Avengers 4: Mark Ruffalo loses a backpack and fans think there are spoilers in it

Avengers 4 star Mark Ruffalo lost his backpack in New York and fans are coming up with hilarious Avenger 4 jokes.
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Avengers 4 star Mark Ruffalo who plays the role of Bruce Banner aka Hulk took to Twitter to reveal that he has lost his backpack and he has asked fans of NYC to help him to locate the same. Marvel fans think that are there are clues in it. "New Yorkers that I love so much, please help me find my backpack," Ruffalo tweeted. "I left my black w/ red trim Topo backpack in a yellow cab tonight in UWS of NYC with no way to contact the cab & don't know the #. Reward if found," he tweeted.

Fans had a great time joking around it by asking whether there are any Avengers 4 spoilers in the backpack. "Does it have the title of Avengers 4 in it? questioned a fan. "How many spoilers did you leave in the bag, Mark? commented another. Check out the funny tweets right here:

As we know Marvel fans are super excited and eagerly waiting for the Avengers 4's first trailer. The impatient fans have even started the hashtag #WhereIsTheAvengers4Trailer. As per reports, the trailer will come out today in the US. The rumours are rife that during the special screening of Avengers: Infinity War (organized by Collider), the makers will unveil the trailer of the most awaited movie. Avengers 4 will hit the screens next year on May 3 and next Marvel Cinematic Universe movies include Captain Marvel which will release on March 8, 2019, and Spider-Man: Far From Home which will release on July 5, 2019.

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