Cannes 2019: Priyanka Chopra Jonas' stunning debut has fans questioning if she's pregnant; Here's WHY

Priyanka Chopra Jonas walked the red carpet of Cannes 2019. The actress looked gorgeous in a Roberto Cavalli creation. While fans loved her look, they are wondering if she is pregnant.
Cannes 2019: Priyanka Chopra Jonas' stunning debut has fans questioning if she's pregnant; Here's WHYCannes 2019: Priyanka Chopra Jonas' stunning debut has fans questioning if she's pregnant; Here's WHY
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Bollywood has reached Cannes 2019, well at least some of them have. After Hina Khan kick-started India's journey at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival on May 15, three gorgeous Bollywood divas have followed her lead on May 16. We spotted Kangana Ranaut at the French Riviera, looking stunning in a contemporary saree. We were blown away by Deepika Padukone walking taking over the red carpet with her cream gown created by Peter Dundas at the prestigious festival. However, we couldn't take our eyes off Priyanka Chopra Jonas. The Quantico actress made her Cannes debut on Thursday and bowled us over. 

The actress took the glamour quotient a notch higher when she walked out wearing a Roberto Cavalli creation. The actress looked like a style queen, slaying her debut look at the international festival. The actress was seen flaunting Chopard jewellery complementing her black and red embellished gown at the Rocketman premiere. The actress resorted to minimal makeup. 

As soon as the pictures of Priyanka Chopra from Cannes 2019 hit the internet, fans couldn't stop raving about her look. Comments about her hot looks and the stunning outfit flooded the internet. However, fans noticed something peculiar about Priyanka's Cannes debut look. Several fans couldn't help but notice that the actress's tummy. Fans have begun speculating that Priyanka Chopra could be pregnant. Fans took to Instagram and Twitter to express their curiosity. 

"I think shes pregnant," read a comment on one of Priyanka's Instagram pictures. "She’s pregnant," added another user. "Baby bump ?" questioned another. "Definitely pregnant. You’ll all come back to look at this picture when it’s revealed," said another fan, referring to the Cannes 2019 look. 

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What do you think, is Priyanka Chopra Jonas pregnant? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


It wouldn't shock me. The Jonases are super old-fashioned and she's older, they'd have kids right away.

She just fat accept her as she is

She just fat accept her as she is

PC is everywhere for nothing ? Globe trotting for publicity. Bollywood is obsessed with Cannes.

5 plus years without a Hit and all PC does is promote herself through her personal life and is more know as Mrs Jones

I am not a fan, but I find it terrible how on sites like this, there is an attitude that female celebrities always have to look 'perfect'.

Those of us who are women know that we suffer from bloating on certain days, and also once you reach a certain age, the weight is harder to shift.

And so what if a female celebrity has a 'bump' or some extra weight. Let's celebrate all sizes - this constant monitoring of female celebrities' bodies make life difficult for all women, as it sets unreasonable goals for us.

i'm so tired of this complains about celebrity being 'normal people'! no they are not normal people! they get a giant money for such events. to look perfect is a part of their job. they are paid for it! if i would be paid so much money i would look like a goddess 24/7. when an public person like her looks so bad it means she just get her money for completely nothing. looking fab is her only job, and she completely fails in it.

she looks absolutely fine, the Hollywood publications have already listed her as best dressed. Your jealousy is pouring out, stop being a loser

Hahahaha peecee is fat....trying hard for being American...must be bloated..Botox anty ka age is 40 but behaves like 20

It’s odd that being in the public eye, she doesn’t feel the need to tone up and keep fit. Whilst others are busy in the gym, she’s busy getting drunk. Ok I hate working out too but then I don’t try to squeeze into dresses that are too small for me or made for twenty somethings. I feel embarrassed for her.

It’s her body her wish..who are you to body shame anyone? What are your credentials to be policing

Too much of Hotdog, burger, pizza, alcohol and above all fresh air and sun and sea of USA

Nobody cares, Pinkvilla. People are just making fun of her for being fat.

Yup she is !

have some mercy on the finishing white race

This is so embarrassing...she could be on her period or just bloated from all the flying...this constant speculation is embarrassing!!! Give her a break

as a public person she should know that she will be judged for her looks. so she has to choose an outfit that suits her shape regardless of what are reaons for that. it's common sense for someone who's going to be on such big event. nobody cares about if she have periods or whatever she's on red carpet and everyone will be talking about how she looks. that's the part of her job, if she can't deal with this, she should retire

Give her a break? Seriously? It's Priyanka herself and her desperate PR who post all these boring articles here! Otherwise no one would talk about this jobless wannabe! She should give us a break!

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