Salman Khan on suffering facial disorder: No matter how much pain you are going through, you really need to give your best onscreen

Salman Khan speaks about his facial disorder during the song launch of his movie Tubelight in Dubai.
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Superstar Salman Khan was in Dubai last night at the launch of Tubelight's first song Sajan Radio. Far away from his reel-life characters, Salman is known to be a private person in real life. However, the superstar opened up about suffering from the facial disorder which is also called the trigeminal neuralgia in the press conference held yesterday. 

In a rare conversation, Salman revealed that the unbearable pain inspired him to work harder and take acting seriously. According to an International media report, Salman said, “No matter how much pain you are going through, it made me realise that you can’t put any subtitles — your ligament is torn, you have the flu or that your knee is hurting — in any of your scenes.”

He even added, “Your fans don’t care about it and that you really need to give your best on screen. Once it’s printed, it’s lifelong.” Further, the actor went on to reveal that patients suffering from this condition even commit suicide.

Salman first spoke about his condition in 2011. "There is a flex and hoarseness in my voice, it’s not because I am drunk … I don’t drink during Ramadan … it’s because of this ailment. I’m doing fine. It’s just that now, I had no choice but to pay attention to my health," Salman had revealed.

Salman while talking about Indian films said, “Hollywood makes their films on one track, but in our films, there’s always music, emotion, drama, heroism and songs are a part of our culture. We don’t want that culture of songs to be separated and I won’t let it happen.” Talking about Oscar-winner La La Land, the actor pointed out it was driven by music with “its 200 songs at least”.

Helmed by Kabir Khan, Tubelight is scheduled to release on June 23, 2017. 



May God give him strength

Salman khan films are way better than hollywood sweetie.. Bajrangi Bhaijaan was loved by so many americans. Hollywood is out of good stories.. they only purely rely on VFX these days.. Salman's movies are a breath of fresh air

Please don't talk about Hollywood. They make much better movies than Khan crappy films.

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