Aishwarya Rai Bachchan reveals WHO has backed her through the ups and downs in life

Aishwarya Rai revealed that her close friend from college has supported her and backed her through ups and downs in life.
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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan gave fans an insight into her life as gave candid answers on the latest episode of Famously Filmfare. Aishwarya opened up about the advice she’d like to give her daughter Aaradhya, what she and husband Abhishek Bachchan argue about and revealed which director she would like to work with next. Aishwarya shared how the Rai and the Bachchan family dote on Aaradhya. Aishwarya was asked about who has been her support system through the ups and downs of life.

She said, “My dearest friend Zirak, my bestie. I’ve known him since college and that friendship is also 25 years plus which is amazing. I think that kind of connection is the definition of friendship.” Aishwarya had attended Zirak Marker’s book launch event in 2016 and she had spoken highly about his work and the book. Zirak Marker and his family had also attended Aishwarya Rai’s birthday celebration this year at the Bachchan residence. Aishwarya’s close-knit friend circle are her buddies from college. Aishwarya also ringed in the New Year in 2017 with her friends from college. Here is a photo from the celebration:

On the work front, Aishwarya is reportedly in talks with director Mani Ratnam for his next project. As per reports, the official announcement is expected to be made soon. Aishwarya was to reunite with husband Abhishek Bachchan on-screen with Gulab Jamun, but sources have revealed to us that the couple has decided to opt out of the film.

Fans are waiting for the power couple to work together in a film!


her parents did not allow her to marry muslim Khan but allowed to have muslim friends? friends with benefits was

Zorak is a famous doctor. They are friends for more than 25 years.

He is a psychologist and every one needs one of those as friends

He is a psychologist and every one needs one of those as friends

Zirak and his wife are in many party photos with Ash

Zakib did an interview for filmfare on Ash, also with Abhi and KJO and it had the heading Men who know Ash Best Speak about her.

Suddenly she is mentioning this "friend" everywhere. I guess the blind was true and this is damage control

There are lots of photos of photos of them at family function and parties with his family

ya she wantedly gave... she said can I talk about him . as if she is brideeeeeee

Indian mentality cannot handle the face that a man and woman can be friends.

How odd is it that after the blind came out they are spotted with him or mentioning his name openly. Is this their ploy of laughing back at the rumors ?

My eternal favourite, God bless you Aishwarya.

he is the doctor she is having affair with

she gave the photo kya.... wahhhhh

Ok, something is definitely up between these two. It's too weird that every since that article about their affair leaked. Abhishek and Aishwarya have gone out of their way to get people to talk about them and now this interview about their "friendship" Weird!!

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