Black cloud looms over Raees as Chhattisgarh distributor reports threat against screening from Shiv Sena

Even though Shah Rukh Khan has personally spoken with Raj Thackeray seeking his support for the smooth release of Raees, an incident of fresh threats from Shiv Sena against the movie screening has recently been reported.

A leading distributor from Chhattisgarh on Tuesday took to Twitter to post a threatening letter as issued by the political party and captioned it as “Dear @AUThackeray, We have received this threat letter from your Chhattisgarh unit against playing @iamsrk's #Raees. Do you endorse it?”

While the distributor has sought help from SRK and Aditya Thackeray, both are yet to respond on the same.

Helmed by Rahul Dholakia, the movie will hit the silver screen on January 25. 


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Credits: Twitter

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Shiv Sena sounds like a terrorist group, no kidding. The way they're threatening Bollywood stars is absolutely pathetic, how can this be possible without any reprecussions? Shouldn't the Prime Minister put an end to this crap? BJP is possibly the worst political party ever, they let this kind of crap slide by

lol old tactics . Kjo used same tricks and everyday news how Adhm release is in danger etc etc so they can create hype and get publicity. Wait it will continue till 24 then Srk will give crores like kjo to shiv sena and it will have a peaceful release. Guys try some new promotion stragedy.

Hope this movie flops.

Even i as an INDIAN support Shiv sena in this matter..

It is but obvious.. the movie should be banned because of the pakistani artist in it.. no INDIAN would tolerate a pakistani being in an INDIAN film...

Speak for yourself. Me and all my Indian friends are watching it.

Unfair srk movie always ban in so india sad like dilwale my name is khan why film amir and salman not ban india

How sad srk movie alwalys to ban in india becos srk film alwalys hit

beleive it or not gauri was lucky for you come clean with your image srk

when you started affair shahrukh your downfall started

avoid watching this movie.
This movie inspired criminals.
Avoid this i support shivsena

He was a criminal in 80s for making and selling liquor. Now Liquor is legal in India. LOL

Pathetic. Looks like SRK will never have a peaceful film's release. These goons are damaging our country's reputation!

In India memories are not short. Pakistan has been the source of many families hit by grief.

Good. Protest hard. I want this news make headlines in international Papers. Let the world see the shinning India.

In India there is ZERO freedom of speech and art.

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