CONFIRMED: Deepika Padukone to now be part of a superhero film; Read Details

Deepika Padukone has finally confirmed that she is starring in a superhero film, the rumours of which began in May 2018. The actress could start shooting for the film after wrapping up Meghna Gulzar's Chhapaak.
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Deepika Padukone's sabbatical in 2018 has made her fans anxious to see the actress on the silver screen again. After her power-packed performance in Padmaavat, which began 2018 with a bang, Deepika will now concentrate on her next - Chhapaak, which is being helmed by Raazi director Meghna Gulzar and also stars Vikrant Massey. Chhapaak is based on the true story of acid attack survivor, Laxmi Agarwal. Back in May 2018, rumours were rife that Deepika was all set to play a superhero in a Fox Star Studios' movie.

When Filmfare asked Deepika about the superhero film, the actress confirmed the rumours and shared, "Yes, I’m working on it. I hope it happens. There’s no script as yet. It’s something my friend and I are developing. I was on the plane with a friend from the industry and talking about the movies we’d like to make. We realised that this superhero film is something we’d like to make. It’s a seed we’re nurturing." Now, that is indeed some exciting news!



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When quizzed if the superhero movie will be her next project after Chhapaak, Deepika pondered that it could be, but it still needs to come together. Talking about how the elements in the film need to be correct, DP states that the characters and the director need to be fixed.

Are you excited to see Deepika as a superhero? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, in an EXCLUSIVE interview with Pinkvilla, Deepika termed 2018 as a magical year with the success of Padmaavat as well as her wedding with Ranveer Singh.


she's the best person for the job. hurry up lady!

Confirmed. She will play a vampire role.

She’ll do great. She needs to work on her dialog delivery tho

i think pc will be an apt choice for super hero film.

She must do something on the lines of Wonder would be amazing!

IF There’s no script as yet, How its confirmed as she said ROFLLL hehehe

How can it be confirmed when there's not even a script in place ? High time India had her own super heroine giving everyone a kicking herself (no "Mujhe Bachao lady" here) and a man has the supporting role.Looking forward to DP's movie if it's made.

She'd make a kickass superhero. If there is someone who'd match Gal Gadot in terms of persona to pull off a role like that, it's her.

Pv why do you only post negative comments on Deepika ?

Waiting for this one with bated breath. You go girl !

I think a superhero movie with deepika and katrina will work wonders

I was thinking exactly the same thing

In that case, I am also working on a superhero movie. In fact, several, if you count all the different ideas in my head. Lol!

So what, I met a friend in the washroom today and we talked about a movie we want to make on animated drones that fall in love but one crashes.

She is soo weird. Katrina has been saying this for months and all of a sudden this woman makes an announcement without any script in place.

No producers want to work with kat anymore ?
Kat is searching for the director actor and even the

No producers want to work with her anymore? She's searching for the directior actor and even the

So her OR indeed leaked this news when the script was not even made?

she said ' I’m working on it. I hope it happens. There’s no script as can or not happen.....see how you said CONFIRMED! JEEZ ha pinkvilla you should be guided accordingly.

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