Deepika Padukone: Ranveer's father treats me like a daughter; for his mom I'm like a friend

Deepika Padukone in an interview spoke about how her relationship with her in-laws in rather interesting. Here's what she said.
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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh got married in November at Lake Como in Italy. Their marriage was an extremely private affair, and pictures from their ceremony were revealed only after the wedding festivities were over. Later, Deepika and Ranveer hosted three receptions, one in Bangalore for Deepika's family, and the other two here in Mumbai. Their reception turned out to be a star-studded affair, and pictures from both the receptions were just perfect.

With marriage, a lot changes, and the first change that comes in the change of family. Talking about her equation with her in-laws in an interview with Filmfare, Deepika stated how it is rather interesting. She mentioned how for Ranveer's father, she is like his daughter while for his mom, she is like a friend and also a daughter. She said how she can tell her her deep dark secrets. She also quipped how it is rather stupid to explain as they can't be summed into words, however, there is nothing she has to keep from them and they are like her parents. She said how uncle is emotion and breaks down rather easily while mum is chill and she can still party till eight in the morning.



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Deepika, in the same interview also spoke about a lot of other things, including how it all happened with Ranveer back in 2012 and how they have been a strong couple. She also spoke about many other things, and her breakup back in 2012 when she thought that after that relationship, she was done. Deepika has had her own ups and downs, but now that she is married, has had a great 2018, we are sure a lot is in store for the actress.


I agree with the earlier comment. I married into a Konkani family and my in-laws treat me like crap while my sister in law is treated very well. They value daughters more than sons, and think of daughter in laws as outsiders. My in laws would never treat me like a daughter. Deepika realizes this and probably appreciates the Sindhi openness and love.

Nice to know and seeing them happy but from my experience it’s now too early to comment to FIL and MIL.... this is just the beginning. When you stay together in joint family than it won’t be that easy and beautiful as it’s shown to the world

Jeez! She's dominating....not liking uncle for father in law either

Bla bla bla, thanks Anushka and Sonam!

She is saying this because in the Konkani community, daughter in laws are mistreated and not accepted. In their community, they believe “your daughter is forever while your son is your child only until he gets married.” They relinquish their relationship with their son very easily. Deepika has seen this first hand and therefore did not marry in her own community, as most Konkani girls don’t. Konkani daughters are treated like gold in their families, and daughter in laws are sadly put down and not accepted. It’s the truth, I know bc I am in this community. She knows how lucky she is to escape that mindset.

So lovely to hear!!!! So much better than Amitabh and Jaya !!

It is cute she calls Ranveer's dad uncle, likely his mother aunty. This is the way most south Indians call their in father and mother in law.

Sheesh no! Don't damage South Indian culture...we call amma and appa...

No we dont. We call Athe for MIL amd mava for FiL

Plz no! I'm South Indian we call Ma and pa or appa

Why do all the jealous ppl have to read and comment?

Stay blessed DeepVeer. Love you

So wonderful! Wow! Great! Lucky you! What else?? Ab ho gaya? Now stop this ranting


How nice. That’s how it is at our place too !! :)

Yeah whatever. Nothing earth shattering. Please calm down.

When will this stop?

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