Ananya Panday called out for faking admission in US universities; Here's what she has to say

Ananya Panday, who attended Dhirubhai Ambani International School till grade 12, was recently called out for faking acceptance into US universities by a few girls on social media.
News,SOTY 2,Ananya PandayAnanya Panday has been quite candid about her dream of making it big in showbiz.
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Ananya Panday has made an impressive debut opposite Tiger Shroff and debutante Tara Sutaria in Student of The Year 2. It is a known fact that Ananya chose films over college. The actress has been quite candid about her dream of making it big in showbiz. Speaking about her decisions, Ananya had earlier said, "I was all set to go to college, I was going to USC to study but I wanted to give it one shot before I left so I went and auditioned for the film. And luckily, I got it. This a dream come true."

However, according to a recent report in Mumbai Mirror, Ananya was recently called out for faking acceptance into US universities by a few girls on social media. Ananya attended Dhirubhai Ambani International School till grade 12. As per the report, a comment read, “Our school has a set of counsellors and we all know where everyone’s applying and going. Ananya didn’t even get assigned a counsellor because she always said she wanted to act or take a gap year. All of a sudden in March when USC released its decisions, she started saying she got accepted! But she didn’t even apply because our school conducts mock SATs which she never took. Everyone asked her to show her acceptance letter but she kept saying it’s lost.”  

Ananya replied to these accusations and said they do not make a difference to her. "Once a film is out, people start making up stuff. I have no idea who this person is," the actress told MM. 

In fact, mum Bhavana Panday, too, had revealed to Pinkvilla earlier that Ananya had indeed got through USC and she held onto the seat just in case the film offer did not work out. But she eventually gave up the seat.  



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Why should she have to show her acceptance letter? She doesn’t have to go around proving all the rumours wrong. Maybe she lied, but who are you to judge? Haven’t you lied about something or other? She is still a bad actor though so we can judge her for that.

She is the worst

On what basis u have posted this comment on mam

Somebody just needs inform FBI ,they are investigating USC admission corruption scandal and I think this girl’s parents are one of them.

Anyone can get into USC with a little bit of money. You don’t need SAT scores for that. That university is a joke and i’m glad it’s the truth about USC is finally coming out

She was not a good student in Dhirubhai Ambani.

Show biz is not easy . every part of your life is up for introspection. If she wants acceptence from audience she should be ready to prove what she claimed .

Recently there came out a well known bribery and corruption scandal about the USC admissions involving Hollywood celebrities. Looks like Pandeys tried to go that route or may be she was just faking it. She seems like the street smart c grader.

I totally believe the comment walas, if she wants to proove herself she should release the acceptance letter in the media . Karan and her girls are always making up stories about how they got the part. FAKE all of them

Apart from the 'college' thing, there's another joke in there - about her having to 'audition' for the role. Lol.


actually in her graduation photo which was posted by bavana years ago it clearly say that she is planning to go to University of California USA (it was shown in the screen on the stage), so I was kind of shocked to see her entering film industry before attending the uni which in my opinion is a stupid decision

USC is univ. of South Carolina. Its prestigious but not a California univ. This one was embroiled in hollywood bribery case and also had a Girl student kidnapped and killed recently.

are you dumb? more than one college can have the same abbreviation USC is also university of southern california

Southern Carolina is called UofSC. USC is University of Southern California

I took a gap year and worked with a lawyer before deciding to go to law school.. since you’re spending so much money esp in US education it’s good to atleast know if you like working before you study.. The real joke was obviously the audition which she would have never gotten without being Chunky Pandey’s daughter..

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