Bharat: Katrina Kaif on replacing Priyanka Chopra: Salman Khan did not even call me, we met on the sets

Ali Abbas Zafar’s Bharat is slated to release on June 5, 2019, and the film stars Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Disha Patani, Sunil Grover, Jackie Shroff and Tabu in lead roles.
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The buzz around any film of Salman Khan is always sky-high and with the makers of Bharat dropping two posters of the film online, the excitement has gone through the roof. While in one poster, we have Salman Khan acing the salt and pepper look, flashing his grey hair and moustache, in another poster, Salman Khan is rocking his ‘Jawaani’ days. While we are yet to be given an insight into Katrina Kaif’s character, we all know that this role was earlier offered to Priyanka Chopra, but due to date issues, PeeCee had to step down and Katrina Kaif was roped in. As soon as Katrina was welcomed on board, just days before the film was to go on floors, it was being reported that Katrina bailed the makers out of this dilemma due to her deep friendship with Ali Abbas Zafar and Salman Khan.

However, in a recent interview, Katrina Kaif said that after Priyanka’s abrupt exit, her decision was purely professional and had nothing to do with her bonding with Salman and Ali. “Ali and I are good friends, but when it comes to work, we are completely honest with each other. I read the script from start to finish in three hours and immediately called him to tell him that I loved it. I realised there was an opportunity of going the extra mile with this character. So, it had nothing to do with my friendship with Salman or Ali. In fact, Salman did not even call me after I signed the film. We met directly on the set,” Katrina said.

Although Katrina’s last outing Zero didn’t earn much critical acclaim but her performance as Babita Kumari was loved by one and all, having won her Best Supporting Actress Award for her role and talking about the same, Katrina said, “Right now, all my energy is focussed towards work, and when such appreciation comes your way, it feels good. The credit goes to Aanand sir who told me to trust him and helped me overcome my fears.”

Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, Bharat is slated to hit screens on June 5 and the story of Bharat chronicles the journey of a son and his promise to his father during the 1947 India-Pakistan partition. 

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People are so dumb to compare Katrina with the likes of sunny Leone and other foriegn imports. The thing is that Katrina became popular as hell replacing Aishwarya as the most desired women in India. And then people started comparisons between her and aish then her and bebo then her and dp. After zero I am willing to put my bet on her that now she really knows her job well and she may shine in Bharat too.

Sounds like you want to go broke then.

She is lucky to have salman's support.its salman who has a big heart and still cares for her career.Bcoz what she did to him in the past nobody would hv work with her again.priyanka's loss is her gain.we all know how much salman supported her throughout her career and guided her.

Apparently she can read and write hindi.. she has been taking tuition for many years it's just she's not comfortable speaking due to her accent. I think a lot of second generation immigrants don't even know their mother tongue so good for her for learning

That's not any excuse not to speak it though. Sunny and other firangi actress do so what is Kat's deal? She's been in India over 15 years now and hardly ever speaks hindi. She's pathetic.

What are you all saying? Would any of the actress said no a film or Ali n Salman together? They both are on top of their game n no actress would say no to their movie. Alvira n Atul who r the producers of bharat wanted Katrina as it makes much more sense to pair with Salman movie journey. Salkat r iconic pairs. It's sensible of Kat to pick this big budget movie over mediocre dance movie

Katrina wont be a top actress again. Her time is over. she was a top actress untill alia bhatt rose to fame in 2014 with 3 hits. After that Katrina is slipping down every year while alia is rising every year. Alia replaced Katrina as the youth icon actress and also now her couple with ranbir, ranalia is more gorgeous than rankat. Soon alia will be the most googled celebrity in India and she will win all the popularity polls that Katrina used to win.

Kat was doing good untill alia bhat came into the picture. She replaced Katrina as the youth icon actress and now she is only doing big budget films opposite big stars like Katrina once used to get. In addition to that she wins all the awards every year. She also replaced her in ranbir's life and now the most gorgeous couple one rankat is replaced by ranalia. Katrina can't strike back and take her numero spot from alia.

What does this pretend desi have to do with Bharat though?

Thank god, no one wants this American wannabe in India.

Both Priyanka and Katrina ae unprofessional ladies. Priyanka left this film before a few days of shoot and kat left her film with Varun for doing this film. I mean why sign a film if you don't wanna do it or 100% sure. Why waste time of producer, directors, writers and other actors. Shame on them.

She may have come to rescue of this film in no time but she definitely gave nightmares to dance film crew by leaving the film in mid way.

Yeah right. We all know you got this film because you are friends with Sallu and Ali.

Of course! Your acting abilities and your perfect Hindi and dialog delivery brought the role to you. You are the perfect desi girl. Why are you trying to explain this? Noone thought the other way around.

Chal jhoothi!

I’m pretty sure she would have signed that even without reading the script :)

Doubt she reads the scripts as they are in hindi and world knows her hindi is still so terrible after 15 years. She most likely chooses films based on the bigger star/director.

The script could have been in English! you never know, stop being so judgemental.

hypocrite and hater, dont you know many actors work in multi language films that doesnt mean they know all languages

She will have 15 min role with ine item song free

Chal jhoothi

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