First look poster: Sridevi's 'English Vinglish'

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How do you like it guys?

Here's the plot - Money, Fame and the Knowledge of English. In India, these 3 factors play a huge role in how society judges an individual.

English Vinglish is the story of a woman who does not know English and is made to feel insecure by her family and society at large. The film is a light -hearted yet touching and transformational journey of Shashi. Circumstances make her determined to overcome this insecurity, master the language, teach the world a lesson on the way to becoming a self assured and confident woman.

The film is shot mostly in New York and captures the inherent struggle of many people all over the world with the English Language. Hilarious, touching, sensitive, this film marks the come back of India’s biggest female star…Sridevi.

Written and Directed by Gauri Shinde. Produced by R. Balki

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Loving Sridevi and the first poster of the film.

Sridevi at her best,roking for sure.

Very natural looking poster,looking forward to watch it.

Its truely a very nice poster and looks so classy and different.

This poster is actually a very good one,Sriji is looking as usual very sophisticated and best.

Lovely poster.

A beautiful poster after such a long time.

just cannot wait to watch it, no tru movie star now adays.
the way she captivates the audience.......

Just too impatient to watch Srideviji in English Vinglish,she is the real actress.

I am loving this poster as it is not ayall exagerated,nor very sparkling, is very much authentic and very much true to the film's plot and characters.

Sridevi is undoubtedly the Meryl Streep of India

Very unique and natural poster,hats off to R Balki and the director of the film.

Just lovely poster,its such a simple yet beautiful poster and Sreedevi looks so beautiful.

Sreeji is looking very beautiful and regal in the poster,loving it.

WOW Sridevi!

Lovely poster and very different also.

This is how you design a first look poster,so authentic.

SRIDEVI ROKZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...........................................

From the very begining i am a Sridevi Fan and till date i am a Sridevi Fan,the poster is so beautiful like Sridevi herself.

Its truely the most unique film poster with so much naturalness and the most attractive one.

WOW! Lovely and so dignified poster.SRI looks beautiful.

The return of India's first and the last super star actress, SRIDEVI with the most innovative, sensitive, outstanding conceptual film " English Vinglish " releasing worldwide on September 21st 2012 !!!

Bright and beautiful. This is how to make a comeback. This is just the iceberg

Such a simple but beautiful poster.

Such a lovely and catchy poster,its truely the best poster ever in Bollywood.

Just loving the trailor,it can't be better than this.

The most nicest poster i have ever seen,Sridevi looks so beautiful.

The promo of English Vinglish has gone viral on Youtube and is trending on Twitter for being such a brilliant concept....If a promo can be such a rage, the film is gonna be a FULL ON EPIC PHENOMENON.....That's the magic of Sridevi

argh yes i can't wait!!!!! if only she hadn't stuffed up her nose...cos that's the only thing that's gonna annoy me throughout the film now :(


This look is quite similar to her judai look.
All the best for her comeback movie.
I wish it will not end up like dangerous ishq and aaja nachle.

The 15 year wait is almost over, THANK YOU SRI! This poster proves that the wait was worth every second.



yay.. cant wait. once a diva, always a diva.

LOVE IT ! A very inviting poster. Definately watching this first day first show. madhur bhandarkar is resorting to cheap tricks like behind the scene clips as if he wants to be in the news throughout the movie. It's almost like dekh lo kya kya ho ga movie mei. a movie is an experience not director saab and actress gushing about each other and claiming the movie is going to be an off the charts super hit and how kareena is a daahhhling and how madhur is bringing out the best in me. ughh

pv please post

lovely lady

The trailer says 'COMING SOON' the film's release date is not final yet

If you love the poster, check out the promo released on Youtube today.....It will make you smile all day long!!!

Wonderful and fresh! Watch the trailer it is heartwarming!

curious to see. interesting topic.

I THINK KAREENA'S HEROINE will be eclipsed by sriji's movie

Kareena, Katrina, Deepiak, Sonam and the likes..... please make way for the real actress now....who might not be very media-savvy.. but she gives mind-blowing performances....and the poster looks interesting....

Welcome Sri.. LOVE infinity...

OMG.. I'm about to cry... Finally a very warm poster to the heart.
Sriji stolen my heart in this poster. This poster makes me feel really good.

Does it have the same effect on you guys?

The Last Empress is back! What a delightful poster. After looong time

OMG! What a gorgeous poster. Looks good, and the plot sounds super cute!

wow!!!!!!!! Can't wait.... Sridevi is the ultimate Herione so rather watch English Vinglish than Kareena's Herione any day!

kareena's heroine , priety's ishq in paris and sridevi's english vinglish?
hmmm...i will go for english vinglish ....
its better to be touched by a lighthearted movie rather than being depressed or bored

Love it...

This is what you call a comeback! Sridiva, just show them how it's done! Love love love

WOW I early waiting for this one!!!

Can't wait for this film! She looks better than ever before!

Simply stunning Sridevi! I wish her and the whole team all the best!

nice poster
and intresting story for a change
hope she has a very successful come back

I love you Sridevi!!!! We have waited 15 years for your comeback!!!!!! Welcome back Goddess where you belong to!!!!!!!

I love Bebo & am gonna wait eagerly for Heroine but this battle is definitely gonna be won by Sridevi. She's a lioness while all the others are just her mere subjects,no actress can compete with her,she's in her own league. This poster just confirms her status as India's first female superstar & last empress.Waiting anxiously for English Vinglish to come up!!!

What an amazing posters!!!!!!! I can't wait for this movie!!!!!!!!!!

and thats what you call " A Comeback" of the biggest star.

It will be a great movie no doubt about it.

YAY! Finally cant wait ... Love it! cant wait for this one .... The Poster Looks neat ... it looks like a fun film and not like a borin art film ... more power to the DIVA ... sridevi

Can t wait to watch it
but i wish it could have come on some other day
not a clash with HERIONE :S

oohhh can't WAIT

Wishing you success.

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