Aamir Attended a Rickshaw Puller's Son's Wedding(+Video of him meeting his mama)

Recently, Aamir Khan attended a rickshaw puller's son's wedding in Varanasi. Aamir met him during the promotion of "3 Idiots" when he disguised himself and went around the city in his rickshaw. The rickshaw puller came all the way to Mumbai to invite Aamir to his son's wedding. Respecting his feelings, Aamir gladly attended the wedding and personally wished the newly-wed couple.

Not only do I absolutely adore Aamir for his actings abilities and great concepts for films and shows, but also the way he carries himself with humility.

Here are some videos of the same

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Credits: http://www.bollywoodmantra.com/news/aamir-to-attend-rickshaw-puller-s-son-wedding/8881/

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Publicity stunt.. the wedding was overshadowed by him.. The bride and Grooms special day was ruined by this selfish person

He's still not bad as that loser, saif ali khan, who got into a fake fight with paid actors just to publicity for his flop film agent vinod.

I respect aamir....not sure if it is a publicity stuff as he is not that cheap....nevertheless there are two things that bother me about him...he seems genuinely concerned with common people problems and is patriotic...but why does he own a rolls Royce(do we need such expensive cars for Indian roads) and why did he go for a 3rd biological child when he could have adopted....maybe I am stupid to expect this from a movie star but I always thought aamir was above all this....neways all the best aamir for your new show...

go on aamir rickshawallas will now sure tune in to the channel on time for your show

did he invited all media beforehand.see all the mikes on table when stage fell.its all for publicity.

He's so self-righteous GOD !

Most humble star! Love him :)

Thu, 2012-04-26 14:49 — Anonymous

aamir and salman have so much more human qualities than some of these other so called stars.
ya ur right we kno of their human qualities more than some of the other so called stars because these two publicize it the most;-) it think all the other stars should take lessons. aamir and salman should start evening classes(lol) and that class would be called "how to use poor people in order to get success". hmm even i should join these classes:/
i don't mind when rich people don't give a DAMN about poor but i hate it when they pretend that they give a DAMN.

These people who are calling him "humble", "nice person", blah blah blah need to take it easy! He is just using this poor man and his son's wedding as a publicity stunt to promote his show and himself for his upcoming movie. Don't you think it is very strange that this man's son is getting married right when Aamir Khan is promoting his upcoming show on aam adami? Use your minds guys!

Where was he till now? All of a sudden his movie is about to release and his tv show is about to air and he appears attending a common man's wedding, yeah right, only fools will fall for that!

Talking of falls, the collapsing of the stage was too funny and could be an omen of what is gonna happen to his show with his cheap tricks!

aamir and salman have so much more human qualities than some of these other so called stars.

he doesn't remember his fans (or COMMON FRIENDS) until he has something to promote...though i don't like salman much but i think he doesn't use his humanitarian work just for promotions but the best among them is shahrukh who doesn't use poor people for his benefits no matter how much u see him promoting movies he will never do something unusual around his film release just to get the sympathy of the masses!

one word to describe aamir" HYPOCRITE"!

why dont him and salman just buy this whole ricksha driver's community, it would be easier for them to promote their movies through them...i heard that salman is very famous among these ricksha drivers. NICE

publicity hungry khan!
i bet if it wasn't around his film release he would never go there....indian masses are very easy to be fooled...now a big amount of rickshawallas will go and watch his movie with their family just for this fake humanity act of the great aamir khan!

chill guys, this is another nautanki of his,, he is doing this as a Pr for his show, he is not that simple guys.. all for money.

what a humble person...best of the khans!

He's entering politics

Very sweet of him to attend this wedding as most of the other Bollywood Celebrities charge so much money to attend or perform at people's weddings. As for the stage collapsing, what do you expect when so many people are on it at once.

Love him!!!

he's so humble

a real human,a real super star.i really proud of him.

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