The PinkVilla Movie Review - Welcome Back

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Bollywood's bonafide love for mindless entertainers finds validation in films like Welcome Back, which is so unfunny that one would prefer getting run over by a bus than watch it. Don't blame us for the rant, blame Anees Bazmee who returns with a script as old as the hills, blame the producer who was fine with a sizeable chunk of his fortune being wasted on buffoonery or blame the audience for the monetary love they bestowed on them last time around, that they’ve audaciously dared to make this lame sequel.

Welcome Back is a painful film. It is dumb to the extent of being torturous. Why do filmmakers presume that the intellect of their audience runs in negative? There is no sane justification as to why such stupidity will be branded as a movie and get endorsed by a few of the industry’s most luminous actors. Bazmee has evidently never been a believer of evolved humour. Being loud was always a part of his DNA and he quite mastered it with panache. There is nothing wrong with comedies, or even with loud comedies for that matter. Screwball as a genre has its own takers and for most, our favourite Sunday watch will invariably be a slapstick comedy. But Welcome Back has nothing sprightly about it. For starters, it is poorly written and almost gives its prequel a run for its money in the department of bad writing.

Welcome, too, was equally banal but there was a certain freshness in its rendering. Eight years on, the writers pick up the same story, which give the film its dated feel. The highlights of the original was Anil Kapoor and Nana Patekar's camaraderie which is just as zany even in this installment but that in no way can salvage this ludicrous and tacky film.

Trying to elucidate the plot will be a futile attempt. We bet even Anees will have a hard time narrating his own story. In a gist, dons Uday (Nana) and Majnu (Anil) have long retired from the world of crime and are now successful businessmen. They are looking for a suitable boy for their sister Ranjana (Shruti Haasan). She, however, falls for the reigning loal superdon – Ajju (John Abraham). Meanwhile, Majnu and Uday are being watched in close quarters by mother-daughter con duo as the daughter lays a honeytrap for them. A mishmash of it all triggers off this chaotic comedy.

Anees carries forward the incessant mind numbing gags of Welcome. It is easy to grudge him for that and many more new ones he refurbishes from recent films. Besides reveling in his own mediocrity, he even shamelessly takes a jibe at Rajkumar Hirani's nuanced semi-satire PK. As lowly minds work, the writers find irreverent humour in redoing the transistor scene from the Aamir Khan starrer, replacing the star with Rajpal Yadav. Such instances are disappointing and makes it evident that Anees is trying way too hard. Wasn't he the one who showed us a good time in No Entry? Between then and now his conotation of fun has merely depreciated. 

As drama ensues in this hotchpotch film, it is hard to miss the lack of a solid coherent story. With disconnected claptraps strung together in the name of plot, the film’s hilarious scenes are only a handful. The first half is marginally better than its dismal second half, but the lack of basic intelligence can’t be compensated for.

It is disappointing that a bunch of such brilliant actors have been wasted in the movie. You feel the worst for Dimple Kapadia, who barely has a role to her name. John is sincere and does his best to match up to Anil and Nana’s terrific antics. Shruti Haasan is just a pretty face in the film and she with her drop-dead gorgeous looks lives up to the criteria. Naseeruddin Shah shines in his gratuitous part. 

From mumbling bizarre one-liners to gyrating to strange dance steps, Anees resorts to the lowest forms of physical comedy to evoke laughs. The stock antics aren’t delightful enough and the story doesn’t allow any of its actors to flaunt their vivacious comic streak to the fullest.

We are sure that our paap score ain’t that bad that we deserve to sit through the anguishing, vexing and almost punishable experience of Welcome Back.

We rate this film a 30% on the Pinkvilla Movie Meter. 



I can't believe that Shruti is Kamal Hassan's and Sarika's daughter, both national award winners. Clearly shows that talent isn't always inherited. Of course, Shruti is super pretty thanks to her nose surgery. She is multi- talented as she is a really good singer, stylish dancer, and a music director. But as actress she is bad as Katrina. Although I liked her in her Tamil movie with Dhanush, she emoted well in some scenes but was still blank in many. She has beautiful eyes but is not using it ably. If she can't even pull off an eye candy role then what should I say. Even Kareena, Sonakshi, Asin, Priyanka and so on have also played eye candy roles in some of their films but they always have so many expressions to deliver and never looked blank. I won't say the same about Deepika because during the time she was playing eye candy roles in movies like Bachna Ae Haseeno and Housefull, she was just as a bad actress and looked lost. Only after Cocktail she became stunning as an actress, knows how to emote well and is becoming better everyday. Don't tell me Shruti is awesome because she got a filmfare award. That filmfare award was given to her for playing a role of an emotionless/expressionless woman which comes naturally to her. If you have seen Race Guram you will know what I am talking about. Overrated.

Will watch it for Shruti.

I must admit Shruti is a worse actress than Katrina. I am not a Katrina fan, but at least even when she plays an "eyecandy" she plays her best. In Shruti's case she can't even play an eyecandy role - the easiest role for you out there.

At least, she is a talented singer. If India had a powerful music industry like the west, she could have made it as a pop star with her looks and voice.

Nah Shruti is a better actress than Katrina

I watched the movie! Beaware johns acting is horrible. You will definately miss akshay kumar from 'welcome back'

agreed !! the movie tortured me to tears,,, :(

I am overjoyed to know the film is such a trashy. Serves well for people like Shiny Ahuja who deserve punishment for their crimes. Karma, that b##ch comes back to strike. Lovely!

Hilarious movie i will watch it again

missing Akshay

When Anil Kapoor recently appeared on a reality show he said that people should leave their brains at home when they go to watch the film. How bad does the film have to be for one of the main leads to say something like this?

Just imagine that there is an actress worst than Katrina and it's Shruti Hassan. How can Kamal hassan's daughter be so wooden and talentless. Yesterday I was watching Gabbar is back and she was horrible in that movie, no expression, worst dialogue delivery I have ever heard, plastic face and irritating voice as if she smokes all her life.

Raja Sen

But then there enters the woefully talentless Shruti Haasan, clutching a fistful of rakhees and looking crestfallen, possibly trying to remember her lines, shattering hopes of a good film to smithereens soon as she appears.
Haasan is a miraculously bad actress, a blank-faced ingenue mouthing lines with maddening monotony.
She might occasionally look a bit like her luminous mother Sarika, but the genes have failed this child rather cruelly

Surabhi Redkar

Shruti Haasan is truly lucky to be the daughter of two great stars because on her own, she would have never made it to an acting class audition either. She speaks each dialogue as though she is reading it and pouting does not help it make any good. With her performance, it looks like Katrina Kaif performed her career best in Welcome.

Sreeju Sudhakaran

That stepsister is Ranjana (Shruti Haasan, whose acting makes us wish Katrina Kaif should have got her National award for Welcome).

For God's sake there are many talentless star kids in Bollywood who ruin lots of movies with their " acting", pls don't import one more talentless doll.

Actually she was pretty good in D-Day. Just like sonakshi, shruthi is not a bad actress, she just chose pretty bad roles to play.

Yeah I know. When I saw her in D-Day I thought she is not bad. She had no expressions at all but I thought it's her character, you know a tired prostitute who has no expressions left any more I was watching dubbed version of D-Day and couldn't hear her voice and dialogue delivery. Then I saw her in some south movies ( also dubbed) and she had same frozen expression in all those movies. In Gabbar is back her dialogue delivery is so bad , it seems she is just reading her lines and of course same frozen face. Maybe she did too many plastic surgeries and now can not move her face but she is a horrible actress and I think it's not fair to compare her with Sonakshi who is a decent actress but doing crap movies.

Watch Srimanthudu.

It'll not change anything. I have seen some of her south movies as well. She CAN NOT ACT!

I agree!! She is even worse

This reviewer is not thorough and is very bias. This is a funny, wonderful movie. John was amazing. My friends love this movie and had quite a chuckle. I highly recommend this movie.

Well done great hilarious film

Absolutely loved the film im gonna watch it again

Well it is surely worth a watch for once. But but just do one thing, leave your brain back at home and never for a moment think about story or logic. Now if u wanna have fun and enjoy just watch this movie, man nana anil and paresh are killing it with their comedy scenes especially the ghost scene in 2nd half of Anil Nana hahahaha never laughed soo much in a movie, rest all actors were just there for filling the position. John was the worst among all he was horrible i wish askhay was there this film would have been a big hit.

The original movie was one of the funniest.There was no need for a forced sequel.

FLOP.The first welcome was one of the funniest movies.They should have stopped there.This sequel looks so forced with recycled storylines

It is a good comedy movie .... Worth a watch

eh, waiting for public reaction.

I will watch it!!

their was no buzz around this movie at all and with negative reviews it is getting ..this will be a huge flop

And Shiney Ahuja? What's he doing in the movie?

Reviewer couldn't stand Welcome so not surprising that he/she pans the sequel. I thought the first welcome was hilarious.

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