"Never repeated a heroine or a director"! Arjun Kapoor is breaking records and how!

Arjun Kapoor talks of his track record of never repeating a heroine or a director in his career of nine films.

Arjun Kapoor, who will next be seen in the movie Half Girlfriend, is excited about his Bollywood record. That's right. The handsome star has not repeated a heroine or a director in his career spanning nine films. Arjun spoke about this achievement to a leading daily.

He said, "I'm so beat up about it. It will take somebody time to beat my record of nine films. But trust me, it has not been intentional but just how things have transpired. To be honest, it's my genius that has made me work like this. Or maybe its the other way around that no-body wants to repeat me."

He added, "But on a serious note, some things just happen. You don't do it deliberately. But years later, I can say, I am one of those actors who has worked wiht all the actors and directors possible and got more experienced as I worked with them. Maybe in hte future you will see some change and see me repeat some people. You never know. Never say never."

Arjun is currently working on Mubarakan where he will play a double role. The movie will also feature Arjun's uncle Anil Kapoor.

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Credits: DNA

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lmao noone wants to work with him again. but pv loves him and always calls him handsome dapper hot etc etc

LOL directors producers want to work with the same actors when they give hits together. You should be lucky that you even worked with some of these actors/directors/producers.
KI and ka was a hit simply cos of kareena . You should be lucky you even got work with her

lol is he seriously trying to spin this into some strategic master plan on his part? bye Arjun

lol....or is it the other way around arjun?

It's more like - No filmmaker wanted to repeat him again.

Lose weight

Huh kinda cool!


Ummmmmm next please!

because no one wants to work with him again

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