Aish is "PARI" & Kareena is "ANARKALI" !!!- know your favorite Celeb's nick name

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Bollywood has its fair share of superstars who have some very embarrassing and some endearing pet names. It’s common knowledge that Hrithik Roshan is called Duggu and his father Rakesh Roshan — Guddu. Govinda is Chichi. The Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan was called Munna by his mother, Teji Bachchan, and his younger brother Ajitabh is called Bunty by the Big B. Vidya Balan is referred to as Vidu at home. And, of course, Sunny and Bobby are the pet names of the Deol brothers who are originally jats by the names of Ajay Singh and Vijay Singh. The Kapoor khandaan has not felt shy of calling Randhir Kapoor — Dabboo, Rishi — Chintu, and Rajiv — Chimpu. The Kapoor sisters are also famous by their pet names — Lolo (Karisma) and Bebo (Kareena).
But wait, here’s an interesting catch. Some of our Bollywood stars have been rechristened by their own families. A source says, “Babita Shivdasani-Kapoor’s nickname for her daughter Kareena is Anarkali. And Kareena’s beau, the royal Saif Ali Khan, is Salim. Whenever Babita refers to Kareena and Saif (especially amongst the inner circle) she apparently talks about “Salim and Anarkali”.
The source says that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who is the darling of the Bachchan parivaar, is called Pari (Fairy) at home. “In fact, even when Jaya Bachchan reportedly refers to Ash in front of their close Bollywood friends, Mrs B invariably says, ‘Wait a while, Pari will join us shortly,’” added the source. Karan Johar is embarrassed as hell by his pet name Pappu. However, when Hrithik shot with the filmmaker and TV host for his talk show Koffee with Karan, the light-eyed superstar, who is one of KJo’s closest friends, apparently kept calling him “Pappu” all through. And Pappu blushed red, saala. But the one who takes the bakery is Neetu Singh who refers to her son Ranbir Kapoor as Raymond. Why Raymond? An insider says, “Neetu thinks that Ranbir is a complete man. She even voiced this on a talk show saying that after God made Ranbir, he broke the mould.”
Maa ka laadla bigad gaya... but Gautam Singhania must be delighted.



Aish needs to start wishing because to me and so many other people her nickname is anarkali!

kareena is just too gorgeous.... a real bebo.....

Pari rocks, Anarkali sucks!!

in her movies kareena pretends to be an angel.but in real life she cant hide her evil self

bebo is adorable nd lovely pretty i think she suits all cute nd bubbly names.ash i dnt like ,so 4 her no comments.aash is i dnt knw but is selfish.unlike bebo is like a open speaker so people think tat she is arrogant.actually bebo is very gud person,nd also a very beauitful girl.

Kareena is bebo

i think pari suits bebo bcz she looks like a beautiful angel

think both names suit bebo onlyyy

kareena is a pretty white beautiful angel.

bebo is jst a beautiful fairytale.her beauty is endless nd uncomparable.

ash is a real ''pari'' . ash haterz may continue their dirty job as it has no effect

She deserves to be called a pari :D

pari doesn't mean angel and she is not the only in india being adored by in laws ...but she is the only one who does mujra songs with her father in law....

Besides, the above article is just to sell the mags nothing else

true...if her in-laws call her 'pari' she must be doing something right! Its not very often that a DIL gets liked by her in-laws. Leave alone having a cute nickname!

Tue, 2011-01-18 03:10 — Anonymous
We don't know either one of them so how can we accept?

who cares


LOL Neetu is so delusional.

wrong name for aish, she should be called trash or dayan


aish pari! lol.....she is beautifull yes and maybe even a good actress....sadly this woman does now and then interviews where we all get to discover how annoying she is with her loud laugh and giggles and that horrible (i'm so fantastic) accent and pronouncation and ofcourse the FAKEness. I honestly believe Salman has beaten her....even i would like to punch her whenever she starts with her horrible laughter.

to Tue, 2011-01-18 03:10 — Anonymous

if wish you are right-but my friend that house in india is full of "actors". all 4 are actors !

i bet you can't stand one person in your life who is actor ..coz u will never know , when they are acting and when they are real!

Aishwarya's nickname is Gullu. Her parents call her that. But guess the in-laws love her a little more. Pari is apt but it sounds funny lol. I prefer Gullu.

she is a pari...lucky girl, to be called so by in laws!!!

And anrkali fits well for Kareena cos he s a

Tue, 2011-01-18 03:10 — Anonymous hahaha serious???

blessed is a woman who gets called angel by her inlaws in a country like india ,Now you guys should accept that she is the most beautiful both inside and outside

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