Vogue India 2011 covers - Pick your favorite

Vogue India gave some covers in 2011. A couple of them were reprints from their International editions.

Which of these covers would you pick as your favorite Vogue cover of 2011?

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No one cought my eye other then Aish

i love madhuri dixit

Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit..... The Empress of Bollywood

madhuri dixit best 1 bolly wood

Madhuri and Deepika

Madhuri Dixit

deepika padukone is such a best galllllllll on vogueeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course the legendary MADHURI DIXIT!

Vogue really is boring

sonam and madhuri just look sooooooo classically beautiful. Its just radiant and not trashy.

eww ranbir...puke!

kat and deepika looks worst.

1st Ranbir, 2nd aish 3rd sonakshi others r boring as usual.

Ranbir with isabelle looks best.

The woman with Ranbir is leagues better looking than any of the women on these covers.

madhuriii then aish then sonam

madhuri dixit


madhuri dixit ...the queen.she looks sooo younger and beautifull as the other

1) Madhuri Dixit. To compare her with these new gals is a compliment for these girls.

for mi madhuri on voverpage

Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Madhuri Madhuri. Look at d innocence at her face. Its natural.

Fav Vogue cover would be the MADHURI one for sure. It's classy, stylish, beauitful and then there's the Goddess Madhuri Dixit with her eternal appeal and that smile. :)

none of them. the vogue lettering makes the magazine look so boring. like some old ppl's magazine or something you read on an airplane. they need to change their lettering. but aishwarya's face with the black angel wings is awesome. also like sonakshi's cover - it's the most catchy and the only issue that i would buy based on the cover.

for me, by a mile, ash and then madhuri/kat

brilliant photo shoot but it could also be because these actresses are gorgeous even before
they have done any beauty procedures, you know these people are genuine goods and not
product of massive tweaking of features in a surgeons clinic

Deepika and Katrina

ranbir number 1 but then in no order aish,pc, deeps

nargis and deepika

Rihanna and Priyanka

Wow loved all the covers- really nice!

Queen Ash

1. Sonakshi (although unfair advantage as the only beauty shot)
2. Aishwarya (gorgeous with minimal makeup and high fashion)
3. Deepika (It's just SEXY!)
4. Ashika (The colors, the pose, all great... only complaint = the anklet. It's too chunky).
5. Rihanna (Only she can pull off that hair color AND that gown and look THAT GOOD!)

deepika padukone for sure

Padma and Aish are the best!!


Aishwarya! Loved loved it !

Aishwarya! trÈs chic :)

like sonam and aishwarya's covers

madhuri madhuri madhuri!

my lovely priyanka!!!


AISHwarya... High Fashion

look at ranbir's fingers dirty boy...... i love priyanka here the whole look is perfect i love the background too

priyanka and deepika looks the best

Madhuri, Sonakshi, Nargis

sonakshi , deepika n priyanka


Ashika pratt all the way

Padma Lakshmi by far

sonam, nargis, ash

its aishwarya n nargis


katrina is a hot mess...

Ash, Priyanka, Deepika, Sonakshi and Padma are the best

deepika's would be okay but she's been lightened so much it looks tacky and she looks like some kind of blow up doll. gross.

she's like 10 times darker right

the last one with the lady in red would be smoking and perfect but that douchebag ranbir ruins it.

why does sonakshi get a beauty shot while others have the full body shots? vogue uk did the same thing with adele. Discrimination against big girls!

last row 2nd! :)

I like Ladma Lakshmi, Sonam, Nargis, Sonakshi and Deepika

My Facorites from the above are are covers of Padma Lakshi and Aishwarya.

Aishwarya rai bAachchan

sonakshi and ranbir...worst aishwariya

Sonam - best cover pic

Pratt and Fontana !!!!

Priyanka's! There's a unique power and complexity in her cover.

sonam, ash and ranbhir!

definitly sonakshi sinha

Deepika, Sonakshi, Ash - Katrina is worst!

Sonam's one

Rihanna, Rihanna & Rihanna!

Props to Deepika (not usually a fan), Aishwarya (not usually a fan) & the sexy, bold model!

Sonam dissapoint and she always nails it. Shame.

Sonakshi and Deepika are the best, worst is Madhuri - the, Katrina is very vulgar

Ashika and pc r the best.

Pc 4 sure.

Katrina & Madhuri cover

aishwarya, the most daring cover

All pretty wow apart from sonakshi, madhuri and sonam who all managed to look blah and tacky at the same time.

dp drss is very sexy

i love pc as always ,the queen of bollywood and ofcourse the best

i love pc as always.the best of these actresses fgorever.

i love priyanka as always.she is so sexy and hot.the most of these actresses.
ashika is the worst.hate her

aish and priyanka

Ash's was the best


priyanka the stunner!!

my top 3 are

Katrina vogue

one and only priyanka

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