Brand New Poster of Aashiqui 2

Aashiqui 2 trailer is releasing tomorrow at 9:00 am (IST). Are you excited?

Credits: fb

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love it!!

Beutiful couple

Good chemistry.

Jeet Ganguli is the music director? I'm shocked! He has ruined the name of Bengali film music by churning out absolutely loafer-ish music for every movie he is assigned too! Why would anyone take this idiot to helm a musical? -_-

wth is that " LOves makes life live '' ?? btw nice poster , atleast better than the previous ones..

Sexy and romantic at the same time!!

love makes, life live
that doesn't even make sense.
and this film looks stupid, I really like the main hero, he is cute and can act. but the girl is just eww. and this poster looks pathetic. step your game up bollywood. sorry excuse for films lately.

love makes life live...wth??

omg please get married u stunning couple, and I am waking up extra early just to see the trailer of these two beautiful people

The Weird haha :P

Love makes life live? :) :)

I hope this film does well for Aditya Roy Kapur...he's very talented and deserves the best!

Dear, Salman Khan fan Owaid, kindly keep your poor comments to Salman's post..

I don't know why but I'm expecting the next post to be about where this was copied from. lol!

@voicewriter - lol...i think that tagline was from the they probably just carried it over to create a link to the first one.

They both make such a good pair.

looks like a poor man's Rockstar.

An other trailer?? Mmmm i am excited but i hope the trailed doesn't show the whole story like the jawani deewani one did.
Till now the trailers and song promos haven't revealed too much...

amongst today's one has better chemistry than these 2!

Love makes life live? Um....oooookay.

omg they are just adorable together...I'm waiting for weeding pictures of the two JK

OMG.... I cant excited *.*

very hot

oh yeah...didn't even realise that the trailer isnt out yet...

love this one so much.

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