Congratulations Kajol & Ajay Devgan on a baby boy.

Kajol gave birth to a baby boy Monday morning, seven years after her daughter Nysa was born.

Kajol and Ajay Devgn got married in 1999.

Kajol, who recently featured as a doting mother in Karan Johar's We Are Family, gave birth to the child at 9.20 a.m at Mumbai's Lilavati Hospital, a source close to the couple said.



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Congratulations to u o sweet couple for having a new little sweet angel.......

Sooooooo happy

way to go lovely. congrats. im very happy for kajol. may God bless her and her family



Congrats !!! Welcome baby !

What is the Connection bet her cold attitude and her Having a baby?

yup it has been rumoured alo0t tht she is the coldest n most impolite towards her fans... she aint humble at all...

unfriendly towards public is ok, she is just there to act, not 2 be nice to strangers. but singing in public and disturbing others is totally uncouth.

oh boy....haters spare the comments n crawl back to ur vicious holes.idiots.she just delivered a baby and all u have to spew out is venom.i swear the world has gone to the dogs.and how does it make u any less nasty if u lash out at her for something thats not a concern at the moment?if u cant say anything good friggin SHUDDAP!

yes i HAVE heard it from many that kajol is reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllll cold to her fans, i don't know, but she was out shooting with rani and shahrukh for her movie kuch kuch hota hai, and my friend had stories for me, they said that kajol was unfriendly towards them, but rani mukurjee was a real sweetheart. I don't know how true it is... but would like to wish her all the best.

I had to travel with her once. Yeah I was travelling thru my company so I travelled B.C. Kajol is an ill-mannered brat. She was acting all-high and mighty in the plane. She was talking so loudly and singing to her daughter. IDIOT does not get the fact that there are SOME people in business class who are actually going in for meetings and need to read-up.
Well I know kajol did not go to college and was a poor student.. so that explains it all...

omggg congrats to the most luckiest couple :)

so similar to karisma's :)


kajol is really unfriendly and cold and aloof toward her fans. experienced it myself and heard it from others. i wonder how many of her fans would not feel the same about her after meeting her in person. she is really very nasty and irritable to the people who made her a star

Mubarak hoo!!!!!

Iam happy for them

OMG!!! I'm sooo happy!!! Love Kajol & Ajay

congratulations to them....

awww! Congrats to the couple and to little Nysa! Wish them all the best. I hope they stay grounded and learn to respect everyone and may they use what they have been blessed with to help the less fortunate.

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