EXCLUSIVE: I have a lesser part as a lover in Gauri Shinde’s film - Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan, who has started filming the second schedule of Raees which has about 20 day shoot left, says that it’s one of the most intense films he has done in his career so far. “Raees is a very intense film for me. Shot in a span of some time period, it has me with my gravelly voice (laughs and mouths the famous dialogue from the film in a rough-sounding voice) Baniye ka Dimaag Miyanbhai ki Daring. I have never done a role like that and director Rahul Dholakia is very different.”  
The other film he is looking forward to is Yashraj’s Fan which is complete and scheduled to release in April. “Fan is finished, we are done with most of post production and it should be ready in two months for us to watch the first cut. It is a little different film, in a niche zone but has a very popular story line, in fact a thriller story-line. Slowly people will understand what the film is all about.”
Shah Rukh continues, “And I Iike working with women, so I am doing Gauri Shinde’s film with Alia Bhatt as my co-star. That is not a typical love story or a hero role but I find Gauri’s filmmaking interesting. I may have a lesser part to be not in terms of timing on screen but as a lover but it’s an interesting role. Then I will have to get one commercial vehicle for the company also, I have not yet decided.”

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I hope he doesn't play Alia's lover. He deserves better than that.

shah rukh khan looks exactly like my boyfriend but younger version

Eek. Hope SRK doesn't fall in love with Alia. Yuck! I would lose all respect for him! I know he loves to ape bigB but does he have to ape his disasters like #nishabd also?!!!

I think its a sequal of cheeni kum. Karma hits paresh rawal and this time his son (srk) falls in love with a much younger girl lol

Sharuk khan sweet man hair very beautiful body beautiful natural man gifted actor

Honestly Alia is too younger for SRK as heroine..I dont know the movie would be in lines of Lucky which starred Salman khan and Sneha Ullal but they looked really great together

Honestly Alia is too younger for SRK as heroine..I dont know the movie would be in lines of Lucky which starred Salman khan and Sneha Ullal but they looked really great together

shahrukh seems on a roll...good for him....one movie after the other

can't wait to see this movie

Chill ko need to mske a commercial movie alia will save ur career with gauri movie she's the queen afterall no wonder u agreed for even a small role

Srk i luv u..but dilwale was such a wasted opportunity and i like gauris movie and length of role isnt important but not with annoying alia..

How can he be close to all the khan's if he only met Salman twice and Amir walked out of his film

Wrong article

Just because they're cast together, doesn't mean it's a romantic pairing. SRK himself said it's not a typical love story and he has a lesser role as a lover.

And you'd imagine Gauri Shinde would be much more creative and original than making a film similar to her own husband's Cheeni Kum.

Unless he is her father or brother everything revolts thinking about this.

I know pushing the envelope for movies etc but this is too much . Lechy old men might get encouraged!

I am getting a feeling it will be like cheeni kum

Doesn't he play Aaia's dad in it or something.

Lol he would never play Alia's dad. He SHOULD be, but he wouldn't. Give it 10 more years. Inshallah he won't be Amitabh Bachchans age still romancing new leading ladies.

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