SRK's FIL and Gauri Khan's Dad Ramesh Chandra Chhibber Passes Away

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It is a sad day for Shah Rukh Khan's family as Gauri's dad Ramesh Chandra Chhibber passed away today. Needless to say, loving daughter Gauri is distraught and shocked. However, family members and close friends are giving her all the support they can, during this trying time. 

SRK, who has always been very fond of his father-in-law, is heartbroken, as per a source. The superstar had a big day yesterday with the release of his FAN trailer. However, he is planning to put all assignments on hold for some days to be with his wife and family. 

RIP and condolences to the family.


my heartiest condolences to their family

may his sould rest in peace

RIP, Condolences to the family.

Condolences to the family. It's a tough time, be strong

never expected. sad.

I am a big fan of SRK and Gauri, from Europe, may Gauri's Mother and the whole family gain strength during this time. May Col.Chibber's soul rest in peace

Ageless beauty. No wonder her hubby is smitten after 25 years. Sorry on your dad.

The only truth you said is you sad for her father. Otherwise the rest is lies.

Don't want to be rude here but beauty and a hubby smitten by her now!! Your comment sound more cynical than a complement. And no, I'm no fan of another plastic PC either.

check out the magical dislikes on this. PC is at it again LOL

Or maybe because the comment is stupid and kinda cynical now and many ppl don't agree with. Just saying. PC herself need to hire a team for dislikes in her posts in this place to begin with.

Sorry for your loss Gauri and SRK sir.. RIP Mr. Ramesh Chandra Chbber.. You have a great daughter and son-in law

RIP. Condolences to SRK, Gauri and family.


RIP. Condolences to Gauri and her family.

May his soul rest in peace. Wishing you strength Gauri.


This makes me Very Sad for Gauri Khan. But when I think about it, it's good her Father is gone now and won't be here to see What's to come in the future. May God Grant him Eternal Life and he lives on forever and ever in Heaven. Amen

My deepest condolences to Gauri, Shah Rukh and the entire family. May God give your hearts comfort and peace.

This is sad, not shocking. There is a difference.

My heartfelt condolence to Gauri, Shahrukh and to the entire family....May his soul Rest In Peace! :(

I am sad and sorry to hear Mr.Chibber passed away, my condolence go to his wife, Gauri, SRK and all the other members of Chibber and SRK family. May his soul rest in peace. PV this, I am a fan of SRK and Gauri

That's so sad! Sorry for your loss Gauri.

RIP. God Bless you and SRK Sir. :)

Condolences to Gauri, Shahrukh and the family. May his soul rest in peace.

So sad.

sad indeed, but aging and death are a part of life and inevitable. when an older person dies, it is not as shocking as when a younger person dies before his / her time.

she still dresses like 14 year old. no wrinkles also. what money does to people.

So Sad. RIP. I wish one's parents never ever died :(

RIP Mr. Chibber. Heartiest condolences to Gauri Khan & family.

*Heartfelt* . My bad.

Thanks for pointing out! :)

HEARTIEST means "cheerful"..I hope you know that. PV post please.

My condolences to the family this is indeed a shocking news. RIP

This is so shocking RIP :/

he must be 75+.. why its shocking for you? you want to live 90 - 100? thats shocking and BAD.

You couldn't sound and be more heartless and humorless, by God.

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