I'm a mountain woman, so I could pee behind the rocks and be cool: Kangana on shooting for Rangoon in Arunachal Pradesh

Kangana Ranaut opened up on the challenges faced by the team while shooting for Rangoon in Arunachal Pradesh.
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Rangoon is set in the backdrop of 1940's and stars Shahid Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut and Saif Ali Khan. The film has been shot in Arunachal Pradesh and the filmmakers shared the making of the schedule and we could witness how challenging it must have been for the stars to shoot in extreme conditions. 
Kangana told a leading daily about the issues their entire team faced. She said, "The phone network was really bad. It got especially difficult when I had to deal with a legal issue back home in Mumbai. We'd drive 20 kilometres to receive calls. But otherwise, when I am working, I love non-network zones, especially places like Arunachal Pradesh, which are so beautiful."
"They bring me closer to the people I work with. Yes, we didn't have loos, but I am a mountain woman, so I could pee behind the rocks and be cool about it. Saif (Ali Khan) and Shahid (Kapoor) were sporting, too," she added. 
The Queen actor plays the role of Julia in the film and shared with the daily that director Vishal Bhardwaj truly explored her beauty onscreen like no one else has ever done. 
Kangana said, "Vishal sir has a habit of reinventing his actors. Before this, no one has explored my beauty on screen.I was given a fake nose in Revolver Rani and a set of fake teeth in Tanu Weds Manu Returns. Throughout the look test, Vishal sir kept saying, 'Make her look prettier than she already is'. We've kept the look very authentic, including the curls in my hair." 
Rangoon is all set to hit the screens on February 24, 2017. 


Kangs gave an awesome interview to firstpost, and this itty bitty post abt her is all that is posted in pinkvilla. Cut your bias and print that interview. She is the one with real balls, quirky perhaps,but thats true of every successful person.

I agree that kangana does look prettier than before, however she looked pretty good in Gangster as well.

I loveeee you kanggyyyyy

and this is how kangana surpassed sonam to be the queen of wtf statements

What's wrong in what she said? There is a lack of toilets in most rural parts of India and she's saying that she's used to it.

This lady is complete MENTAL guys. She needs to see doctor asap.

60% of India's 1.2 billion people still defecate in the open. ....something to think about to all those people feeling repulsed by Kangana's comments.

Ha ha She is so funny and Witty remarks... Love u kangana

I think she looked prettiest in Gangster and Raaz 2.

Kangana's cloth in this picture reminds me of Flynn rider tangle lol

There is so much wrong with these negative comments. The reality is women all over India is having to pee, defecate on the open. Men pee on the open all the time. Stop with bashing go away of your in ignorance and educate read the news of the world better yourself and people around you!!!!!!!!

Kangana fans be like "you go girl, you pee where you want to", "my beta is so brave, she can do everything a man can" and the mounain girls like me will go "STFU". Better not try to identify yourself with any other kind of women. You are yourself and that's enough to say.

Yes this is frivolous but you can't be ignorant to the fact that women in India has to go to the toilet outside. Stop this and be prat of dignity of women go online and help.

LOL... Haters ko mirchi lagi... so what can Kangana and her fandom do. Her fandom is the most sensible one. They always support other actresses and have a sense of humour. They are also very knowledgeable about cinema... really intelligent people, like that funny Aunty lady. So chill! In this article, she is just stating a fact that it was a remote place and even the basic amenities were lacking. So need to get your panties twisted over every statement of hers. Peace out. Rangoon will be a critical and commercial success. Wait and watch!

like TMI, just shut up

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