'Student of the Year' Dialogue Promo

Here is the first dialogue promo from SOTY.

What do you guys think?


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Muuuuaaaahhhh I love u sid & I love this movie Student Of The Year also the people who think this is rubbish r idiots and this film was a blockbuster HIT!!!!!

Was that gesture necessary?
On one side, we are trying to build character in our youngsters, on the other, we showcase this in movies and expose kids to these things. Hope they censure (very young kids watch and learn so soon. They imitate so fast)

Thu, 2012-10-11 22:50 — Anonymous
NewWhat is this movie? And no school looks like that... and this is coming from someone who lives in the US.

I live in the US too and guess what.. american schools are BLAND . Goto the top boarding schools in India and you'll know that St. Teresea's is not very far off. They have amazing world class facilites. Check out their websites below.

America is not a bench mark for everything! so get over it!

KJO, Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Uday Chopra are all products of these high profile residential schools, which is why KJO has modelled sT. Teresea's off his alma mater.

Doon School
Sherwood College
Good Shepherd International School
Rishi Valley, Bengaluru
Mayo College, Ajmer

Check these out! They do have the sprawling tracks and the olympic sized pools...its not a figment of imagination.


this looks beyond lame. im laughing at how bad this looks. oh god.

What is this movie? And no school looks like that... and this is coming from someone who lives in the US.

cute finger sid :O

I feel like this movie is on bimbos :/ Dunno why are they even getting so much attention? This movie is gonna flop, tht is very predicted. Alia Bhatt, does not know how to act & tries too hard, does not even look good, thr r million girls outside who acts & looks btr than her & dying to work in movies. The guys are good looking & acts "average"....they might improve with time...looking forward to them only.

Phowaaaaaaaaar Sid is so HOT!

where is the Video dear????????

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