Avengers 4: Here's why we think the Infinity War sequel will have time travel

While everyone is awaiting the trailer, theories surrounding Avengers 4 keep coming in.
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Avengers 4 has been all over the internet, and while the ending from Avengers: Infinity War still pains the fans, there have been continuous speculations as to how the sequel will show all those who died become alive. Talking about resurrections and your favourite marvel heroes coming from dead, the only imaginable and quite possible way to see it happen is if there is time travel that can make things go back to how they were.

While many do believe that this might be true, what we think can help the non-believers to believe is the very fact that there is one dead superhero who will be making an appearance and for that to happen, there has to be time travel because their resurrection is almost impossible. A report did go on to suggest that we will see Tilda Swinton aka The Ancient One return to the sequel. However, The Ancient One had also said how she saw the future till only a certain point and that's how it would remain irrespective of the path she takes. Now, since there were many versions of the future for the Avengers to win that Doctor Strange saw, it only means that it's him, and his death is temporary.

While everyone has been left wondering as to why is The Ancient One returning to the sequel, chances are it will be a flashback or something that happened before her death in Doctor Strange. Or, the two (her and Strange) would meet at some place where souls who come together after death. It could be anything, but for now, we think time travel is on the cards.

It was Producer Michael Grillo who confirmed Swinton's presence in the movie, and IMDB too has added her to the cast of the film.

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