New Movie Stills: Race 2

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New Movie Stills: Race 2

WTFbyatch's picture

This movie looks like a rehash of Race Part 1. The song sets are the same and some of the songs sound the same. I don't see this movie doing wonders at the box office. The trend now is retro and 60/70s inspired not ultra modern. We'll see soon.

Anonymous's picture

i have started liking this Jacky gal. she is beautiful and amazingly HOT

onlyrani's picture

can't wait for this film.

Anonymous's picture

I m going to watch it only for Deepika

Anonymous's picture

Jackky is all oomph and deepika is just ok...

sharon_diva's picture

ANil kapoor is "forever alone" in these pictures LOL

Fiza_Khan's picture

Deepiks looks nice in the 3rd photo, but other photos of her looks blahhhh....
Saif's nose in the last photo! -_________- OH JESUS!!!!

Anonymous's picture

dippy is hot

Anonymous's picture

john & deepika are HOT

Voiceswriter's picture

Love the first pic.

Anonymous's picture

Jaqueline, Deepika= beautiful side profiles

Anonymous's picture

deepika is amazingly hot!

Anonymous's picture

john is looking really bad he use to be cute when he first started :| he aged fast he looks older then salman khan :O and i really like how hard jacky has worked on her body its admirable she wasnt always fit im glad shes hit the gym she looks great and saif looks old and his hair is rather thin and i dont understand his tattoos there so random and pointless? i swear hes having a midlife crises

Kitty's picture

The 1st pic with John and Jacqueline is kinda cool, the last one with Saif and Deepika in the water is ewww!

Anonymous's picture

ew jacqulines belly button looks gross and that last picture looks like an uncle molesting a bachi and shes enjoying it

Anonymous's picture

john OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miah-freak's picture

Okay i need to agree..! Jack-John pair nd John-Dips Pair ! woaahhhh Hotness Overload !
actually John is very hot !

Anonymous's picture

deepika's ear lobe is changed. 1st it was joint now separated.

bebo_pclover20's picture

The amount of hotness in this film will guarantee it Rs. 100 crores at the box office.

TheOneAndOnly's picture

Love the pic of Deeps with the fishtail braid! Super hot.

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