Aishwarya Rai on carrying pregnancy beautifully: Have been in the front line to take all the bullets

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan talked about daughter Aaradhya and motherhood in a recent interview. She also shared that with everything in her life, she has been in the front line.
News,Aishwarya Rai BachchanAishwarya Rai on carrying pregnancy beautifully & being a supermom:Have been in the front line to take bullets
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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is a doting mother to her darling daughter, Aaradhya Bachchan. She balances her work commitments and personal life beautifully and has been an inspiration to many. Aishwarya made an appearance on a talk show and was complimented for being a super mom to daughter Aaradhya. She said that it’s the best compliment for her as motherhood has been the most natural and unconditional experience of her life. Aishwarya also carried her pregnancy gracefully and continued working through it.

Talking about it, Aishwarya said on Famously Filmfare, “I have always been in the front line. Like, bring it on. For every phase. I have been in the front line of the army to take all the bullets and then it was a cakewalk for everybody else. I have done that in so many things. It was a good time. And sometimes you kind of feel good about yourself, that we did it, we have made the change but I think it's also that I was fortunate and it all works itself out.”




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She further added, “It's about you knowing that how prioritising makes you find your own balance and you gotta feel so good that you can do good with whatever you have taken on. I am a deep believer of that and I think that exudes, that translates.”

On the work front, reports suggest that Aishwarya Rai may sign Mani Ratnam’s next directorial venture. Sources have informed us that she and husband Abhishek Bachchan have decided to opt out of Gulab Jamun.


Sushmita Sen adopted a baby girl at the age of 22. She worked in movies and raised her daughter is a single mom. She adopted another baby girl 10 years later. How many beauty pageant winners have done that?

Jaya Bachchan, Hema Malini, Sridevi, Kajol, Juhi Chawla, Konkona Sen shot for movies while pregnant. Farah Khan directed a movie while being pregnant with triplets. Malaika Arora continued modeling during pregnancy. Neha Dhupia hosted TV show while being pregnant. Kareena shot for a movie, walked as a show stopper in fashion show, did ads, attened events, gave interviews, magazine covers. And she was back to her fit body after giving birth...thanks to her active lifestyle. Lazy Aishwarya carried her weight gain for years calling herself as super mom.

Sharmila Tagore was on the front line. In the days when actresses left career after marriage, Sharmila Tagore broke all norms as she kept working as a lead heroine in Bollywood after marriage, while being pregnant, and after giving birth. She worked in 26 movies between 1969 and 1980. She had three children: Saif (born in 1970), Saba (born in 1976), and Soha (born in 1978).

For your information, Sharmile Tagore took the front line in 1970s when she shot for films while being pregnant with Saif and continued working after delivery. Latest example is Kareena, her daughter in law. You didn't do anything sweetie

Kareena is the one who took bullets and criticism still kept her head high and moved forward in career and family... Ash always copied Kareena... all she does is follows what others are doing and go give interviews that she did it.

"I have been in the front line of the army to take all the bullets and then it was a cakewalk for everybody else. I have done that in so many things"

Yeah but you failed spectacularly in your chosen field. Your acting is rubbish and you definitely wouldn't even make it into the army and be on the frontline based on your talent.

No doubt she is beautiful. But does she truly believe that she is an extraordinary mother??? She goes on and on about motherhood like she is the only mother that has every had a soul connection with their child. She is mediocre at best in her craft as an actor which leads me to believe she needs to yammer on about motherhood to feel a sense of accomplishment.

I mean wtf does this even mean ?? "For every phase. I have been in the front line of the army to take all the bullets and then it was a cakewalk for everybody else. "

Hahahaha..... I distinctly remember her carrying cushions/large thaalis at some pooja to hide her pregnant belly. The woman is delusional.

Lol looks like shes jealous of rani kareena. Both their movies became hit after having their child and are still in demand wheras hers are flopping

Aishwarya s not a super mom only one child u should have more child so that they will call u a super mom

She was clearly pointing at kareena when she rambled about the whole cakewalk thing. Cant see others getting credit. Im no fan of her but seeing kareena journey from pregnancy till now even i can say it was her who  took the bullet,she never stopped doing what she wanted even when she would get bashed criticised for leaving her son to continue with her career so soon along with being body shamed for her weight gain because of pregnancy unlike aish who hid behind doors till she lost all her baby weight (apart from her cannes appearance). From what ive seen its kareena who took the bullet and showed how to embrace pregnancy so confidently.

This women is loosing it especially after seeing kareena rocking during pregnancy and after having her child and seeing dp pc getting married. She thought shes the only successful actress to get married and have a kid and still be in demand(shes clearly living in a bubble). Kareena is in more demand(signed 2 movies) than her and pc and dp are more successful than her and still in demand after getting married and will still be in demand after having a child.

She has achieved her crown and name with her movies no doubt. But ever since she got married I guess she is losing sense day by day. Honestly beautiful when quite but the moment she speaks... also every mother rich or poor we all love our children, we all have our own struggles and journey for their upbringing. Every mom is super mom

"and then it was a cakewalk for everybody else"
I am no expert but even Eve didn't brag so much.
Also, why on earth is Jitesh doing this show, the questions are meh and the "stars" are just talking utter rubbish.

Ohh please what bullet ? Every woman is brave enough to give birth.You are no exception or mother india okey

she lives in a bubble, doesnt she?!!

Sigh I try to like her but then she says she can’t bring herself to say another actress is more beautiful. Then she boasts about her self like she is some pathbreaker for motherhood or acting. To top it off she can’t speak properly.

As an audience we endorse Bebo to break the ceiling and pave way for working mother's. You are a bad example of self obsessed mom

She still comes across cold, proud and sorry to say fake. Its just her demenour that puts one off. The whole 'mother india' and 'i am great' attitude needs to be shrugged off. Undoubtedly beautiful but very vile.

Neha dupia gave interview that Kareena is her inspiration

Bebo is the one who took bullets

Its a lie... we do not agree

The woman stepped out in front of global media on cannes pregnant and overweight without a care in the world. That’s confidence. She deserves credit.


She didnt tell her director and quit suddenly. After that she rarely left the house gave zero interviews and did zero work. Gave birth and didnt name the baby for months then hid her face did only commercials. Gained so much weight after giving birth she became morbidly obese and said it was water weight. Who is she trying to pretend to be? Like she is some barrier breaking mom who has done what no other has done.

Wow ! what BS .

Is she the only mother on this earth that we have to keep hearing on motherhood and pregnancy ..

Sorry. You were not in the front line for pregnancy or parenting among Bollywood heroines. Nothing wrong in how you chose to handle but it is certainly not in a way that was path breaking for BW heroines. It is Kareena that was at the front line and made it easy for everyone else.

Ermm I never saw her step out during her what's she saying

If bebo had been the one to say this now all the trolls would have come out to hate on Her.

If bebo had been the one to say this now all the trolls would have come out to hate on Her.

seriously WTF!

The more “interviews” of her that I read, the more I realize she’s a complete moron who can’t string a coherent sentence together.

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