First look: Shirin Farhad Ki Nikal Padi (Boman Irani & Farah Khan's acting debut)

First look: Shirin Farhad Ki Nikal Padi (Boman Irani & Farah Khan's acting debut) 0
First look: Shirin Farhad Ki Nikal Padi (Boman Irani & Farah Khan's acting debut) 0

Choreographer-turned-filmmaker Farah Khan makes her acting debut with Bela Sehgal’s “Shirin Farhad Ki Nikal Padi” opposite Boman Irani.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali has produced the movie.

I am curious to know the storyline as the poster( which mimics Hum aapke he kaun) seems intriguing ;-)

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Anonymous's picture

I want to watch this movie, it seems off the beaten track.

Anonymous's picture

Hi!!! I am Tanvi from New Delhi. I love to meet peoples and having fun with them all the time!! Do visit me - tanvi ahuja dot com

Anonymous's picture

What the what is happening ....Farrah and SLB r friends now....what ahat what?!!
I still remember Sawariya and Om Santi Om she belittled him like a street dog..
How Sajid says saying cheap things about Guzarish at KwK show....
Shock shock shock!!!

Anonymous's picture

Listening to Farah's annoying voice throughout a movie, spare us the horror!

Anonymous's picture

Farah, don't give up your day job! Lol.

Anonymous's picture

wow that will be awesome, i'm sure

can't wait

Kitty's picture

I am so looking forward to this! Farah Khan is one funny lady! Wanna see her dance too! :)

Anonymous's picture

so who's going to waste their money watching this?! LOL

Anonymous's picture

Clearly anyone can become an actress in B-town * Farah has a lisp and that is not a characteristic that is desirable in an actress....clearly only MONEY TALKS in bollywood...pathetic

Anonymous's picture

i never thought anyone can see OVERACTING just by looking at a poster... but i can tell FARAH has overacted the crap outta this film...

Anonymous's picture

I dont know why i never heard of the movie before..Anyways this movie is going to be HUGE success, wow Farah and Boman together is one hillarious film. Cant wait til the release of this...Good Luck to Farah Khan ( she might just win all the best debute awards...) lol

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

lmao at FARAH haha

Anonymous's picture

lol! It has the potential to be super funny. Fingers crossed because it isn't always we have such an unconventional looking leads so the change is nice.

Anonymous's picture

Waiting for this one finally liberated indian cinema! ... we can all laugh at our selves .... love Boman's and Farah's expressions

filmychica's picture

hahaha can't wait for this one.

Anonymous's picture

Wow I never even knew about this movie.

Nabby H's picture

I love Boman Irani. He is one versatile actor.

Anonymous's picture

can't wait to watch. when is the release date?

Shakuntela's picture

lo hahah farah and boman are so funny always

Anonymous's picture

aren't sanjay leela bhansali and farah khan not-so-good friends.. farah has always mentioned sanjay as overrated director in KWK!!

Anonymous's picture

I like that HUM APKE HAIN KAUN Pose.

moimeme's picture

nice...can't wait for it

Anonymous's picture

i didn't know she did a movie

can't wait she is funny in this picture

Anonymous's picture

Lol this looks so funny! And Farah in Madhuri's Purple Iconic Saree! Awesome

bijon's picture

lol im curious...farahs such a funny woman

Anonymous's picture

omg looks like she is bending over to get some lol

stylehymn's picture


Is it OK for actors to dance at weddings?:

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