Mira hates that people recognise her now, reveals hubby Shahid Kapoor!

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When Shahid Kapoor decided to marry Mira Rajput, who hails from a non-filmi background, it grabbed many eyeballs. And Shahid says though his wife Mira is an outdoor loving person, she can't go out freely anymore as people have started recognising her. 

"There are so many things that Mira tells me, which are just so normal and I am still connected with that. I had probably forgotten 50 percent of that, but she brings them right back at my life. Like, the price of petrol may be and how much I spend on online shopping," Shahid said to a media agency. "Just normal things. Mira loves outdoors. But she complains that 'now people recognise me, I hate it.' It is just nice to be with someone who is connected to reality. Because I missed that side of my life," added the actor. 

At the MAMI International Film Festival, the actor revealed that he takes Mira's suggestions during script narrations. "She is 13 years younger than me so, she shows the perspective of my audience...Sometimes when I read a script and can't relate to it, she looks at me and is like 'are you insane? This is exactly what normal people talk about. How can you not relate to this?'"

The Kapoors' recently welcomed their first baby, daughter Misha. And since then, daddy Shahid's life has completely changed. He believes that fatherhood has made him stronger. "It (fatherhood) gives me a lot of strength. I feel very strong because I want to fight for Misha, be my best for her. That's inherently the feeling every morning. I want her to be proud of me."


Shahid should avoid pajama, stick legs and all

Shahid is desperately trying to stay in the news. This just seems like he is trying too hard....

He was being interviewed at MAMI.

just wanting to be in news

anything just to stay in news

Perhaps you should posting selfies with her as often as you do and people won't recognize her as much!!!

Ye priyanka aur male priyanka kabhi chup kyun nahi rehate ?

Nice couple

You love it really Mira. Now with a baby your hardly in the limelight, so why moan? Either these women moan when their in shadow or too much in the limelight. She knew full well what she was getting herself in to. Why marry an actor then? Average joe would have suited her then

you people are really bad why you always use bad speak to mira

hmm Mira says "Okay Im getting married to Shahid Kapoor ( whom entire india knows) let me get married to him and fingers crossed no body will even know my name hence recognize me when I step foot outdoors! perfect! lets do this." - Mira Kapoor

He is married to a baby and has a baby with a baby.....

LOL! Funniest comment ever

He is married to a baby! lol

Misha hates the limelight? She knows what she was getting into to when she got married to Shahid Kapoor. Actually its an insult because technically no self respecting woman will be wished to be recognised under her "husband's" shadow. I know I don't for sure when I do get married.

Maybe she find out that fame is not easy...I mean most people think that fame is great and it means love or admiration...while in reality people can be so hursh or annoying...

I still can't believe how much she looks like Amrita Rao

Always using his wife and daughter to stay in the news

No. Kareena does that.

She and Kareena look about the same age. She looks older than a 23 year old. May be not quiet as old as kareena but she looks like she is in her late twenties so they both make a good pair.

oh please she doesn't look a day older than 23!

Thanks-- no one is in a hurry to chase her. she is no movie star. She is no body.

When he was 26, she was 13.

on the contrary, it seems she enjoys all the attention

If you want the financial comfort you will have to deal with the people who contribute to it. Sorry sweety.

Shahid seems like a normal guy and he did the right thing by marrying a girl like Mira...wishing them the best!

She married with a star of Bollywood- What is she thinking?

Didn't she say shaandaar was very good n funny movie??!! And before they got married somehow there was information about how she's not into movies much but one of her favourite movie was avatar??
Yeah I doubt she has any idea what a good script is...

I am really happy for this couple but this girl is in her early twenties and already has a baby and I wish at some point she doesn't regret not doing something with her life n her education. It is also unfortunate that she hates being recognized coz she really hasn't done her bit other than marrying a popular actor and to top it complaining about being recognized beats me.

It was bound to happen

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