Brad Pitt feels ex-wife Angelina Jolie is using their kids to manipulate media and get coverage

Brad Pitt wants to settle the custody hearing mutually with Angelina Jolie. He feels that she is using their kids for publicity.
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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie might have got divorced in 2016 but their custody battle continues to make news even today. Even though the battle is yet to begin in court, a report in Hollywood Life suggests that Pitt is not happy about his estranged wife's behaviour who he thinks is using their kids to manipulate media coverage. Recently, Jolie was snapped with her three children of the rest- Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne. 

“Brad continues to be disappointed and disapproving of Angelina’s actions with their children during their custody war,” an anonymous source told Hollywood Life and added, “While Brad continues to nurture his relationship with the kids privately, behind closed doors, he is bothered every time Angelina puts the kids on display in public, something Brad is working hard to avoid while the divorce war rages on.” Brad feels that while for him his children's privacy is paramount, Jolie is instead using them for garnering coverage. 

The estranged couple will be in court on December 4 and a trail will be set if the duo is unable to come to a conclusion. Pitt has reportedly asked Jolie that they should try to reach a settlement and avoid a court hearing. During an interview with GQ Style in May 2017, Pitt had said that he had heard a lawyer say that no one wins in court, it’s just a matter of who gets hurt worse. And, well seems like he is taking those words seriously. 


its know frm the begining, she is publicity hngry from the day she adopted n number of kids with out thinking whts going to happen to soo many kids at home, work studies life its not easy

Your comment is dumb and you're just a jeolouse person
Look at what she has and had done around the world beside from being a actress.
Then You ask yourself. What tf did you have done abd where are you in life before you judge anyone for that matter.

This is the reason why you don't reproduce with a woman who carries blood vial around her neck, makes out with her own sibling and eats air instead of food.

Yeah....and YOU don't use your "kids to manipulate media and get coverage" like you're doing RIGHT NOW? PUHleeeez... The kids are always the losers in the divorce, but you, my dear, are are a loser in your own right. Quit your crying and try being a man!

Take a chill pill!!!

Gosh you need to calm down!!!!

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