Filmfare 2010 BEST actress?

Many of our leading ladies are doing big hopeful films this year. While last year belonged to Priyanka for Fashion for which she got every Best Actress award, this year there is tough competition
Kajol-My Name is Khan is expected to be a big film in all accounts. SRK-Kajol are starring in a film together after 8 years. Karan is directing them again. And the plot is unlike his usual Candy floss self. Now kajol is known to give brilliant performances and also sweep awards every year she has a big hit. Every filmof Karan's thats she has done has won her the Filmfare Best Actress Award. If she wins this year, she will have her 5th Filmfare Best actress award, and be tied with her aunt Nutan for the record of most Filmfare Best actress wins.
Priyanka Chopra- Even if she really deserves it this year, I doubt Filmfare will repeat by giving her the award this year to. Her chances of winning are possible for Kaminey ( which she said is award worthy), and What's Your Rashee (Ashoutosh has always made films for which his lead actors have won awards).
Kareena Kapoor- While i highly doubt that she will win for Kambhakt Ishq, there are chances for her winning for 3 idiots. She is paired opposite Aamir Khan and im sure he'll bring out a great performance from her. Also, his films always get great attention, so at least she will be nominated. Also, Kurban opposite Saif may release before the awards and her performance could be a top contender.
Aishwarya Rai- Im not sure she is even going to have any films release this year because of constant delays. If her film do release before the awards take place, she has chances of winning for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Guzaarish, Action Replay alongside Akshay (although his films are never award worthy), and Mani Ratnam's Raavan.
Katrina Kaif- She has already surprised people with her performance in New York. She is also playing a de-glammed Politician in Rajneeti where she is expected to show her acting Histrionics. Something tells me this may be her year.
Rani Mukherjee- Dil Bole Hadipaa may be the comeback that Rani and all us fans are hoping for. Although it is hard to say right now if she will win for this film, I am sure she will at least get nominated.
WHO do YOU think should win the 2010 Filmfare Best Actress Award? Why?

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todo me gusta las peliculas lamusicas todo es lindo como quisiera que todos los artitas de bolliwood vengan a peru
soy una de las mejores fanaticas de boliwood
kareena kapoor
shandid kapoor
completamente de todos ellos siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Funny comments! wth? No One Killed Jessica hasn't been released yet BUT u ppl think RANI did well and deserve the best actress award????? silly teens

I wud say Kajol VS Vidya VS Aish VS Kareena.. and most likely Kajol for MNIK or WAF

kajol for sure will win the award in my name is khan or in we are family, no one else has outdone her till now

of course rani

raniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii of course

raniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii of course


rani is my favorite actress

dis year priyanka hopra deserved for whats your raashee... it was such a difficult role(roles) to portray.. she wasnt even nominated.... huh !! just because d movie isnt good... but guys her acting was... it deserves an applause...
2nd wud also be priyanka for kaminey... but dey gave it to vidya... which was good but not as good as sweey in kaminey...


Next year Rani will win for "No One Killed Jessica". I keep crossed my fingers cuz she is the most talented actress.

Off course Rani Mukherji!!! LOVE U RANI!

vidya balan for paa

kareena for sure...there's no doubt on that matter.....

rani mukherjee will the best actress for ever she is always the best i love you rani you are my favorite

rani is the best

rani mukherji the best

RANI MUKHERJEE...SHE'S THE BEST - no one could have played that role in "dil bole hadippa" better. she's the most talented actress.

2010 it is going to be KAJOL!!!

priyanka deserves 2 win!!! nd katrina can't act

kareena definately

rani mukherjee

katrina was good in new york but
i don't think she'll win. vidya or
kareena might win for kurbaan or paa.
i have a feeling vidya will win though.
priyanka might win critics best actress.
2010 KAJOL will win for mnik! there's no doubt
about that i mean come on she's great. idk about
aish winning so i'll cross her off. katrina for next
year hmm we will see i heard she's working really hard on
rajneeti. she might actually do a great job in that movie we
will see but she needs to work on her hindi more. rani i don't think
she will win but idk lets see before we make judgements yaar.

kareena kapoor kareena kapoor

as if srsly i found her soo annoying at d end of new york where shez telling john to stop or sumthing...horrible acting....!!!
I think it will be Kareena or Priyanka or even to wait n c...anyway as long as its not Katrina I'm happy coz her ajab prem ki gazab kahani confirms dat she cnt act n trying so hard n its not working!

Katrina Kaif for Rajneeti, I can't wait for this movie. All the best.

i cant believe people are saying katrina kaif!!! LMAO LMAO

i cant believe people are saying katrina kaif!!! LMAO LMAO

Katrina Kaif

Kareena kapoor for kurbaan & 3 idiots

kareena kapoor for kurbaan and 3idiots

priyanka chopra i feel is the most boring actress in bollywood. Followed by deepika and Katrina. And probably many more especially those new comers. yuk! I like kareena, kajol, Priety zinta, and rani. These are the best actress in bollywood right now!

end of 2009 rani get 2 award for best actress in dil bole hadippa in v shantaram award ( priyanka nominate too for fashion but lose to rani) & anadolok pushakar award...these award mention that rani will continue & conquer award event in 2010

kareena kapoor for kurbaan

award goes to win filmfare award best actress to rani mukherji(film dil bole haddipa)

kareena..this yr for kurbaan or 3idiots.

kareena kapoor for kurbaan

kareena deserves this year

rani will win because she has abilty to do any role weither it is a girl or boy.she deserve 100% to win one can act like her.she is the top most actress in bollywood today.other actress are doing same kind of role in the film.

kareena kapoor for kurbaan

priyanka because playing 12 characters isnt easy. and her role in kaminey was hard!!!

rani mukherjee will win for dil bole hadippa ;)

no doubt kareena bags all awards in this year

i agree with anon below. vidya for paa or priyanka for kaminey. needed more than just having romantic or terrified expressions to make their characters look believing.

vidya balan for Paa or priyanka for Kaminey, difficult roles..kareenas just needed some romantic gazing and some terrified gazing

kareena kapoor




priyanka will win

kareena or vidya

kareena for kurbaan she acts very well througt the movie


kareena will wins

yes iagree kareena deservs to win

I think kareena deserves to win. She keeps giving us a great performance. First in JWM and now Kurbaan. I think she did better than Saif in Kurbaan. She should win. As for Rani and priyanka. Rani's movie did not really show of her acting skills. But I did like her in the movie and she is a great actress, but I doubt that she will win. For priyanka in WYR, she was not that great and the movie was a flop. Maybe if she acted better it would have been a hit. It is also a directors fault but she could at least tried to make the movie came alive becuase it was boring. DBH was better. As for kajol she is a great actress but I don't think she will be nominated because the movie comes out late. But if she did get nominated, we can't say she can be better than kareena becuase we have not seen her in the movie yet. Katrina no way! Aish's movies have not come out yet. But I think she is a better actress than PC and kat.

kareena for kurbaan 3idiots


no competition kareena winner

kareena kareena

Kareena kareena no one else is better than her

priyanka chopra for whats your raashee?....playing 12 roles isnt easy

kareena will have chance to win

kareena rocks

after kurbaan kareena is best actress proves herself

rani mukhergi

kareena kareena for kurbaan

no doubt kurbaan is box office flop but no doubt kareena wins easily may e priyanka wins best critics award for kaminey

I love Kat, but I don't think she deserves a award just yet..even though I she was pretty good in New York.
I don't think MNIK comes out this year, so cross Kajol of the list. Aish has nothing this year. DBH was shocking.
So that leaves only Kareena...

kareena defenitly for kurbaan

kareena was gr8 in Kurbaan. the actress can truely act if she doesnt do shit films like KI and Tashan



Rani the queen

rani n bebo were so beautiful


Of couuursee R A N I ! The Queen!


kajol! off course! who else hav ah chance?? lol

Anonymous on Tue, 2009-07-28 19:44 Agree....Totally agree

ickkkk, not Priyanka!!! she is NOT stuck up and she is a very good actress! Go PC!!! (sorry) :))

Go Kat is all i'll say. but also go Rani. all the rest are stuck up and bad actors!

Anonymous on Mon, 2009-07-27 17:05.
I agree she is only now even getting this opportunities because she married Little B. I mean she is a below average actress who has managed to survive because she is Miss World. Everyone knows she was going to dissapearing from the scene in 2006 when she decided to marry. Now she gets to work will all the best directors who still only manage to extract good performances while being overshadowed by her co-stars (Ajay in HDDCS, Madhuri in Devdas, Abhi in Guru, Hrithik in Jodhaa Akbar).

I mean she is the only actress who has been in the industry for 12 years and whose acting ability is still widely questioned. No one questions Rani, Preity or Kajol talent and they have been in the industry as long as she has been. Ash will always remain a mediocre actress.

phuleeez ash won't win.period. when even after doing films with mani ratnam and gowarikar she can't win awards then sorry to say which other director can get her awards? its such a huge insult to these directors that even after working with them she can't manage to take home one single award. just shows what a bleow average actress she is who has got all her fame from just a beautiful face (no credit to her on that). kajol will win without a doubt. with srk kjo kajol combo coming back its going to be sensational.

omg the comment below. never will that happen!!!

it can b even barbara mori for kites......

The people that are calling her aunty are just haters! She still has a lot of fans, including myself who want her to win!

I think she will win because it is actually a challenging and Rani is a great actress! She will win!

i didnt know taht many people thought RANI would win. people are alqways callling her aunty now. i wish she wins too, and makes a good comeback.

I think Rani will win because she is an amazing actress. She is soooo talented and I think Priyanka will win some sorta award too maybe like critics or something.

this years releases: kareena: Qurbaan (with Saif...Karan Johar production on terrorism, author backed role), 3 idiots (with Aamir Khan and Madhavan), and Main Aur Mrs Khanna (Starring Kareena, Salman and Preity in a Cameo)- where she plays a housewife in Australia.

priyanka: Kaminey with Shahid; What's ur Rashee (Ashutosh's films)- she plays 12 characters...representing all the sun signs from capricorn to sagitarrius!

Rani: Hadippa...a girl in Punjab dressed as a Sardar to play crickey, with Shahid Kapoor

Katrina Kaif: Rajneeti...she plays Sonia Gandhi- opposite Ajay Devgan and others

Preity Zinta: Har pal opposite Shiney Ahuja

NEXT YEARS RELEASES: of 2010 and beyond

KAJOL- MY NAME IS KHAN, main role opposite SRK



KAREENA- AGENT VINOD OPPOSITE SAIF ALI KHAN; Sudhir Mishra's next movie opposite FARHAN AKHTAR where she will play Priyanka Gandhi

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