I would want to apologize to Saroj Ji; she has all the rights to get upset with us - Varun Dhawan on Tamma Tamma Again issue

Badrinath Ki Dulhania, which stars Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt, is making all the right noises way before its release. Recently, the filmmakers released the song Tamma Tamma Again which is the reprised version of Sanjay Dutt and Madhuri Dixit's Tamma Tamma Loge. Fans are going gaga over the song, but choreographer Saroj Khan is upset with the filmmakers for not inviting her for any promotional activity related to the song. Both, Madhuri Dixit Nene and Sanjay Dutt had shot promotional Instagram videos with Varun-Alia ahead of the Tamma Tamma Again's release.
A few days back, Saroj Khan in an interview said, “Maybe, they think that Masterji (referring to herself) has become old and Madhuri Dixit hasn’t. That’s why they have called her.” 
She also added, “Varun is a good dancer and I know he will be able to do it (the steps) well, but I don’t know if Alia will be able to match up to Madhuri. In any case, it will be a feather in Alia’s cap.”
Today, we got a chance to meet Varun and we asked him about the whole. He responded us by saying, "I would want to apologize to Saroj Ji, but it wasn't in my hands. I didn't have her number and I don't know her personally. I had asked dad (David Dhawan) for her number, but by that time he had gone to London. I know this in not an excuse. I really take her as an inspiration and even her songs. I know Sanjay sir and Madhuri mam, so I took that lead."
Dhawan also added, "I told Bosco (Tamma Tamma Again choreographer) but he was a little nervous. I agree that the song is hers as much as of Sanjay sir and Madhuri mam. She is the one who's behind the original song and she deserves all the credit and she has all the rights to get upset with us."
Should Saroj Khan forgive the filmmakers? Tell us in the comments below! 

Credits: Pinkvilla

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varun isn;t doing any damage control. it wasn't his fault as Makers should have invited her ,but he still apologised. way to go varun, great upbringing :)

It's not Varun's fault or responsibility. He's just an actor such thing should be executed by the makers of the film. He is talking as if he is one of the film makers or producers or something. Just because he is the star of the film doesn't mean he should be in charge of everything. He is not an Amir or a salman who produce their films and hence can interfere and make some changes, but then they are Kjos babies and he treats them like superstars. I just wonder if Randeep hooda or Rajkumar rao can be allowed to do such things?

Didn't have her number. LoL. That excuse only worked in 1993 !

no one have heard of whatapp to get numbers wherever u are

Varun has done what Madhuri should have done. How can she be so ungrateful to Khan who singlehandedly made her career?

Namak Haraam Madhuri Dixit did not even mention the name of masterji.

As if she remade the song with newbies.

Only Excuses...Promotional song with Sarojji would b much intresting..

Have always felt this about him, he has really nice upbringing and he is sweet to everyone.

Varun seems like a nice boy and well brought up.

Liar liar Varun...


It's not his fault if the makers didn't want to give her any importance.

That was sweet of Varun, to be fair in a couple of days no one would have cared about Saroj Khan being upset. All he had to do was say no comments,

Varun is humble star. Madhuri is humblest person as well. Saroj , now please don't act pricey ..let it go .! We already know how great choreographer you are !

Madhuri is a oppurtunist.

stop being goody goody boy Varuuu!! u r fine the way u r

No need for damage control..

He has also commented on the govinda issue finally. Post that as well PV.

Pinkvilla should really post his comments on Govinda issue, I am impressed by the maturity in his response. He gave it to Navbharat Times.

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