Bombay High Court rejects Pahlaj Nihalani’s plea on Rangeela Raja; will appeal again on November 12

After Censor board suggested 19 cuts in his film Rangeela Raja, Pahlaj Nihalani moved to Bombay High Court against them. The court has refused to hear his plea urgently. Read to know more.
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In a news that came in yesterday, Former Censor Board Chairman, Pahlaj Nihalani had moved to Bombay High Court to appeal against the CBFC for suggesting 19 cuts in his upcoming film, Rangeela Raja starring Govinda. He had requested to the apex court to hear his plea on an urgent basis. However, in a reply to his appeal, the Bombay High Court's vacation bench has refused to hear his plea on an urgent basis. He will have to appeal again on November 12.

The former CBFC Chairman claimed that the cuts in his upcoming film Rangeela Raja were unjustified and uncalled for. He also clarified that the movie wasn’t vulgar at all. After appealing to the Bombay High Court, Pahlaj Nihalani spoke to the reporters and said, “I hope, just as other films have got justice, the High Court will give me some relief too. They have given relief to filmmakers who had moved the High Court when the CBFC had ordered cuts in my tenure. We used to follow guidelines, and still people thought we did it unreasonably.”

Not only did he take a stand against the CBFC, he also went on to criticise the current Censor Board Chairman Prasoon Joshi. He mentioned that he should be sacked as he claimed that he wasn’t available in the office and was travelling. He said, “I had started online certification for films. The chairman is supposed to see what films are getting cleared and which ones are not, but here the chairman is always travelling and doesn’t sit in office. This is illegal and the government should sack him.” All of this, however, is now in vain for Pahalaj Nihalani as the Bombay High Court’ vacation bench refused to listen to his appeal on an urgent basis. He has decided to appeal again post the vacation on November 12.


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