Saba Qamar on her 'chichora' comment for Salman Khan: Koffee With Karan mein kya kuchh nahi hota!

Recently, Pakistani actress Saba Qamar's old interview surfaced online and went viral. In the clip, Saba is seen talking to the host of Pakistani talk show called Good Morning Zindagi. Well, the whole thing was that she was given the situations where she had to so 'no' to the Indian celebs like Hrithik Roshan, Salman Khan, Emraan Hashmi and Riteish Deshmukh. 

Firstly, the host showed Hrithik's picture and the situation is given to her was, if Hrithik asked her for marriage! Saba quickly replied, "Who is going to marry the father of two kids, he is not my cup of tea."

Then Emraan Hashmi's picture popped up and as he is known as a 'serial killer', Saba took a dig at him saying, "I don't want oral cancer! No No!"

The whole scenario didn't stop here. She was also shown Riteish Deshmukh's picture and to which she responded, "Look, I'm an A-list actress in Pakistan. I work with only A-listers."

Finally came Salman Khan's turn! Saba went on to the extent of calling the superstar a 'chichora'. She said, "Bahut chichore hai aap! He doesn't follow the choreographer at all. He invents his own styles. Kuch bhi, What is this, man!"

Well, she didn't have any clue that Salman's fans will take her case left, right and center. Fans went berserk on the social media went the video surfaced online a few days back. Today, the actor has clarified her stance. 

Talking to a media agency, she said, “It was a fun show... There was nothing in it... ‘Koffee With Karan’ mein kya kuchh nahi hota (What all does not happen on Koffee With Karan)... I love everyone, and he’s (Salman) a big superstar and so humble. Why would I say anything bad about him?”

Watch the video here and tell us about it in the comments below!

Credits: YouTubeIANS

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We Indians watch Hollywood movies all the time because it is a bigger industry. Why so much hatred - India and Pakistan. She is just a very confident and witty girl. I don't think there was any malice.

she is pretty

cant understand why people commenting and reacting and giving her importance..
we all know her film with irfan khan named " hindi medium" is soon going to release so its important for makers to trying such cheap publicity and digging out old interviews of these gals....anything for publicity

Didn't know who she was, now I know. Good publicity

Indians dont know saba ,but all pakis know salman khan. Enough said !

The fact that they know all our actors and we don't know any of them says it all...

Why do people even care what Saba Qamar has to say? I am pretty sure these Bollywood actors do not give a crap.

Exactly, its not like Priyanka and Kangana said something and we need to react.

They attack on India, bash Indian actors and then come and beg us to give them work. Height of hypocrisy

Aunty who are you to comment on others? People don't even know who you are.

She's going to be the second vivek of Bollywood

Here we go...a pakistani to enjoy her 2 mins fame by bashing Bollywood.

she is honest and confident

I remember how entire nation bashed Saif Ali Khan when he said i don't trust Pakistan. They all including Flop celebrities wrote so much about him but Saif didn't even reply or bothered to read because he knows his place which is much above than these attention seekers of pakistan .

Desperate to get attention

Who is she. Salman is the biggest actor. .come on guys opinion of this girl doesn't matter. She is nothing in front of all those actors.

Even if Pakistani actors weren't allowed to work in India, Bhai would've made sure she didnt find after this.

can we stop giving attention to Pakistani artists

shouldn't you stop talking about them after the ban

looking very fresh

What a class act. NOT.

Honestly who is she? These people are obsessed with bollywood, cant stop speaking about it..and dying to work here..even after saying all these things, she is starring in a medium budget film who's release date is still unknown...guess who is desperate here...joke of the day

Such bakwaas interview. Both host and guest were so irritating. The B-wood people they are discussing don't care or even know who these two women are!

All those giving kwk excuses should know the difference. When your family member scolds you and when your neighbours do it.attention seeker.

I know salman, who's she.

She said she'll work only with A listers and is working with irrfan.well if irrfan is an A lister then even rite is is.emraan thing was too mean.

Agree that it was a bit mean spirited. But Irfan Khan IS an A-lister - maybe not by commercial Bollywood standards, but if you look at his work, he is not only doing great work in Indian cinema (be it in Hindi or English), but he is one of the few to have gaIned a solid reputation outside of India. For whatever her faults, Saba Qamar is a great actress and chooses her work very wisely, and so obviously a movie with Irfan Khan means something.

Sallu fans need to chill

He's running on of d biggest charity #being_human...u saba stand nowhere in front of time jus check about what n whom are you blabbing #blabber_idiot_girl
If he is 100 then u are in negative..sry abt that but truth is bitter for sure...-A class actress huhh

The host is much prettier than Saba. I'm crushing .....

Who isn't chichora in Bollywood. Babe, you will have to become chichori too if you want to become something. Janta ka faisla hai

Pakistani actors always take digs on Indian stars while Indian stars not aware of thier existing...


She used to be really decent, good actress, etc etc. Recently, she has started acting pathetic. Just overhyping herself over social media, trying hard to be a 'fashionista', and making silly comments.

Haaaaaahaaaaaa saba qamar is great and Salman alsooo

the oral cancer comment was the most ignorant one ever...smh

Hope that salmaan will do everything to keep her away from Bollywood. We really don't want their kind in India.

lolzz like ask his drive to run a car over her

I am shocked at the stupidity of ppl here, y r u making a mountain out of mole hill? It was all just a tongue-in-cheek fun. infact that Emran hashmi part was hillarious. I have seen her drama Maat on zindagi channel & she is a terrific actress, thousand times better than mahira. Her film Hindi Medium with Irfan khan is gonna release soon , so she is the new victim. pv post it

so Bollywood can bitch on koffe with karan thats humour but saba cant even be funny in a morning show double standards :P

Stop being so stupid, she said it in funny way. Here was nothing wrong

Ae lo, ek aur aa gaya hai Sallu ke naam ki chapatti khanay !

She's smart and trying to be funny...

She also bashed Pakistani actors in this show. Indians think since she's working in "Hindi Medium" so they are entitled to question her every past and present statements, food habits, body language and what not.

Saba Qamar, no one has called Salman Khan 'chichora' on KWK. Think before you speak. Sometimes things said as a joke may backfire on you.

last time someone by the name of vivek trying saying something about salman look where his career went so its no wonder no one says anything about salman in bollywood

Quit dragging sallu everywhere. Salman couldn't make his brothers careers. Its public who decide careers every Friday in dark theatres around the world. Vivek got 11 movies after the spat with Salman. All of them tanked. Did you buy tickets of Vivek Oberai movies?

Don't know who she is ,the comment on Ritesh was not nice . I get that she's trying to be funny here ,but Riteish is one of the few stars who seems to be nice & has a genuinely happy relationship with his wife . A feat none of her A-Listers can boast about.

I like riteish comedy..
she in answering based on his career not on his character....
He can only do multi starrer

It's still not a nice thing to say about someone in public. Imagine how hurt she'd be if our super duper stars here publicly refuse to work with her bcos she's not A-List enough in India for them !

Agree with everything, except Riteish-Genelia's relationship is not scrutinized like A-listers or else there would be many rumours and lies spread about their relationship too.

Stars carefully plant stories about their love life to stay in the news . Manufactured love stories exist only to make the stars seem desirable. It's like when u badly need publicity , let's focus on the lover boy image. Ritesh started dating Genelia during their debut , we never saw a snap of them or any blind items about them. The Deshmukhs are a powerful , conservative political family who disapproved of Genelia as she's a Christian. He stood up to them , married her . Never has he used her or the relationship for publicity . If there was something about the Deshmukhs , the press would have found it .

Indians are so fascinating by Pakistani...people on PV fiercely defending fawad and mahira...even a important producer/dirocter like kjo made a big movie like ADHM where all characters are pakistani talking in Urdu except ranbir character...and if he didn't want to attract Indian audience,he would made him Pakistani too...I think the ban saved the identity of Indian cinema...
pls post it's an Indian

she said the truth lol

Truth according to Pakis.

Who is she? And why she is getting attention?

Who is she and why is she on pinkvilla?

Our brothers and sisters from the neighbouring country are very active on this site.

sallu bhai is very sensitive. saba should be worried lol.

Who the hell she thinks she is? I did not even know her until she links her name with Bollywood heroes.

Whatever she said on that show is actually true...........

Lol @ emraan hashmi

True yaar... Why take anything som damn serious. It,s was a funny talk show just like KWK. The host want spicy answers. And she did. That is.

she did not say bad about salman but his dancing style

Bitter truth

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