Social media trolls Parineeti over her umbrella clip; Pari deletes the post

Parineeti, as we know, is currently holidaying in Dubai. While the lovely actress has been constantly sharing pics and videos from her fun-filled vacay, a clip posted by the 28-year-old actress has unleashed the wrath of social media trolls on her.

The video showed Pari taking a casual stroll on the beach with a man holding an umbrella for her and got her into a tight spot.

With the comment section flooding with trolls, the bubbly actress was slammed for not carrying the umbrella herself and using her star status for exploitation.

And though Pari later deleted the video without any word, the screenshots of the post are still flying all over the Internet.

On the work front, she will be next seen in Meri Pyaari Bindu opposite Ayushmann Khurrana. 


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Credits: Instagram

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reminds me of bipasha's shoelace scandal where that poor little kid and aish's jewelry ad for some company with the guy holding her umbrella

What's it with these stars making someone carry an umbrella for them ?!!!! It's like all these old movies where they show some poor sap carrying the Maharaja's umbrella over his head all over the place for him . Yes, this man is getting paid for it , but do be courteous to the people you employ .

she is providing someone with employment. there are lots of small jobs like this that the indian average person survives on however it does not mean that she cannot do it herself. But alas we all know these so called stars are spoiled brats more than the real stars

People have been holding umbrellas for actors and actresses forever. This is not the first time. I am not saying that it is good. I am saying that it is not new.

Only Thakur (from Sholay) can be forgiven for this..The rest can just agree that they are rich, lazy and its legal.

She hasn't had a single release in yeas. But apparently she has enough money to keep holidaying every 2 months. Wow I must say.

She is obviously shooting and she has to look perfect in front of camera and this kind of help is needed. I mean its hard for me explain but its sunny and she needs to be under the umbrella and that guy is paid for it. It is not that difficult job to do or if he thinks that it is difficult find some other job.

She can still hold her own umbrella she is not disabled. The guy is already carrying her bags.

she so spoiled

She has always been condescending

Hey rememeber the picture of bipasha getting her shoelaces tied

i'm sorry, how is she "holidaying" if she wasn't doing any work in the first place?

How is he lucky ? He has to carry an umbrella over someone to make living ?How hard is it to carry it yourself

shes actually shooting, shes not on a holiday. shes working. if she wasnt, thn yes it would be weird.

Don't worry, as long as there are poor people, you will always find someone to hold your umbrella. Shameful.

That's a job and that's how jobs are created..Everyone has to make a living.

If that's his job, he is a luckiest insaan

Ppl overreact for anything and everything.. every celeb has an umbrella holder n they get paid for it!

This is not a film set. She is on holiday. And to have someone hold an umbrella for you while you are holidaying, Its height of insane high headed behaviour.

I dont particularly like Parineeti but I am 100% confident she was shooting for an ad. Her insta-story that day showed her shooting for an ad at a Greek café in that outfit.

You can still hold your own umbrella even if shooting for an ad.There was also a pic of sonam's brother walking with his aid holding his water bottle. these celebs are just annoying

I can see your point, but at the same time this is what they get paid for, and there are other people other than her that don't hold their umbrella and you don't see them getting troll. And. People like to stand for other people when there is no need the guy is not complaining if he was, he would gone to the new open a facebook account or file a suit against her for holding her umbrella...

The guy is already carrying her bags on top of the umbrella. Also just because I get paid at work doesn't mean my boss can take advantage of me. Thats what celebs like parineeti are doing. In my opinion people like that guy won't complain as they think that they have to do everything incase they get fired. It is just common courtesy to not take advantage of your staff. And she knows she is wrong otherwise shy take the photo down from social media.

I agree

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