Indian Idol's former assistant producer Danica D’Souza says higher-ups were aware of Anu Malik’s abusive power

Anu Malik has been accused of sexual harassment by not one but four women. After singers, Sona Mohapatra, Shweta Pandit and two others, former assistant producer of Indian Idol Season 5 has now outed Anu Malik post the allegations against him.
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Danica D’Souza, who is currently located in New York as the Design and Operations director for The Laura Flanders Show has exposed music composer Anu Malik post four women accused him of sexual harassment. Danica, in an interview with a leading daily stated that she knows at least two women who have had an experience of sexual harassment from the singer while she worked at Freemantle Media India during Indian Idol Season 5.

She further narrated that it was her first big project as assistant director and the first incident that involved Anu Malik happened during the auditions that took place sometime between April – May 2010. She told the daily that the incident happened in Kolkata while one of her colleagues along with a cameraman was travelling with Anu Malik. She said that post her return, the colleague was traumatised and narrated how the singer tried to touch her thigh and felt her up post they wrapped up. She said that the colleague told her how the cameraman wasn’t aware of this because he was sitting on the front seat.

She also added that though these reports of Anu Malik’s sexual misconduct are rather common, what disappointed her more was that the higher ups chose to ignore the complaints. She also said how though the team sympathised with the colleague, they eventually brushed it off. She also said how he had an image of a ‘tharki’ and that when her colleague went on to narrate the incident to the production house, they turned a blind eye. She said how instead of doing something about it, they just asked everyone to be careful around him and not meet him alone since he had a habit of becoming over-friendly at several instances.

Talking about her visit to Malik’s house in the presence of his wife and daughter for a costume fitting session, though he didn’t act up, he did call her names like ‘darling’, ‘baby’ and ‘sweety’ which would make her uncomfortable. She concluded saying that she hopes an action is taken against him and questioned why are they quiet despite knowing his behaviour with women.

Danica D’Souza’s statement comes after Sona Mohapatra and Shweta Pandit exposed Anu Malik and alleged him of sexual misconduct. After Shweta’s tweet, the netizens also went on to demand Malik being asked to step down as the judge and gave examples of how Subhash Kapoor, Sajid Khan and others did step away post the allegations.

Last night, we exclusively reported how the channel has asked Anu Malik to step down as the judge. However, an official statement is yet to be released.


HAHAHAHA Anuuuuu u r finished!!! Serves you right! Game Over!!!

I am not too optimistic of this movement. Yes we'll see some people resign and step aside but those very same people will be "back in business" soon. Unless there is punishment nothing will change. The women who are complaining will be sidelined as "troublemakers". Its a sad situation and shows how deep the rot is. Indian male psyche is really cringeworthy and women support such behaviour more than one would expect or like. Really really sad situation.

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