EXCLUSIVE: Saif Ali Khan on paparazzi being miffed with the actor 'I did not initiate any police complaint'

Reports about paparazzi being miffed Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan have been doing the rounds, however, Saif has finally spoken up about the same. Here's what the actor has to say.
EXCLUSIVE: Saif Ali Khan on paparazzi being miffed with the actor 'I did not initiate any police complaint'EXCLUSIVE: Saif Ali Khan on paparazzi being miffed with the actor 'I did not initiate any police complaint'
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Recently, reports about paparazzi being miffed with Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan have been doing the rounds and in fact, reports also suggested that the cops told paparazzi how a complaint has been received about the ruckus they create outisde the house. While the cops asked them to leave, and Saif is being blamed, looks like he has not filed any complaint after all. Saif had commented how though he hasn't initiated the complaint, he is happy that some action is being taken.

While talking about the same, Saif told Pinkvilla, "I did not initiate any police complaint against the photographers. Kareena and I live in a respectful residential area and are a part of the larger community, thereby we do also have a responsibility to emotionally support our neighbours when they feel a disturbance to them is being caused and to be fair, their sentiments are understandable. We have always shared a very respectful relationship with the paparazzi as we understand that this their livelihood."

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He further added, "However, it's important for us to understand that kids should enjoy the basic right of growing up in a normal atmosphere out of and away from constant media glare. I believe I am well within my right as a father to choose to not pose for the cameras when I have my son with me or to inform the photographers that the constant flashes can hurt his eyes. As media figures, we have to live with the attention and we accept that. But our kids shouldn't be subjected to it."

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So Saif was this the master plan. Let him out at 3 months from the so called “leaked WhatsApp photo” to be photographed for 2 years....then keep him indoors so it would create life time interest. Wow you must be so desperate.

Saif is an emotionally immature individual. He's like a man-child and needs to grow up. Kareena on the other hand is an air-head. She has zero maternal instincts. It seems she bore a child simply to obtain inheritance rights. Cheapo despo couple.

If these two really had sone respect for their fellow residents they could have taken action against the paps for loitering around their building..think of others too

Whole Indian press should boycott these two arrogant people ,that should teach them a lesson . They behave as if they are above normal people without remembering that is the people who make them and break them . Learn some manners and grace from your Mum Saif and from your mum-in-law Kareena !! Honestly why do we Indians run after these people ??

That's good, you have to move these profiteers (paparazzi) away from Taimur, so that he does not end up like Justin Bieber.

They cant live without paparazzis!Its like oxygen for them!

The paparazzi could well make a living out of photography by clicking pictures of other kids of his age. Same behavior, likes and dislikes exhibitedby 2 year old kids. For that matter, try the slum areas. So much of joy,laughter and happiness even in chasing a worn out tyre. They don't even know what the next meal will be.

It was the neighbors who filed police complaints

As Tim grows and resembles his nana, people will dissipate

Why are they so hesitant in labelling the paparazzi as annoying and damn right out of order...why is this couple petrified that if they shoo away the paparazzi or rightfully file a complaint .....there son in the long term won’t be popular or maybe not make a living out of his fame. It’s all so bizarre behaviour from these two so called superstars...and questionable.

Kareena has been openly objecting in interviews but neither of them are openly antagonistic towards paps though.

Another waste of internet space....

I don’t know I have mixed feelings for two years they have been ok with the paparazzi. Now they have a problem. I don’t think Taimur personally has a problem if he did he wouldn’t be waiting at them or does he look unhappy he’s a happy child loving the attention. I can’t help thinking Saif is a big jealous of Taimurs popularity.

And how old are u again...!! 9 is it?

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