Elli Avram to be eliminated from Bigg Boss 7?

If sources are to be believed, this weekend ‘Mickey Virus’ actress Elli Avram is going to be eliminated from India’s biggest TV reality show Bigg Boss 7. Out of the four nominated contestants Asif, Tanisha, Kushal and Elli, she is said to be the weakest contestant.

Buzz is that Elli could most likely be eliminated as she is not an active part of controversies in the house. Buzz is that it could also be because her parents are in town to catch the premier of Elli's Mickey Virus. Let us see if the 'weekend ka wow' show with Salman Khan confirms our news.

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Credits: pinkvilla

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Apurva should win or kamya..

she is very cunning women..

Eliie is so boring~ZERO entertainment from her

I was so sure that this was scripted and Ellie was going to get kicked off-- this comes as a pleasant surprise!

Salman is totally on tanisha side today proved this
Sooi disappointed

i don't like tanisha at all, her and salman have lost a lot of respect in my eyes, i love kushal for all he did and said. i wish i could do all that.

+1 very well said. the things which Kushal said to that fat smelly old lady Tanisha were FACTS and if Salman and her Family can't face the real truth about her, than she shudn't have come to biggboss

all the best tanisha

I also read about tanisha goin to da secret room

lets c wht happns hw much ppl get frm Salman & if elli goes it wil b so rigged

gauhar and kushal to be kicked put.

Wish Tanisha would leave soon

Big boss is scripted, and rigged, there is no public voting... the big boss team and salman decide who to eliminate. and strategically elli will be eliminated to promote her film. and I do like elli she is a nice person and stayed out of the bullshit that is going on in the house.

gauher and kushal should be kicked out..

It's so obvious either Asif or Ellis would be eliminated as they both not giving much content to the show.....Ellis chances are more because sometimes Asif fights with Armaan which ultimately helps in gather eyeballs.

I'm gonna seriously miss her if this is indeed true.

Was hoping for Kushal to be kicked out.


this is not even news. knew she'd be getting out when she got nominated. this one was DEFINITELY scripted.

Elli is so adorable and talented. Her Hindi is a zillion times better than someone else in the film industry and Elli has a good heart. But yes, it is true she doesn't do anything significant to keep the trps running high so I wouldn't be surprised if she got eliminated. I'll miss her.

alot of buzzzzz

Kamya or Gauhar should win. Kushal was right in his stand.

Tanisha should be eliminated from doing what she did. She was in the wrong and she knew it.

Armaan is an idiot and will never make it to the top. Doesn't deserve to.

if elli gets out, we'll know the show is rigged. How come everyone nominated Elli at the exact same time as her movie release? Hmmm.... definitely rigged

i hate kushal, bloody loser. who the f... is this guy. batameez. i hope tanisha stays strong. and don't want ellie to go.

Just keep quiet you mental case! Only mentally challenged people like you would like that spoilt brat tanisha

Will miss her :(

I like Eli, but tanisha is best


asif ko nikalo, vo kuch v to ni karta show mein, elli ko kyun nikalte ho, vo to itni sweet hai...

tanisha was as at same place as kareena as she got everything in her plate but now she is nowhere near the diva kareena, this proves two things-
1. talent and beauty are necessary.
2. karisma was really popular and a mega star unlike kajol whose popularity is as fake as her sister.. thanx to her pr.. lol..

Instead that tanisha shud be elimnated, it wud be interesting to watch armaan widout tanisha..

if dats true dat wil be d biggest mistake of bb, and its trp wil also fall.

I watch bb just for her, if she is gone i wil not watch it further, as she is d only prsn who is not fake... so if bb really wants to be fair, they shud keep her infact she cud win d show and she hav already won in my eyes...

really?????i wanted kushal to get evicted..bloody game yarrrrrr kushal get lost..you are one cheapo and guahar or i would call gobar uses him like garbage

No way, damn she only one with an ounce of dignity and humanity on the show. I hope this is false.

Tanisha for the win. The super despos Kushal-Gauhar are given five-star treatment by bigg boss. Even that pandit today said Kushal is a flop. It was hilarious to watch gauhar calling him a 'superstar'. Bwaahahhhaaaaaaaaaaaa maybe she got his pichla janam confused with this one bcoz seriously he is a nobody.

Elli is next Katrina, but Elli speaks way better Hindi even right now and she sings well and dances better than Kat

ohhhhhhhh no ! hope itz not true . She z my reason 2 watch bigboss. love her a lot

Really? She is visible only in the weekend episode.

This show is so rigged, it's laughable (although I still enjoy watching people ruin their already crap images). Not providing drama? Surely, it's the voters, not producers who decide that. And the audience really likes her. I think her contract was up until her film's release , I don't think she has any desire to stay further. I like her but she adds nothing to the show and is often annoying. Salman flirting with her is the only time she does anything all week and he blatantly does it to promote her & her film.

Read Tanisha will be called into some secret room. Smh. Just get rid of her already, she has already lost the show & Salman whatever little credibilty they had left as fair & unbiased. Plus, she is vile.

She may be vile, but Kushal and Armaan are ten times worse. Those two are absolutely disgusting. If Tanisha pushed Kushal then prior and post that he called her horrible names and went personal too. How he treated Vivek was terrible too. Armaan is just a loose cannon. He needs serious anger management lessons.

or could be because her debut film has released already and that's the only reason she was in the house at the first place, to promote the film! she did a terrible job at it though!

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