Did Shah Rukh Khan confirm his appearance on David Letterman's show with his latest tweet? Check it out

Shah Rukh Khan mentioned in his tweet that he is on his way to New York. Recently, there were reports that he will be a part of David Letterman's show. Looks like he just confirmed the same. Check it out.
News,shah rukh khan,David LettermanDid Shah Rukh Khan confirm his appearance on David Letterman's show with his latest tweet? Check it out
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Recently, there were reports that Shah Rukh Khan will feature on David Letterman's show. However, there was no confirmation from the actor's side. Last night, SRK was spotted at the Mumbai airport heading somewhere but no one had a clue. However, at the midnight SRK shared a tweet mentioning that he is on his way to New York.

With his tweet, SRK almost confirmed that he is indeed going to be a part of David Letterman's show, even though he didn't say it directly. The Swades actor tweeted, "Flying into another city that never sleeps... A great idea for someone like me. New York calling."

Talking about David Letterman's show, it has featured some well-known personalities like Barack Obama, George Clooney, Malala Yousafzai, and Jerry Seinfeld among others. If SRK is indeed going to be a part of the show, we can't wait for the episode.

On the work front, Shah Rukh Khan was last seen in Aanand L Rai's Zero alongside Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma. The film failed to impress the audience and didn't perform well at the box office.

Post Zero's debacle, SRK hasn't signed any new film. In an interview last month, the actor said that he is emotionally affected by Zero's failure and won't announce any new film anytime soon.


Try what in America? You think their industry is waiting for some middle aged ugly Indian who can't even star in a hit Indian movie for the past 10 years? Please... He will be the guest at DL show because he has the most money and return to India.

Bollywood people are always trying to do something in America? Why is India not good enough, sad sad sad

Shah's the best. It will be the best episode of Letterman

Must be exhausting to be married to someone like him. It's always ME ME ME.

Yes Gauri i know!

Interesting how he never goes with his wife to these international adventures. We all know who he calls up in NY, a certain Quantico actress whose American career he financed.

Ya'll have fertile imaginations. Gauri can't go if/when AbRam is in school obviously.

She is with SRK in NYC currently.

Gauri is with him in NY. People spotted them walking on Fifth Avenue.

lol, conquering the world. He is in his mid 50, its because of his commercials he got wealthy and can pay off everyone, like David. Everyone that's been on David didn't need any introduction. Except allegedly SRK, no one in America ever heard of him.

Love SRK ❤️

Making India proud again. A global recognization like this only achieved after years of hardwork. Way to go...conquering the world.

good news for Priyanka, thanks SRK for letting her know. She can expect extravagant gifts and maybe a new penthouse from her old married Indian sugar daddy. While the hot, young husband is away, professional mistress can play.

Stop the BS. SRK has nothing to do with Fat Lips Chopra. She's not in NY. She went to Cannes.

As ordered, fat lips on instastories had to write she is in the city too. she is so predictable, her poor husband should divorce her asap. she is used goods.

Does this man ever talk about anything else but himself??

we know you never sleep, we can tell by your hideous face SRK

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