Abhay Deol opens up about break up with Preeti Desai!

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Abhay Deol; who didn’t make any public statements or comments after his break-up with longtime girlfriend Preeti Desai; finally opened up in a recent interview.

To Mumbai Mirror, Abhay said that he didn’t react then and it unnecessary now. When asked about bitterness and no longer friends rumors, Abhay said, “No, not bitter but break-ups are never easy. And being in the public eye, the speculation would be there for all. I didn't react to what was being said then and it would be even more unnecessary to indulge in that now. It's news to me when you say that people are saying we are not friends. Oh well, life moves on and the truth doesn't change to suit the fantasies of others.”

But does that mean his take on love and relationships have changed? “Hai, ab aur kitna bolun iss topic par!? It's good to love and there's nothing more beautiful than a fulfilling relationship. My 'take' on this has always been this. It doesn't change after break-ups. In fact, many things of my last relationship solidified my positive view on 'love and relationships',” the Dev D star was quoted. 


they were not even dating ever. Blatant lying they were doing.

Ok sonam is single too...universe! Make it happen for this two.

How terrible. Why can't these guys even maintain a proper relationship? Its like normal to have multiple breakups and linkups and marriages. And to imagine that these people sells us stories of love!

I hope sonam and abhay get together, they suit each other so well

I didn't even know they broke up, thought they would be getting married soon. That just sucks.

Omg, have I been living under a rock? I had no clue they broke up.

such a gentleman

i wish they asked him about his movie with diana penty. havent heard any news of it whatsoever!

I think it was announced that Diana's on hiatus from films.

Didn't Diana say she wouldn't act in films because her boyfriend didn't want her to? What happened?

He's such a sensible, honest and talented actor and definitely charming. It's a shame that Bollywood ignores and underrates actors like him, Madhavan, Sharman Joshi and Jimmy Shergil, all of whom have talent (and look good in an unconventional way not according to Bollywood's superficial standards) but no godfathers and overhypes mediocre and non-actors like Sid, Varun, Arjun, Aditya etc. WHY??? Why do we as an audience have to suffer? Breaks my heart.

Well the reason this happens is because the audience doesn't go to watch his movies. There are some of us, who have watched every single one of his movies and others who wouldn't know who is cause they only watch Abbie with a Khan in it. If you ask these people they will tell you that they've probably watched Pagla Dewana movies and don't even know who Abhay Deol is? That's what is sad, cause you could combine both Sunny (and I like Sunny) and Bobby together and you won't even get half the talent Abhay has. That is what is depressing for people like me who appreciate a DevD/Oye Lucky/Manorama Six....over Pagla Dewaanas. When those movies don't make money they eventually disappear.

Abhay Deol is a smart, intelligent & a well spoken charming guy. A rarity in Bollywood. Hope we could see more of him.

he is also a little eccentric.

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