old world classics..

she looks like the yesteryear actresses. divine.

Love it !

I was craving for someone to do a B&W old movie type cover with Vidya. Just as I imagined!

true indian beauty


Gorgeous, I really love this cover.


reminds me of her parineeta days! just gorgeous.

She looks sooo elegant and beautiful.. I loveee this woman!! A true Indian classic beauty.

P.S- I agree with the comments below that she looks like Madhubala here


Vidya is so photoshopped to look like a combination of madhubala and yesteryear actresses


Uff! beautiful... Just WOW, I am speechless, congrats to the whole team, amazing cover guys.. The best ever...

hyee, Madhubala of today, amazing amazing..

wow, just wow, divine. She is today's meena kumari.. So beautiful, Amazing cover

Just blown away by the cover !!!!


graceful :)

wow. old world charm it has. best cover in recent times.

Vidya is One of the best indian beauty. Since i saw her in Parinetti I understand that she Will success because she is talented. She is with Rani the best actress in Bollywood.

This is one of the best covers I've seen in a long time! She looks so much like Madhabi Mukherjee (the actress in Ray's Charulata). Gorgeous!

she looks beautiful!! i think, its one of the best filmfare covers, that i have seen! keep it up vidya!!

O.O this is beautiful!!!!


for the first time i thought it is Madhubala, my God

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