Game of Thrones spoof by Lilly Singh sees Cersei & Jamie Lannister celebrate Rakshabandhan; Watch

Famous youtuber Lilly Singh has another hilarious spoof for all the Game Of Thrones fans. Twitter couldn't stop laughing after watching the amazing video as it included Jon Snow dancing on 'Malhari'.
News,Lilly Singh,Game of ThronesGame of Thrones spoof by Lilly Singh sees Cersei & Jamie Lannister celebrate Rakshabandhan; Watch
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As soon as any song or trailer of a movie releases, the people start creating spoofs out of it. The meme makers also get busy in doing their task. A lot of funny videos have been created about the epic show 'Game Of Thrones' till now. And making the Desi version out of the Hollywood stuff will never go out of date. Most of the population enjoys such desi-videsi videos. And when it comes to the famous Youtuber Lilly Singh's videos, the fans just go crazy. 
The latest spoof of the YouTuber will make you roll on the floor laughing. In the video, She showcased what ‘Game of Thrones’ would be like if it had some desi tadka. She made a hilarious video by recollecting a few scenes from the show with a desi twist. Cersei Lannister and Jamie Lannister can be seen celebrating the special sister-brother occasion of Rakshabandhan. Daenerys Targaryen aka Emilia Clarke is bargaining typically like an aunty as she forgets what place she is in. It also includes a dancing piece of Jon Snow on Ranveer Singh's 'Malhaari'. 
The final season of the fantasy drama will be out tomorrow. With all the doubt of their favourite character's survival, this is just what the fans needed. The trailer of Season 8 was released on March 5 and the fans couldn't keep quiet. There was a buzz all over the internet as the people were going crazy. Many viewers started building up theories to see whether their favourite character sits on the Iron Throne or not. 
Here is the video:

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