Sushant Singh Rajput upset with Aditya Chopra, cuts ties with YRF

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It seems times have turned bitter between the country's largest production house Yash Raj Films and Bollywood heartthrob Sushant Singh Rajput. The actor has decided to call off all the professional ties he had with the production company.

The reason behind this goes way to the time when he was to supposed to play the lead role in Shekhar Kapur's dream project Paani to be produced by YRF. But the production team backed out from the project leaving the director to start his search yet again, this time for international buyers, given that Paani involves huge money.

The actor who has earlier worked with YRF in Shuddh Desi Romance  and Detective Byomkesh Bakshy had to let go off Abhishek Kapoor's Fitoor because his dates were clashing with YRF's project. The actor also rejected Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Ram-Leela due to the same reasons which later went on to Ranveer Singh.

Now, what has hit the actor hard is that Aditya Chopra's much talked about project Befikre, which was promised to Sushant earlier has been given away to Ranveer Singh, that too without the actor's knowledge! According to a report in DNA, an insider told, “Adi had promised Sushant Befikre and then gave it to Ranveer without informing the SDR actor. This upset him and he has decided not to associate with YRF anymore.” 

When asked, a spokesperson for YRF informed DNA, “Sushant is no longer a part of our talent team. We wish him all the best in future endeavours.”


to hell with YRF. They don't a lot of time to make movies and no actor can wait forever. It's a professional decision.

Deepika cannot act hope industry vill walk out on her next lol

Everyone should know that YRF will launch many actors and actresses, but will mentor only one or two as their flagship stars. One is SRK and the current one is Ranveer Singh. In actresses, it is Vaani Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra and Anushka Sharma. So no place for anyone more.else.

Alia needs to do the same to Karan Johar, handing her films like Shaandaar? He'll ruin her career just as fast as he made it

Sham on ssr which now trys take ranveer's name by gaining publicity , he did it before with alia and karan joher(belmed him for sabotage his project ) also when alia chose an shuddi over homiadjania's untitled romantic film which was him and alia in lead and even kjo given him second chance by signing him for half girlfriend, he optout the film and now he come up with that drama , good we have seen now even outsider like ssr is also have inscure soul and will change his reak colour.

If this article is true then hats off to Sushant. He lost 4 big projects because of YRF. Aditya should have contacted Sushant and straight it out that he wants Ranveer for Befikre and give Sushant other project. Any actors would be pissed to lost out on 4 major movies. oh well, glad there are actors who have guts to not bend down and take it from big production houses....first shraddha, kangana and now sushant. Plus Yash raj is not what it used to be when Yash chopra was live.

Good for Sushant. YRF's loss.

The truthness of the article fails mostly at the part that Ram Leela was offered to him. Yes Ram Leela was offered to Ranbir and SLB thought about some pakistani actor but SLB decided to take Ranveer after he watched BBB and met him immidiatly so this all happened in 2011 so where does SSR fit in?? SSR wants attention and names Ranveer in this article mostly. His new PR tries to put Ranveer down to look like SSR was always the first choice before him. That how you also trying to get attention through nameing some other big actors good going SSR.

yessss, starting from the "ranveer left KPC screening because he was jealous" (no lol, he had to shoot for gunday. what actor would admit to jealousy let alone leave a film screening for that reason?) ssr wasn't even signed to yash raj when slb offered ranveer ram leela.

It's good.He is good at off beat roles like kai po che ,dbb (although played superbly the romantic Sarfaraz in p.k) and yrf production house has taken a tender to produce romantic films only.So its good for both of them.

It's good.He is good at off beat roles like kai po che ,dbb (although played superbly the romantic Sarfaraz in p.k) and yrf production house has taken a tender to produce romantic films only.So its good for both of them.

It's good.He is good at off beat roles like kai po che ,dbb (although played superbly the romantic Sarfaraz in p.k) and yrf production house has taken a tender to produce romantic films only.So its good for both of them.

It's good.He is good at off beat roles like kai po che ,dbb (although played superbly the romantic Sarfaraz's character in p.k) and yrf production house has taken a tender to produce romantic films only.So its good for both of them.

Some dudes are cracking big time joke here by claiming him as arrogant as they have already met him in person.

Some dudes are cracking big time joke here by claiming him as arrogant as they have already met him in person.

Abey tjhe us makeup artiste ki hayeeeeeeeeeeeee lagi hai....

I actually think it worked out well for him. He can now choose scripts that he likes and from his choice of films so far, he's more interested in off-beat roles than conventional romantic hero. Being constricted to YRF was not really doing him any favors. Look at Parineeti and Shraddha. Parineeti is a really good actor but she's not getting the roles she deserves by being restricted to YRF. Shraddha had the same fate till she decided to break the chains with Aashiqui 2. Look how that turned out for her!

He actually always seems so nice and I think it's really bad and unprofessional of YRF to keep stringing him along. What YRF does is they say "oh don't sign this project because we need your dates for this move etc etc. and then in the end they give the movie away to someone else and ruins the person's entire career.

Ranveer's real name is Ranveer Bhavnani. After getting married Deepika will become Deepika Bhavnani. Or Bhavnani is not cool enough for Deepika?

it's 2015 bro, what's with these questions? It's #herchoice :P

Out of Ranveer's seven legit movies four are with his God Father Aditya Chopra. Surprise surprise.

lol please, if anything post BBB all of his YRF movies have derailed his career more than helped. His biggest assets are the ones outside of YRF, and would be probably have a better filmography without Gunday & Kill Dil.

Who hasn't he fought with these days? He better hope that Dhoni film is huge.

I'm happy for Sushant. YRF are not what they used to be, aside from BBB for Ranveer & Anushka and Ishaqzaade for Parineeti & Arjun, they have not done much for anyone else. Look at Vaani?? She is what Shraddha would have been if Shraddha did not decide to leave them. They are still a fantastic and very capable production house, they just need much better writers and directors.

Don't forget Titli and DLKH. Byomkesh Bakshy wasn't YRF's fault, Dibakar messed up the plotting and SSR had poor diction adding to the pacing issues.

Sushant is going to regret this decision one day.

Sorry but since when was SSR offered Ram Leela?? And Befikre was giving to Ranveer because Adi chopra decided to direct it himself thats why he maybe left him out. SSR was arrogant and will be always.

Ram Leela was offered to a lot of people (both male and female leads) before SLB struck gold with RS-DP. He tried different permutations but one lead always flaked out. Salman, Ranbir, that no-name Pakistani actor who did Bip's movie, Ranveer, Kareena, Kat and DP.

No-name Pakistani? I'm not even Pakistani and I found that offensive. It's Imran Abbas. So ignorant.

wow your hatred, that pakistani actor no name? i can't believe some of the people on this site. you could have just said pakistani actor who starred with bipasha, he may be noname in india but he is a big name in pakistan and its very offensive. btw i am not a pakistani

Well, i didn't say that out of hatred at all. I said no-name because he is literally not known in bollywood. He could be a big deal in Pakistan, sure. But since we ARE talking bwood, and I am not from/live in Pakistan, for me this dude IS an unknown.

Stop making a big deal out of harmless comments, and trying to bring up the india pak controversy here. I'd have said no-name Malaysian/Australian/American actors, if he were from one of those countries too.

but Kai Po Che came out in 2013… how could SLB have approached him?

I'm not sure if/when Sushant was approached, but I have read about other young, up-n-coming actors being approached. So seems believable IMO.

but he wasn't signed to yrf then? how could they have interfered?

yeah i mean Ranbir was definitely offered first but i'm pretty sure it went to Ranveer next. SLB wouldn't have gone to someone straight out of tv for his directorial.

but Kai Po Che came out in 2013… how could SLB have approached him?

What he was expecting that Adi would chose him for Befikre? Is he drunk? If there is one of the YRF boys than it is Ranveer who truely deserved to be casted and i think the equation between Adi and Ranveer is stronger. SSR could have chosen other projects its not that YRF said him not to sign anything. How stupid as if YRF would say no to sign other projects. In that case RAnveer is again the big example after the success of BBB besides the YRF movies he quickly signed Lootera with phantom and also SLB for Ram Leela. Even before Ram Leela was released and Lootera was just befor realising Zoya and Farhan Excel signed Ranveer for DDD. So if you have enough talent and the aura or personality you will get your chance. Sushant can be happy that he was allowed to play in a big production movie in his case of director DB as a no name solo hero. And he totally failed he comes across as arogant to be honest he should just be thankful instead of being angry and bad mouthing bc some people dont cast him or doesnt want him anymore and talk behind those people he is not the only one who experience those things but people ar emostly silent while he is talking like he is the biggest star. Just make your mark in the industry and than start to talk about others.

Pari should do the same

Sushant you have lot of talent- just play your cards right. But stay humble and polite. Some times you come across
arrogant. People will connect with you more if you stay very humble.
YRF does not mean success.

Wow, standing up to YRF is something. Shraddha did it earlier, thought not publicly, and she is doing rather well for herself. With studios getting involved, YRF isn't as big as it used to be in the 90s. Although, I can't think of many in the industry who'd cross Adi Chopra. So this is indeed brave!

Ranveer shouldnt cry, he had links to Anil Kapoor, he and Sonam are related, look at his childhood pics, even attended birthday parties together. As for Sushant he will be successful , i have met him and he is a humble soul, good attracts good

One day YRF will pay for all the manipulations they do. Hurt people's careers for their own gain. Yash Chopra was a good man himself but his sons are not the same, very chaalu like their current bahu.

Good for Sushant, YRF is not the same as it was when Yash Chopra was alive

If this is true then YRF has back stabbed Sushant. Shame on them. Wish you all the best Sushant! You were stunning in Dectective Byomkesk and I know you will go on to win more roles that will highlight your acting skills and make you an international star. Add you will rue the day you cheated Sushant.

Aditya is a mean bitter old weasel. he is so money hungry and cunning it seems. I won't be watching his precious "befikre"

My god he is so bitter. Ramleela was signed by Ranveer even before Kareena was approached for it i think. WHy would Adi give Befikre to Sushant or Ranveer or anyone. He will only give it to someone who he feels fit for the role. Shahrukh Khans name was also thrown in between. i am hearing from his article that Sushant is blaming the failure of his career to Adi, which is not true. He walked out of Halfgirlfriend after committing to poor Mohit Suri, he is an oppurtunist and a manipulator. and he is trying to get sympathy by saying all this.

YRF tend to favour those who are from a Punjabi background, IMHO.

Ranveer is not Punjabi he's Sindhi -_-

All those saying Ranveer doesn't have a God Father in the industry and is making it on his. Well here is the proof. Adi Chopra is his God Father. He took him out of those pitty struggling days when Ranveer would dress up like Govinda and Anil and made him the star that he is today. Ranveer's first second movies were with Adi. Not to forget SLB is also gay.

Do you think SLB would ask people to do it with him if they wanna star in his films?#muppet

well he has a secret bed in his office for a reason. #Blockhead

What?? Ranveer's first two movies were not with Adi and he became famous after Ram Leela. He was also shooting Gunday at the same time and if those two movies flopped then YRF would have dropped him as well. The movie industry is ruthless when it comes to outsiders.

Ranveer's first movie was Band Baaja Baraat. Second was Ladies versus Ricky Bahl. They were both YRF.

It's time boy to be like a Phoenix.No need to worry as MSD biopic will take your career to new height

Sushant's debut was after Ram Leela started filming? And there were rumors of Ranveer in Adi's next since 2013. This seems like a weird spin.

Sushant's debut was after Ram Leela started filming? And there were rumors of Ranveer in Adi's next since 2013. This seems like a weird spin.

Kudos to Shraddha and Aditya from walking out on Yashraj productions it takes guts.

Adi looks too shrewd to me but who isn't in this industry..

I'm with Sushant on this. His loyalty to YRF really cost him some massive projects that could've bolstered his career. Shame on you YRF..only outsiders get treated this way. They also messed with Pari's career. Really hope he bounces back as he is really promising and can act!

He kicked the plate that fed him... Wrong move on his part. YRF is a big production company and now he's basically guaranteed never going to get a YRF film so he can say goodbye to his film career..

and look at yrf's comment..
Of course Sushant is not a parineeti,who will dance on their tunes..

Love u Sushant ur determination for work is something else that i have seen from ur telly days. I know u will be one of the biggest actors in the country in the future. YRF will beg u mark my words.

Never liked him. His words always come off as arrogant. He better not mess with Adi, or he will be back in TV serials in a heartbeat.

If it is true , that is some guts

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