Alia Bhatt: I lack the grace of yesteryear heroines

Actress Alia Bhatt believes she lacks the grace of yesteryear heroines, but says "Kalank" has given her a chance to play a "full-on" Hindi film heroine which she was dying to essay.
Alia Bhatt: I lack the grace of yesteryear heroinesAlia Bhatt: I lack the grace of yesteryear heroines
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Excerpts from the interview:

Q. Why does "Kalank" look so much like a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film?

A. You are saying that because this is a world only he (Bhansali) has entered so far. But trust me, it's very different from what Bhansali sir does.

Q. Tell me about your own character and what we should expect to see?

A. Everyone is reacting to the way I look. I've never really gone this way... the full-on Hindi film heroine look which I've been dying to do ever since I became an actor. This is the kind of heroine I grew up watching and savouring. This is why I wanted to act in Hindi films. And for me, this ‘heroine look' is a big challenge, because I've always considered myself a bit of a tomboy.

Q. I don't think you are a tomboy at all. You are very feminine and graceful.

A. I am very feminine, I agree. But my body lacks the grace of a typical heroine. I lack the 'adaa' (grace) of the heroines of yesteryears.

Q. That's because you were not born back then.

A. I know, maybe it's a generation thing. And I always want what I don't have (laughs). So it was very challenging for me to assume all the personality traits of my character Roop. For a week before I started shooting, I was wondering and trying to master how Roop would walk. How would her body move? How would she react even when angry? You know, I tend to use a lot of expressions while emoting. I had to cut down on that drastically. I had to control my expressions because Roop is not a woman prone to be demonstrative.

Q. Not like the outspoken girl you played in "Gully Boy"?

A. Not at all. Roop is fighting a constant battle. She's fighting a thought, she's fighting herself. That required a certain amount of vulnerability and maturity. It wasn't easy. But that's the fun part.

Q. What about the Kathak dancing?

A. I have to give the credit to my dance coach Tejaswini. She was instrumental in modulating my body line for the dancing. Also, Birju Maharajji who taught me the facial expressions. My face looks very different in "Kalank".

Q. Have you preserved some of Roop's grace for yourself?

A. I think I have. I've become less hurried now. I wanted Roop to not walk on screen. I wanted her to glide like a sparrow. There is so much one can tell about a person's personality just by the way she walks.

Q. I see you winning all the popular awards this year for "Kalank" and for Sanjay Bhansali's "Inshallah" next year.

A. (laughs) Slow down, slow down, please.


Alia was fairly decent in Raazi and Dear Zindagi. Haven’t watched Highway and Udta Punjab. People say she was good. She cud not pull off Kalank. There was no emoting at all except at the end and the movie itself was average. Still, she’s young and she can improve. She shud take a break and do some acting classes, get some life experience and then come bk. She seems to b in practically every other movie and as she’s so young she seems to lack the life exp required to emote on screen.

alia’s young girl characters all blend into each other and her breakdown scenes are redundant, it’s expected in every movie she’ll theow a tantrum and flare her nostrils. she’s been manicured and groomed by the best, she’s basically what money will buy which is why she doesn’t have what the greats have that money can’t buy

Alia is naturally beautiful .hahahaha whp wrote this joke of the year .Thanks for the laugh

Alia is naturally beautiful and those who are criticizing her are jealous and unhappy people

all the people who are criticizing Alia are jealous losers

Amazing !!! All except Madhuri she’s a flop

Stop it haters! She's gorgeous and yes she can act. Applaud others not tear them apart!

You are very ordinary man, sorry to break it to you.. You are cute but thats about as much one can say about you.

There’s a star quality to previous actresses which don’t seem to be present in the current lot of actresses. Priyanka, Deepika, Katrina, Aishwariya (oddly not from film families) are the last of them. Don’t see anyone taking the mantle anytime soon.

You are what Bollywood is reduced to. No grace, no elegance, same monotonous acting. If you were not a nepo kid, SOTY would have been your first and last movie. Oh wait, you would not have been in SOTY if you were not a nepo kid. PV pls post

Alia should not put herself down. Yes, she is not a classic beauty but she is an amazing actress.

How low are your standards?

Tell this to your kjo papa this is what we are saying nepotism..even a person who does not have is signed bcz she or he is star kid that's what everyone saying even if you don't suit such characters you signed 4 period dramas . after signing all those period drama.. At least person who's talented would have got it

Lacks everything but has a KJo.. so why bother

You know what this girl is not as innocent as she looks.. She says she respect Kangana but replies to Sandeep hooda where he called kangana occasional actress.. Now movie is getting negative reviews people are questioning her ability now she's trying to gain sympathy saying such things.. Deepika is yesteryear actress she has that grace, Kareena has it, priyanka has it, Kangana has it... You don't need to born in that era to look like that dear Alia.. It's called acting you just need to act like them.. If get some time please watch South film mahanati look how keerti suresh acted exactly like yesteryear actress she is also your age it's acting you can't like that because you are mediocre, highly over over rated by everyone, highly promoted by your side called papa johar, till now you were doing same kind of acting hiding behind good directors, good scripts bproduced by kjo spoon fed by him... We all know what kind person you are when start dating your bffs ex, not even being sensitive to that lady putting all pictures in front of her what kind of person does only a hypocrite, two faced can do that...Not saying truth say respect her then reply to tweet which slammed her playing dignity card, now playing sympathy card... Nothing is going to help.. Try to survive on your own.. By the you wanted to act in SLB movies na showing that I can do kathak.. So if kalank flops you achieved it nah why are you crying now

Does a sparrow glide? What is the 12th-na pass trying to say ?

Sonakshi has that yesteryear grace.

She is doing 3 films this year and 4 films next year. That's kind of an overdose. Nobody would like to see her after 5 years from now. She will end up like Rani mukherjee. An actress with good acting skills but no audience to watch her films after she turns 30 and she will be overtaken by good looking actresses.

Lol you also lack hotness and sexiness like kat and deepika. Dating their left out ex won't make you a diva like them.

She is so yuck looking

However,you are really humble and very down to earth!

Kalank is flop horrible movie

Yesteryear actresses were naturally beautiful with grace and elegance, nowadays it’s all about the makeover to make average looking people look like they have the X factor

Grace ??? you lack everything talentless nepo

Who is this short below average man in saree ???

How many times do you type that phrase out in a week?get over your unhealthy obsession! Do you even have a job??


Beauty and charm too ...

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